Iowa high school students forced to apologize for wearing red, white & blue because it’s offensive to refugees

The word “cuck” is the AltRight’s abbreviation for “cuckold” — someone who caves in, surrenders, or sells out.

“Cuck” perfectly describes the student council of Valley High School, West Des Moines, Iowa, and Morgan Wheat, the assistant basketball coach of North High School, Des Moines. Fake Americans, all.

FoxNews reports, March 13, 2017, that at a men’s basketball last week between Valley High School and North High School, some Valley students wore patriotic red, white and blue to support their team. For that, the students were made to apologize because those colors offended “refugee families” in the opposing team’s North High School.

North High School assistant coach Morgan Wheat, a fake American, told

“Any normal person, any educated person can look at that and think, ‘What the hell are these kids thinking?’”

So the Valley students were made to apologize. Here’s the letter of apology that Valley High School’s fake American Student Council sent North High School (USA Today):

To the Students and Staff of North High School:

It has been brought to our attention that the decision by the Valley High School student section to wear U.S.A. apparel at our game last night was offensive to members of your community and fan base. We are deeply sorry if we have offended anyone in any way. We have traditionally dressed in such a fashion for great games such as the one last night. Everyone here at Valley has immense respect not only for your team and players but for your community as a whole. Please know that our intent was in no way to offend or demean—just to support our own team in a way we have done before.

Congratulations on a wonderful season and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in the future.

Next thing, the Valley High basketball team will be made to apologize for winning the basketball game, 57-55.

H/t John Molloy



37 responses to “Iowa high school students forced to apologize for wearing red, white & blue because it’s offensive to refugees

  1. This IS the USA. If anybody finds the Red White and Blue offensive they need to leave this country. I guess the same coach is offended because the Red White and Blue American Flag is flown in front of the school. Life is full of things people don’t like. You can’t avoid being offended ever day. This guy offends me, but I don’t hate him. I think this guy is a JERK for making his players and fans apologize to the other school. If he wants to take this attitude maybe the school should be forced to not wear or show their school colors as that also might offend the other team. These kids are ALL AMERICAN unlike this coach!

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  2. Well, any normal person would look at Morgan Wheat and say “What the hell is he thinking?” but that doesn’t mean it extends to everyone else.

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  4. Do apologize?

    A moment, I’ll breathe. Apologies.

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  5. Tell the coach to cuck off . If the opposition finds it offensive , tough shit

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  6. The next sound you will hear is the collective voice of all American “cucks” proclaiming, “We deeply apologize for our still beating hearts.”!

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  7. Hi! Somewhere along the way, this story has gotten a bit twisted. I live in a school district that competes with both Valley and North High Schools. Valley High School colors are orange and blue. It was actually the sportsmanship or lack of by theses young fans that caused the problem. Disappointingly, these students were chanting derogatory comments toward the North players. What puzzled me is that the adult population, parents, teaching staff, did not at the time speak to the students about their inappropriate cheering.


    • Really? Did you not read the letter of apology from Valley High’s Student Council which begins with this sentence:

      “It has been brought to our attention that the decision by the Valley High School student section to wear U.S.A. apparel at our game last night was offensive to members of your community and fan base.”

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    • Actually, Valley colors are orange and black as if this was relevant to the ridiculousness. Also, what was derogatory in their chants? The USA part?


      • If these kids did make derogatory remarks toward the other team, this has been going on for many years, I can see making them apologize for the unsportsmanlike remarks, but as far as wearing the red, white and blue colors, NEVER. Those colors are the colors of the UNITED STATES and this school and their coach are in the USA! Maybe this school needs a new coach.


  8. Any time a Person in Authority violates one’s Constitutional Rights – they should then become Personally Liable, taken to a Court of Law, penalized and sued for full recovery and compensatories.. Not Knowing the LAW is no excuse for un-Constitutional abuse of another’s Rights.. Check the private back round of this coach and we may find why he HATES = the Red-White-&-Blue and all that “The Colors” represent.. Will we find full membership & sympathies for BLM and/or M-Brotherhood.?? – – American Patriot Symbols Matter = APSM..!!

