Expat blogger Jim Stone, who lives in Mexico, goads Trump supporters to violence

Since last year’s presidential campaign, I’ve been following a blogger named Jim Stone (not his real name), who claims to be a former NSA spook and calls himself a “truthseeker” “freelance journalist”.

Very little is known about “Jim Stone”. I found only these on the web:

I’ve found Jim Stone to be useful because he seems to have his ear to the ground. He is among the first to pick up important stories either before or ignored by Drudge Report. I also like him because he’s a Trump supporter.

That being said, Stone is an acquired taste because:

  • His writing is of the quick-dash unpolished variety, often unsourced.
  • His website Jim Stone does not have a stable URL as other websites do, e.g., Fellowship of the Minds‘ URL is always http://fellowshipoftheminds.com. In the case of Jim Stone, the only stable URL is the prefix When you enter into your browser, you’ll get the Jim Stone URL of that day, which is followed by (something something).html. As an example, Jim Stone‘s URL yesterday is But if you go to that URL today, you’ll get the same page that you read yesterday. The only way to access fresh content is to enter the prefix URL ( and hit “enter”.
  • Stone gives himself special credibility by claiming that, of all the many Alternative Media websites, his site alone is under constant cyber attack by TPTB, which accounts for his site’s weird format, as well as justifies Stone asking his readers for financial donations to sustain him each month.

Beginning a couple of days ago, however, something shifted. Stone is calling on Trumpers to turn to violence as the only solution. Here’s what he wrote yesterday:

A violent outcome may be unavoidable

It is getting hard to do my job of stopping that.

What do I think my job is? To inform people well enough to cause the elite to back off, and not force a violent revolution. But as the days go by, and we get to see just how corrupt the system is, and how mysteriously stupid Trump seems to be on certain topics, and how his hands are completely tied with what he does know about, it is beginning to look like an insurmountable task to prevent the worst possible outcome.

Remember Joe Stack? The guy who supposedly wrote a big manifesto and flew his plane into an IRS building? The IRS version of that event is totally debunked on this web site, but there was a key line in the manifesto Joe Stack probably wrote (this manifesto said nothing about suicide and was obviously about taking direct action against corruption). What was that line? “Violence is not only the answer, it is the only answer”. Joe stack [sic] knew years ago what is becoming more than evident now. Let’s hope to God Trump is the man to save it all, because if he ends up failing we will be completely out of alternative options.

Every day now I am ending up reading headlines which if discussed can only be solved with violence – from the CIA leaks, to car crash murders, to mysterious suicides, tainted vaccines marching ahead like there is no resistance at all – so many different things, because every time something new develops it makes it more and more obvious that we really are running out of options. I am getting tired of reporting this stuff with no hope in sight unless it is a sight mounted on a gun barrel.

If they are going to stop Trump at every turn, including the latest ruling by a federal judge to block Trump’s new immigration ban, it only proves they have absolutely no interest in the American people and are perfectly willing to break all laws to violate that will, simply because they have infiltrated and placed corruption at all levels which make it possible to. If they have eliminated the peaceful options, what else is left?

There are several problems to Stone’s call to violence:

  1. Who (other than Jim Stone) says all the peaceful options are eliminated and only violence is left? Put another way, what evidence is there that violence is the only solution?
  2. Even assuming that violence is the only solution, Stone is urging us to just do it, without any organization or planning — which is insane.
  3. A resort to violence is suicidal and doomed to failure, unless we have the police and the military on our side.

But there is another, even bigger problem than the above three.

How dare Jim Stone urge us to violence when he doesn’t even live in the U.S.? Stone and his wife live in Mexico. That means he won’t be undertaking the violence to which he calls us, nor will he suffer the consequences.

Jim Stone’s irresponsible call to violence is the crossing of that proverbial Line of Rubicon. Beware of this man.

UPDATE (Dec. 27, 2017):

‘Independent investigative journalist’ Jim Stone is a fraud: Not former NSA; no insider knowledge


26 responses to “Expat blogger Jim Stone, who lives in Mexico, goads Trump supporters to violence

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    I know exactly how he feels, any how.

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  3. Well we all know since he worked at the NSA he is obviously a “truther” and a man of virtue and patriotism (SNOT!), and come to think of it-
    Patriots and normal folks don’t typically go around inciting citizens to commit CRIMES like inciting you against the President (especially when THEY are out of the Country (come to think of it-this sounds more like the NWO GANG, who with YOUR money sends YOUR CHILDREN to die for BANKER’S WARS)

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  4. I never heard of this Jim Stone guy but he does make perfect sense when he states: “If they are going to stop Trump at every turn, including the latest ruling by a federal judge to block Trump’s new immigration ban, it only proves they have absolutely no interest in the American people and are perfectly willing to break all laws to violate that will, simply because they have infiltrated and placed corruption at all levels which make it possible to. If they have eliminated the peaceful options, what else is left?” There HAS to be something else….like people getting a conscience. For example, if ALL doctors told the truth and refused to give vaccines because they are nothing but poison, that would be a peaceful revolution. There are so many different ways that we the people can stand up against evil rather than resorting to violence, which is EXACTLY what the shadow government is looking for.

