MSM are having a cow over Trump not shaking German Chancellor Merkel’s hand


That Muslim-loving sow, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is in D.C. today, and the MSM are beside themselves because President Trump appeared to refuse to shake her hand.

Photographers: Can we get a handshake?

Merkel (to Trump): Do you want to have a handshake?

Trump: *no response*

Merkel: *makes awkward face*

Angela Merkel made clear her adoration of Barack Obama.

When Obama visited Germany in his final foreign trip last November, he called Merkel “probably . . . my closest international partner these past eight years.” Merkel thanked Obama for “a good, friendly and intensive partnership” and wailed, “It’s hard for me to say goodbye.”

As reported by WPVI-TV, in a letter to Trump the day after his historic win, Merkel started by congratulating, then gave Trump a PC “social justice” lecture:

“Germany’s ties with the United States of America are deeper than with any country outside of the European Union. Germany and America are bound by common values – democracy, freedom, as well as respect for the rule of law and the dignity of each and every person, regardless of their origin, skin color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or political views. It is based on these values that I wish to offer close cooperation, both with me personally and between our countries’ governments.

Partnership with the United States is and will remain a keystone of German foreign policy, especially so that we can tackle the great challenges of our time: striving for economic and social well-being, working to develop far-sighted climate policy, pursuing the fight against terrorism, poverty, hunger, and disease, as well as protecting peace and freedom in the world.”

On January 29, 2017, via her spokesman Steffen Seibert, Merkel criticized President Trump’s executive order on a temporary ban on visas to nationals from countries known for terrorists — a ban that has the support of a majority of Europeans:

“The chancellor regrets the U.S. entry ban against refugees and citizens from several countries. She is convinced that even the necessary, decisive battle against terrorism does not justify putting people of a specific background or faith under general suspicion.”

Well, that’s because oh-so-smart Angela Merkel thinks Islam “isn’t a source of terror” and that Europe — and America — must take more refugees.

I wouldn’t shake her hand either, especially knowing that she’s probably shaken the hands of Muslims whose “religious” toiletry code tells them to wipe their butts, not with toilet paper, but with their hands — like that Muslim takeout chef, Mahbub Chowdhury, who was arrested after UK health inspectors found an empty milk bottle under the kitchen sink covered with Chowdhury’s brown fecal finger prints.

Meanwhile, things are going swimmingly well in Germany under Merkel, who imported 1 million Muslim “migrants” into a country of 82 million:


A couple of hours after this post was first published, it turns out that the brouhaha over Trump refusing to shake Merkel’s hand is FAKE NEWS!

Thanks to Conservative Treehouse, here are two pics of Trump and Merkel shaking hands:

H/t Ken R.


25 responses to “MSM are having a cow over Trump not shaking German Chancellor Merkel’s hand

  1. “Meanwhile, things are going swimmingly well in Germany under Merkel, who imported 1 million Muslim “migrants” into a country of 82 million:”

    Do not confuse, but nearly 20 Millions of citizens in Germany are migrants, today. Most of them have a muslim migration background. The future of Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Italy… will be Islam. Europe destroyed by Angela Merkel, François Holland and further more from Oil Sheikh bought left-wing politicians

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  2. Too bad Trump shook hands with that other muslim loving lying traitor:
    Barack Obama.

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  3. I’m kinda surprised that he even met with her. She a traitor to her country, to europe and to the United States. Can’t be trusted especially after giving odumbo, another traitor, a shining complement and going along with his civilization destroying agrenda.

    And STOP calling islam a religion. It is not. It is a tyrannical form of government with a religious component. They don’t believe in human rights especially women, homosexuals, mentally ill, or especially anybody that won’t bow to allah and mohammad. I know of no religion that forces anybody to be a part of it. And that’s another reason IT IS NOT A RELIGION.

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  4. After Trump first announced in 2015, I read a ton of articles about him, good & bad. One ripped him for being a germophobe who did not like shaking hands. I wondered if that was true so kept an eye out from then on.

    Eventually I watched a video, can’t remember what year it was produced, but it was when a NYT lady reporter visited him in his business office.

