Saturday funnies!






h/t Laura!


9 responses to “Saturday funnies!

  1. These are great! Too funny. I needed a little levity after all the sturm and drang this week (not this site – just the world in general – sigh).

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  2. That really made me chuckle…sent it off to friend and family.

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  3. Luv the cat funny! 😀

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Hot dogs cooked in a coffee maker??….I’d a never thunk a that un……Still , can’t figure out how they got through the filter tho.

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  5. Hot dogs in the coffee pot? lolol. Here’s another for food prep. challenged men – “Corn in the Dishwasher”. Works like a charm, don’t remove husks, place corn on top shelf, DO NOT ADD SOAP, run a regular cycle. Wear heatproof gloves, remove husks and Enjoy!

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  6. That last one is also true about your pets…heehee

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    • The toilet is better for cats.
      Throw in the soap
      Throw in the cat
      Hold down the lid
      Flush twice (rinse cycle)
      Don’t stand between the toilet and the door.
      This only works once.
      Just kidding! Have a great day!


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