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Nothin to say but,.. Unbelievable.

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  10. Any normal/educated person? This cuck must think the Islamic State is beacon of normality and higher learning. Idiots like this should be tarred and feathered.

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  11. This is so astonishing, if wearing the colors of the nation offends someone, then they should immediately remove themselves from this nation. There should be some kind of legal action to be taken when the authorities at this school find the wearing of the red, white and blue to be offensive to them, or their perceived offense by “others.” The parents of these students should find out if this nonsense violates their civil liberties, and if so, then legal proceedings should be brought against this particular coach, and the school. This is just gross. Is it any wonder that today’s young people do not have the same degree of allegiance to our flag, and our country as older people.

    Furthermore, that particular coach should find himself out of a job for screwin’ with the minds of the young people involved.

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  12. I’m offended that they are offended.

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  13. I’m with Calgirl on this one.

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  14. I’d be afraid to touch the basketballs in such games, since we know where Koran believers’ hands go after a visit to the bathroom. Brown, I guess, is the new red, white & blue.

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  15. You know, if I had to run to another country for safe haven, I would never dream of complaining about their patriotism. I would just be grateful I was allowed in. It’s called being a good guest!

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  17. “Why on earth did the students apologize? The reason why these leftists and refugees have become so brazen is because they know they can bully people into submission. If you’re so offended by the colors of the American flag, then GET OUT. The American flag represents all races for Americans. We should never let immigrants come here if they don’t respect the American flag and what it stands for.”

    Source –

    Students Called Racist for Wearing Red, White and Blue – Apologize For Offending Refugees

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  18. Just for the record, re the word ,..’cuck’,..

    Their exists a bird, called the,..’coo coo’,.. bird.
    The coo coo bird lays it’s eggs in the nests of other birds, who then feed & otherwise, care for the baby coo coo birds.

    From this phenomenon came the word,,..’ cuckold’, or ,..’cuckolded’…Which is a man, who’s wife is pregnant by another man, but who leads her hubby to think that the hubby is the father.

    So a,..’cuck,.. is a man who has been deceived, and/or betrayed & the meaning has been,..stretched,.. to include,..’weak’.. men.

    So the word, cuck, does, seem to apply to the collective western male, as they allow, foreign males to, invade their land & abuse their women, while they demonstrate their,..’support’,. for their women, by protecting women’s,.’right’,.. to abort their children.

    So, that being the case, the word,..’cuck’,.. does seem to fit the ,..wussyfied’,.. politically correct, western male.

    Ya think,.?

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  19. Cuckoos are a family of birds, “brood parasites”. Whereas the “cucks” are the invasive parasites. So, “wussyfied” works much better for pc paralyzed Western males, IMO.

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  20. I would have refused to apologize and dared them to punish me.

    As for the refugees, fork ’em and feed ’em couscous.

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  21. And this happened in Iowa! Fly over country?!!!
    I would have told them to get used to red, white and blue, or get out. There is nothing compatible between islam and western values. We love freedom; they love oppression.

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    • I believed last year was the first year the Des Moines Public Schools were “minority-majority.”

      Des Moines is now considered part of the Chicago area by HUD, when it comes to relocating section 8 families and is targeted for (muslim) refugee resettlement, as happened to the Twin Cities.

      It’s a shame.

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  22. Be nice, dear. You don’t want to make the muslims mad. (sarc)

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  23. Morgan Wheat, the North High School assistant coach, does have one redeeming value. He never leaves the toilet seat up. That’s because there’s no reason for him to lift it in the first first place!


  24. Okay, this is a hill worth dying on. This is a threshold we’re being dared to step through. If the left gets away with this crap then it’ll be deriguerre. This is our country and our representative colors. Those who are “offended” are the ones with a problem. The parents of that community need to get in that coach’s face and let him know what’s what.


  25. I went to Valley! Great school, one of the best in DM if not all of Iowa as far as public education goes, they even had/have a radio station for us nerds to dj. Keep up the good work!
    Go Tigers!


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