    I don’t recall whether he or she stuck out their hand first for a shake, but one of them did; then she said something like, “Oh, you don’t shake hands…” And he said something like, “Hey, what can I catch from you, right?” & so they then shook hands. 😀

    So, maybe he DID think Merkel-the-Sow (lol!)’s hands may not be “clean enough” to shake hands with. 😉

    Hopefully, he was also giving her the snub which she richly deserves, nation-traitor/destroyer that she is.

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  5. Screw Merkel, the ex?Communist Youth Party member and her porky politics! No wonder her fellow-traveller the Obamama liked her so much: he was likely ordered to do so! I love German culture, music, literature, etc., so IMO this creep is 180 degrees out of synch w/the real Germany and real Germans. If I were Donald –and I’m not– I’d think twice about shaking hands w/someone who may have just done the same w/a Muzzie fresh from their toilette experience!

    It didn’t help that before I read this article I’d just seen these two insanities and posted them to FotM & long-time patriotic US conservative friends:

    WARNING: extremely horrible murder of two very young children. The first is of an infant for God’s sake:

    As bad as that was, just when you think it CAN’T get any worse, leave it to another Muzzie nutjob, who’s the toddler’s MOTHER:

    I’ve had my limit of inhuman abuse for 2017. I want this Islamic filth to no longer exist, but they are, and will, BUT NOT IN MY COUNTRY!! Justin Time Trudeau can spend his time in Hell w/them if he loves them so much.

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  6. I can’t believe he even invited her to the White House.

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  8. I’m actually surprised that Frau Merkel would take a break from her usual pyramid hand symbolism long enough to shake hands with anyone.

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  9. Trump to Merkel: “Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and the safety of our citizens must always come first, without question.”

    Source –

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  10. The crusades began in 1095 after the invading Muslim armies had taken control of most of Europe. Do people like Merkel think they can avoid another takeover of Europe by being nice to these “refugees”? Muslims do not assimilate. They conquer. She and all politicians like her are dooming Europe to an agonizing death.

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  11. Donald is very gracious. I knew he must have shaken her hand. The fake news is doing everything they can to spin up a killing narrative against this President who was elected by the majority of American voters, in spite of massive voter fraud.

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  12. Fake News. Trump circulated in higher circles of business & government at home/abroad since his earliest days in business..maybe age 30 or below…(he’s now 70) ..Pretty sure he has a 40-year “jump” on his previous White House occupant’s experiences either before or after POTUS service…& he in all probabliltiy, welcomes foreign heads of state with a handshake or bi-cheek kiss..whatever…

    ONe must realize that the “Fake News” not only exists to “de-legitimize the presidency of Donald Trump….BUT….at the SAME TIME, by COMPARISON, ELEVATE the presidency of Barak Obama……in stark realtionship to “His” actual achievements & “legacy.”

    UNLIKE Barak Obama who bowed to dictators, whispered in Russian ears on a live mic (“I’ll be more flexible after the election”), refused to entertain Israel’s head of state to dinner or otherwise, when he was in the USA…..gave the Queen of England on his first State visit, a CD of his own “greatest” speaches ( in his first year of elected presidency..what was SOOOOO GREAT at THAT POINT? How Embarassing!!!?),….went off to Denmark or where ever it was, with Michelle, to try to “get” an Olympics assigned to us (BIG NATIONAL SECURITY/BUSINESS VENTURE ….. NOT!!!) and FAILED anyway ….OBAMA & Michelle were international social MORONS in the full first term of his presidency…..(& NOT too much improved in his last term) and, didn’t appoint or hire anyone in their employ for this that led them to any more “true,” diplmatic direction. NO comparison between Provincial Barak/Michelle and Worldly Donald/Melania ….who don’t NEED to hire anyone to figure out what to do or to guide them b/c they have negotiated/traveled/hailed from all over the world for decades.

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  13. It’s hard to describe how UNFAKE the news is on FOTM. The moment you learn a new fact that counters the original claim, you share it.

    They used to call such an act “journalism”.

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  14. Come to think of it, if Trump refrained from shaking her hand because he’d already done so, it shows even greater authenticity from the man.

