Illegal alien, 42, arrested after contacting a special needs teenager, 19, for sex in a school

david manito illegal brooklyn park photo

Illegal alien pervert/Brooklyn Park photo

From WCCO (MINNNEAPOLIS) — Immigration officials say they have taken a man who was accused of having sexual contact with a student in a Twin Cities high school into custody.

David Manito, 42, was set to be released from jail Friday after the Hennepin County Attorney declined charges. An Immigrations and Customs Enforcement official said the agency placed a detainer on Manito following his arrest.

After he left the jail, ICE took him into custody. According to officials, ICE only places detainers on individuals believed to be deportable from the United States.

Manito was arrested after a Snapchat video appeared to show him inside a bathroom stall at Champlin Park High School Wednesday. He was accused of meeting a 19-year-old male student at the school for sex after contacting him on a cell phone app. Police say the student has special needs.

Charges could still be brought at a later date.


9 responses to “Illegal alien, 42, arrested after contacting a special needs teenager, 19, for sex in a school

  1. Let us not forget that Obama, Hillary & the Democrats want more filth like David Manito.

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  2. That is, that they are not only illegal immigrants but also people looking for sex and alcohol.

    Intruders looking for pleasure in a foreign country.

    The wall is necessary, and more control at airports, etc.

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  3. Send this goon back to wherever he came from. This easily shows that amongst those who come here . . . we certainly are not getting the cream of the crop. Now Canada has put up the welcome sign . . . I say to illegals–keep struttin’ till you reach Canada! Perhaps they will have better luck with illegals.

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    • Hi Auntie Lou. There is an article this morning on the Daily Caller site stating that 30 countries are refusing to accept back any illegal immigrant who has served time in a U.S. jail or prison for a criminal act and who we are now seeking to to deport. I think Trump should enact a policy if their home country refuses to take them back, then we just drop them off on a deserted island somewhere and let them fend for themselves. Or, as you suggest, let the Canadians have them to assist with Canada’s apparent desire for cultural suicide.

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    • Bravo Auntie—-ditto—my thoughts exactly. Canada put out the “welcome mat” for the Central and South Americans…as well as Mexicans…that pass through Mexico and cross our borders illegally (because, mainly…MEXICO will NOT ALLOW “illegals” to dwell within their borders under pain of imprisonment)…..What’s ONE MORE border? Pretty much I think we should print out maps to the border crossings into Canada….just like the Mexican government provides their “migrants” into the USA.

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  4. 19 is the age of consent special needs student or not. But, meeting him and getting naked on school grounds is extreme. He’ll get plenty of butt fucking when he is serving time in prison. Somehow I think he would like other men running a train on him…..


    • That’s how these types tend to be. What we think of as punishment – they think of as joy. Even a public flogging would be internally sexualized by these bastards.

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