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    • I had been contemplating what comment I would write for the past hour or so. Then I just read your comment that pretty much mirrors what I was going to say. So, I’ll just say a hearty “Amen,” and thank you for stating so eloquently what I am feeling, also. I totally agree that we cannot allow ourselves to succumb to the dark side, but must remain a light always. Defend ourselves and loved ones? Of course! But, do we instigate violence and fire first? Absolutely not. You’re right – it’s what THEY want us to do which will then be an excuse for retaliation on a major scale IMHO.

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  5. I suspect there will be a Balkanization of the nation within the next 20 years.
    Balkanization, or Balkanisation, is a pejorative geopolitical term, originally used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.

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    • Balkanization, or breaking the U.S. into 2 or more separate sovereign states, would only work if:

      (1) All the present residents in America’s 50 states agree to break up. What do you do with those who disagree? Force them to move?
      (2) After the break-up, stringent border controls and immigration bans are installed in each newly-independent state/country.
      (3) Abandon or drastically alter the Constitution to transform the newly-independent state into some form of undemocratic polity. Otherwise, what’s to prevent the populace and future generations from turning Progressive/socialist/communist again?

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  6. Darwin Is A Harsh Mistress

    I don’t get that idea at all, Eowyn. In fact, I share his “exacerbation.” Realizing everything you thought/hoped/prayed isn’t working out is not goading us into violence but rather voicing the fear that violence is all that’s left to us. In fact, the violence started long ago and we have so far not returned it.

    This is quite different from inciting or goading violence, don’t you agree? To say out loud to your attacker, “Mister, I’ve given you my wallet and my watch just as you demanded but you didn’t stop when I said please! Why do you come at me with a knife and threaten to kill me?”

    Acknowledging reality is not immoral. It isn’t even wrong.

    Know the Truth because it will set you free. The game is rigged and playing by the rules is designed to get us killed.

    My ancestors fought in the War for Independence. Some of them fought to suppress the rebellion in North America. It all depends on which side tells the story. Fact is, Patriot or Loyalist, they ended up in a deadly, bloody, never-ending war and they were much closer to each other than today’s motley population.

    Understand this: the Left really are parasites. We really are the host. The refugee importers use this language, “host” so you know it’s true. By threatening to drain the swamp, we are literally attempting to remove the parasites. The parasites, for their part, correctly understand this to be a death sentence.

    We can circumlocute and euphemise until we’re blue in the face but none of that changes a thing. The Left’s made it perfectly clear they will quit sucking our life’s blood if and only if “we make them.” It’s the classic challenge, “make me!” and we damned well better be prepared to answer it with full unrelenting force or we might as well submit to open slavery right now and spare ourselves the trouble.

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    • Darwin:

      I think you missed my point. I share your and Stone’s frustration. Long ago, on FOTM and a previous blog, I wrote that our differences with the Left are irreconcilable. My post is a critique of Stone for advocating violence when he doesn’t even live in the U.S.

      I have the same misgivings for any expat who makes advice and proposals that carry serious consequences to Americans who actually live — and choose to remain — in the U.S. We, not expats like Jim Stone, are the ones who actually are doing what needs to be done to save America.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . I certainly agree that anyone who has gotten up and “left the table” (left the USA) should keep their mouth shut as far as any recommendations to be taken by the citizens of this county. They forfeited that right by the act of expatriation. They should just sit down and SHUT UP.

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    • Darwin Is A Harsh Mistress

      Eowyn, I see your point. Thank you for correcting me. I do wonder if he really is an ex-pat though. I don’t give my actual location and I’m just a regular guy. Too many loonies out there to risk the safety of my family.

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  7. William Brandon Shanley

    Donald Trump is playing chess in 5 dimensions while pedaling on a unicycle on a high wire without a net. He hasn’t even been in office for two months yet. My sense is that Trump has faith in God, is keeping his word, is working hard, and ultimately placing the destiny of America in His hands.

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  8. I totally agree with you, William, but you did forget to mention that Trump is also simultaneously juggling three bowling pins that are on fire! LOL Seriously, though, the man has only been in office two months and the Left does need to chill.