    If I were placed in the same situation, I know I’d be thinking “You already got your photos when we shook for real. I’m not faking a handshake now just for a photo opportunity. My handshakes mean something!”

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  15. Consider the following:
    If Angela asked Trump if he would like to shake hands… in her native German, would Trump have 1) known she was talking to him, or 2) even understood in the faintest what she was saying? Which would result in him likely looking away or simply not responding. Right? What other reasonable thing would one expect, unless Trump understands German? And if by chance she asked in English, perhaps it was in a hushed voice, and he simply didn’t hear her. Same response.
    The media have become a joke, treating the PotUS as if he were the joke, with ZERO respect due the office. Their bias has become palpable disdain at best; scornful hate from some of the worst (like MadCow). One can’t even get a dose of objective news from NBC, ABC, CBS, or PBS anymore. Every single night, if I’m not sent retching from the anchors and their sycophantic reporters, I’m constantly changing channels to escape the non-stop onslaught of commercials every 2.5 minutes.
    The media is determined at any cost to bring down the Trump Administration, and with it our very country. All so they can replace it and us with a Godless society… no rules, no morals, no absolutes, no truths. Just do what you will, survival of the strongest. Riot to effect change rather than vote Democratically. If you can’t convict and enforce a sentence on a criminal (maybe because of sex, race, religion, “gender”, etc.), then in their eyes or minds, no crime has been committed. So set ’em free. Its the end of civilization. And we’re rushing headlong towards it. I say stand our ground…

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  16. British and French news and press are full of this story. The hate Donald Trump campaign is continuous. This morning Donny Osmand was interviewed on BBC radio and they were trying to put words into his mouth. He was very diplomatic, I would guess, not a Trump supporter, but very patriotic. He was not prepared to run down his country and answered very diplomatically.

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  17. My take on this, after seeing the clip, and watching him tapping his finger tips together (showing impatience) . . . shows someone who has had enough of the photo-op BS, and wants to get on to doing “something real.” We all know he is a type “A” personality on steroids. I doubt that his personality allows him to feel very comfortable just sitting in one of those garish yellow chairs and wasting his precious time . . . that just isn’t his way of life.

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  18. Even now, a day later, Channel 5 in Boston, and ABC affiliate, reported that Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand.

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  19. Will the MSM pure unadulterated horseshit & tea leaves about Trump EVER cease? And ditto the non-stop neo-con push for war w/Russia: it’s as insane as the whacko Muzzies all the libtards –including most of ours, from Justin Time down– want to import to finish off Western Civilisation. or what’s left of it since I left University in 1963.

    Just this morning I heard our increasingly less beloved CBC interview à la NPR-style an unchallenged neo-con womyn who foamed mouthily about the Russian invasion of Crimea [NOT! was requested by its legitimate elected gubbmint] and its supposed neo-Baltic confrontations w/the world’s navies off Norway [Really? Please show some unequivocal proof, ditto for Ukraine ‘invasions’ cited by the same useful idiots], who ranted as to how Russia, a Christian nation that suffered perhaps 100 million dead since Bonaparte’s futile invasion is our ‘greatest enemy’ followed by North Korea [Another mega REALLY? here, please] and then China and Paklistan and maybe India and then the rest of the world.

    If she is NOT a front-line volunteer under fire on the first day of the last war of the next 1000 years, I’ll seek her out and strong-arm to the front lines, as a professional courtesy to the rest of our about-to-be-sacrificed real men & women in service and civilians who never wanted WW3.

    There; my BP’s down 20 points!


  20. Joseph: “Will the MSM pure, unadulterated horseshit & tea leaves about Trump EVER cease?” In a word, “NO.”

    But, there is a silver lining to this cloud: I don’t think Trump gives a fig about all the fuss and feathers these people have worked up amongst themselves….and will continue to work up and pass around. Don’t think it will stop his every day, every hour, every minute focus on “Making America Great Again.” He is focused like a laser on this goal through his presidential actions and I expect that he will continue. I pray every day for him, for his health and safety…because I feel like he’s the only one left to stand between me and the Devil….


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