The butt hurt is real: Trump-induced insomnia stalks blue-state America

From Yahoo: Susan Rogers, a poet and attorney in California, is “hurtling through space with no direction” on a plane that, she discovers with horror, has no pilot.

Alicia Bowman, a journalist from East Penn, Pa., is racing frantically through a train that is heading the wrong way, flinging off her belongings so she can run faster, calling frantically for her son, who is transgender.

Rachelle Pachtman, who does canine rescue on New York’s Upper West Side, is searching fruitlessly through her refrigerator for something to serve Michelle and Barack Obama, who have just happened to drop by for lunch.

And Allison Graham, a Los Angeles publicist, is in a hotel suite near her old Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan, being interviewed by Donald Trump for a job as a supervisor on one of his big construction projects. “But I don’t know anything about real estate; I have no qualifications or experience,” she tells him. “Don’t worry, you’ll be great,” he says.

Then they all wake up.

Blue America is having trouble with sleep — tossing and turning as they lie awake, then falling into nightmares. And those who are suffering tend to blame the 45th president of the United States.

To be sure, a state of heightened anxiety over whoever is in the White House is not new. Two presidents ago, columnist Charles Krauthammer coined Bush Derangement Syndrome, the symptoms of which were the “acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.”  Next came Obama Derangement Syndrome, memorialized by a conspiracy-spouting satirical character on the “Stephanie Miller Happy Hour” radio show.

And now there’s what Hollywood screenwriter Sam Friedlander has spoofed as Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder.

There is no way to quantify whether there are more sufferers during this administration than previous ones. But for those going through it this time around, it certainly seems very new and very real. And it looms largest in the dead of night, say dozens across the country who described their pillow-punching wakefulness and fraught sleep to Yahoo News.

“I fall asleep and wake up and get a snack and toss and turn and try to make sense of what’s going on,” says Linda Allen, who counsels parents of special-needs children on Long Island.  “It’s unfathomable and that inability to reason with it is frustrating, and the whole situation is also enraging. Who could sleep?”

“I have not slept a full night since the election,” says New York fashion designer Ariane Zurcher. “I’m 56 years old. I have never had insomnia or issues with sleeping until this.”

What’s going through their minds in the dark?

Erika Kilborn, a training director for a software company, who has just been diagnosed with cancer, worries she will lose her job as a result of her illness and not be able to afford new insurance as a result of changes in the health care law.

Lea Grover, a Chicago writer, has spent more than one night calculating where in her home she could build fake walls behind which to hide immigrants facing deportation.

Craig Haller, who advocates with school administrators on behalf of students with disabilities in and around Boston, fears changes at the Department of Education will hurt those students. “I’m afraid my son and nephew will be sent to a war I don’t believe in,” says Linda Cliff Derbacher, a former neonatal nurse now living in Southern California.

“I worry that even though my family members have been American citizens for generations we will be targeted … because of our surnames and our looks,” says Soraida Justiniano of Palm Harbor, Fla.

“I’m worried about the ‘Anne Franks‘ of Syria, Somalia, Yemen,” says tech industry employee Amanda Silver, who is literally sleepless in Seattle, her hometown. “I am afraid the democratic process is under attack by a nationalist, far-right, authoritarian leader,” says Lori Rivere Rodrig, who teaches math at a New Jersey high school.

The looming prospect of insomnia at the end of the day has led to a swath of ways to encourage sleep. For some, it starts long before bedtime.

The description of this butt hurt goes on for 4 PAGES. FOUR PAGES. If you are so inclined to read about the dismay of proggies and their inability to cope, go here.


15 responses to “The butt hurt is real: Trump-induced insomnia stalks blue-state America

  1. It is tragic to served a failed god.

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  2. I don’t recall conservatives complaining that (1) they couldn’t sleep; (2) gained weight because of 8 torturous years of Obama, do you?

    More evidence that the Left are mentally — and spiritually — ill.

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    • It really does appear to be an un-masking of latent or dormant mental disorders for which most of those so stricken should seek immediate psychiatric help. I’d be interested to see how many of them abused illicit drugs or other foreign substances in their youth… or still do. Maybe do some PET brain imaging to see how fragmented their brains are. Truly sad.

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    • The Democrats would tell us,”That’s because OUR president wasn’t the threat to the WORLD that Trump is.”

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  3. How very odd that we have stark raving loonies running loose. Looking at both of the women featured in the two pictures shown, leaves no doubt that these individuals are mentally ill, and as Dr Eowyn has pointed out, they are “spiritually ill” also. This is what happens when people turn from the God of this Earth.

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  4. Whinny crybabies! Pull up your pants and get on with life as it won’t wait for you. All this whining and crying won’t change anything except what people think of you adulthood! I, for one, did not care for Obama but I still slept fine, got up every morning and went to my job. I did not take off time to recovcer from him being elected or sworn in. I just went on with life and tried to make my little part of this world a little better!

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    • F: False
      E: Evidence
      A: Appearing
      R: Real

      The above is what fills those ‘lost souls’ w/o a moral compass or even ethics to get some bearing on their life’s course.

      They listen to equally weak-minded ‘friends’ and continue to drift seeking impossible dreams as a solution. They need to first get a handle on what is meaningful in their own life and start to come to terms with that.

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  6. Incidents of road rage seem to have increased in the blue state of Massachusetts since the election.


  7. From what I read online there’s a new political anxiety known on the social media streets as Trumpaphobia, which often results in sleeping problems or Trumpsomnia. After a few months in office, who knows, we may even see people presenting with PTTD (post-traumatic Trump disorder).

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  8. Those silly people obviously suck at the teat of the MSM far too much. Since the MSM is purposely misleading, it is the major cause of their unrealistic nightmares. They also need exposure to alternative interpretations of Trump. Try hanging out/reading pro-Trump blogs & Twitter feeds & get a 180-degree opposite & more accurate perception!

    …OR… continue to SUFFER in your media-induced DRAMA-QUEEN paranoia. We won’t lose sleep over it. 🙂

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  9. Don’t worry little ones: you will soon be lulled into a senselessness & numbness of daily pain and hopelessness. This will serve you well. Through this social novacaine, you will survive for the next 4 or 8 years of this elected Trump government. Ask me. I survived Obama for 8 years. Weaker people than YOU survived worse nightmares in the POTUS office…like Pierce, or Buchanan…..(look them up…they were real and they were WORSE than Jimmy Carter or OBAMA combined for the foreign or domestic/economic policy)….and yet, you think you are “something special” and that your public wailings merit some sort of immediate “solution” to “solve” your pain (?)

    Oh….but, may I counsel you that this Democratic Republic existed for over 240 years BEFORE you marched against Wall Street or Ferguson or wore a pink uterus on your head in public…or protested the fair and final Trump election? And with any luck, it will continue for 240 more years—-or better, even against your whimpers and, sometimes, vulgar wailings…..

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