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    • Although Trump has only been in office for two months . . . the Progressives are circling him like a pack of ravenous wolves. I have seen several pictures of Trump lately that truly show the distress he is under. Obama never was treated in this manner by Conservatives.

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      • Hello Auntie Lulu. You should see the article on today’s (3/17/2017) myfoxphoenix.com site. A California artist put up a billboard of Trump and it is disgusting. I’m wondering who paid for it. You nailed it: the wolves are circling.

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  9. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn. I agree with your assessment.

    And I would add something. God shaped Donald Trump to be a sharp threshing instrument, just like Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar. Is he a model of everything demanded by politically correct people? No. But he has been made for a purpose and a time, our time. We voted for him, but we didn’t make him. God did. God’s purpose will be fulfilled. So to all, I say, take heart.

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  10. Jim’s site used to be one of the sites I would visit regularly but I slacked off from it eventually.

    FWIW, here’s my History of what I’ve personally witnessed/read at “GemStone” site(s) from 2012-2015.

    I first heard of Jim Stone in early 2012 when Makow first posted a guest-article by him re Fukushima. That was circa Jan.-Feb. 2012.
    –Jeff Rense, who used to post ALL Makow article links at his Rense site for MANY years, did not like the Stone Fukushima story, & refused from then forward to ever post Makow links again.
    –(Rense claimed Makow & guest articles had become boring & were not up to the standard that Rense wanted. Others chimed in that since Rense was a Fukushima radiation fearmonger, that the Stone report put a damper on that. Others said Rense worked for the Jews, lol, & they were after Stone since he said it was an Israeli Stuxnet whatever-thingie that caused Fukushima.)
    –Henry lost a lot of site traffic because of that, since a lot of visitors came via his links at the Rense site.
    –All of that caused a huge public online fight between Makow & Rense which went on for months, through circa May or June 2012. It got really nasty. After maybe the first month, some of Rense’ current & former wives sent info to Henry re Rense being NPD & other personality dysfunctions, all of which Henry posted at his site. On the Rense side, he didn’t say too much in comparison, but one of his lackeys, a fat Mormon guy named Paul Drockton, acted as the Rense bulldog, viciously attacking Henry nearly everyday via articles & video rants.
    –When God closes one door He opens another. It was during that Rense fight that Henry found his “2nd Calling” when he began Twittering full-time, & he does an excellent job of it! He should have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers by now vs. only 10k. I began checking his twitter feed every day since then. He was my one main twitter NWO-News source until Trump began his campaign, then Henry got some competition for my time. 🙂
    Ken Adachi later claimed that the Jim Stone Fukushima report/article was the exact same info that Adachi had first posted at his own site on the subject (Educate-Yourself.org) & that Jim Stone basically stole the info from Adachi.
    –(In my early years on the internet, early-to-mid 2000’s, I had heard that Adachi himself was a Disinfo Agent, lol. Who knows! All the guys get accused of that eventually.)
    Jim Stone claims he first began on the internet merely to post photographs that anyone could use, as that was a hobbie of his. He provided an old link to some photos at one point.
    His wife was supposedly a pharmacist, & they together first also began posting articles re dangerous drugs & vaccines, from wherever they supposefly formerly lived.
    Stone supposedly moved to MX sometime after his Fukushima report because the govt. &/or Israeli spooks were now after him.
    –Supposedly his wife eventually left him because she couldn’t handle the stress of it all.
    –Supposedly the spooks also killed his dog, & black cars would be parked out on the road by his house in MX so he would have to keep changing locations.
    –The spooks were also supposedly continually messing with his computer(s) & internet connection so he had to begin using internet cafes instead.
    –Supposedly that is also why he writes in a rushed manner & his site, rather than having separate posts links, is one loooong page that runs everything together. He had written that he “doesn’t have time” to mess with making the site better-looking, more efficient, etc.
    His site URL was JimStoneFreelance.com. It had clickable tags & a few article titles in the right column, including the drugs/vaccines stuff, & if I remember correctly, it had the photos link near the bottom of that column.
    –Maybe circa 3-4(?) years ago, fearing the spooks would crash his site permanently, Stone supposedly began using a server/host in Iceland for his site. If I remember correctly, his JimStoneFreelance then ended in .is vs. .com, at least for awhile.
    –Then at some point he began using an IP URL vs. a worded URL.
    –He said that when sites are blocked/censored-or-whatever by TPTB, that you can always still find them if you have the direct IP address (true?). So that’s why he did that.
    For awhile Stone also had a Forum. The first one I never got around to visiting & I forget why it was eventually closed (too much spook interference, trolls, or whatever).
    –But when he set up a new Forum, called “ReactorBreach” (based on the Fukushima report), I did visit that one a lot, at least for awhile. He had promised that No Registration would ever be required at the New Forum & No Email Addy would be required either, in order to post comments, & for awhile that was true.
    –Then eventually he turned full care for that forum over to a guy, I forget his name, but he was a regular there.
    –Not toooo long thereafter, a big “troll war” broke out, now requiring that Admin-guy to insist that everyone had to register in order to post. That all seemed suspicious to me, “perfect timing” > Problem Reaction Solution.
    –It had been a good forum, lots of interesting conversation re the NWO, Stone’s observations, etc. But eventually everyone got spooked that Stone was still a spook himself (they began chatting at 4chan re Stone) & a lot of fighting ensued over people being censored or banned, & the forum began dying, plus supposedly a lot of hacking, crashes, whatever were being done TO the forum, so nobody trusted it nor that Admin guy. Eventually it was taken down/closed… I think! Maybe it’s still out there somewhere.
    Supposedly, I guess before he was married, Stone was either friends with &/or was dating a Jewish lady, & Stone wanted to convert to Judaism. So he went with her to Synagogue often enough but none of the Jews would talk to him because they didn’t trust Goyim visitors. So he kept going until they warmed up to him & began speaking freely in front of him. Supposedly that is how he learned some of the Jewish NWO stuff.
    –Then at some point he went to a buffet with the Jewish lady & he became violently ill afterward. He says she/they poisoned him, but I forget why (maybe because he had changed his mind about converting by then (?)
    –He said he was deathly ill but somehow figured out it was ? poisoning (can’t remember what poison), so he got online & googled for “antidote to ? poisoning” & an article showed up saying to breathe in AMMONIA to fix the problem. He recalled he had some Windex around so he poured that in a bowl & put it in a box & then stretched himself out on the floor & stuck his head inside the box with the ammonia-bowl right nearby his head & fell asleep. He said when he woke up he was cured of the poisoning. He said he later tried googling for the antidote article again but couldn’t find it anywhere, so he felt it had been Providentially provided at the right moment to save him & then it disappeared.
    –If his site still looks the same, the link to his “My time spent with the Jews” article (or whatever the title was) should still be in the right column.
    –Supposedly he has been very ill other times since then, always wondering if “they” somehow caused it.
    –Often enough over the years he would disappear for days at a time & then come back online & say either his computer was hacked, his internet was interfered with, or he was sick, etc. etc.
    Speaking of crashes, I used to keep links to things I thought were a bit suspicious, but lost a TON of links when I had a browser crash a few years ago.
    –One was an article Stone wrote, supposedly while in MX, yet he referred to MX as “down there” as if he was writing from “up here” somewhere… > A little “brain slip” where truth overrided what he was typing(?) Or maybe he was really on a trip to the States but didn’t want his location known.
    –I don’t recall how (whether by following links someone else had posted or via simple googling/researching Jim Stone), but I came across two other sites that were written exactly in “Jim Stone Style” to a T. This was back when the ReactorBreach forum was still ongoing, near its final days. I thought at that time that Stone must fake his illnesses & computer crashes so he can go work on other sites for a few days, lol. I have no idea now the names of those sites. I think one had the word Truth in the title.
    One day a few years ago I had one of those “gasp” moments re his pseudonym, JIM STONE, which could stand for GEMSTONE. Since Jews are heavily into the diamonds & gemstones & antique coins markets, I thought maybe Jim Stone was really a Jewish (bad guy or jokester) & faking it all. So I began referring to him as GemStone. 🙂
    –The constant asking for money doesn’t help either. (Ditto Kapner who does the same thing … incessantly.)
    –Very brave of you to donate to him. I wanted to enough times but was too chicken since I only partially trusted him & he often wrote the donations did not always come through, etc.
    –Same reason I never used the comment window on his site, which I wanted to do many times; yet he was always saying the spooks crashed the comment window, or they stole all the comments, etc.!
    Stone is definitely a smart guy. He seems to know a lot about many techie-type things. Or I’m too dumb on those subjects to know whether he is bs’ing or not.
    –Example: He wrote that all Adobe Flash & Firefox upgrades were a farce & were not needed, that old versions are fine, that they just fearmonger people about it, etc. True? I don’t know for sure but the incessant upgrades ARE a big pain.
    –Some of my favorite articles that he has written are re: Nuclear Waste Scam; Power Grid Tampering/Frequency Testing Hoax; one about how modern Iran is compared to the propaganda, with beautiful ski resorts photos, etc.; & one about modern cheapo “stick” homes vs. older solid concrete homes (which I had already been griping about for years so was glad to see someone else noticed the same thing).
    I agree with you Stone should not advocate violence, especially from his MX perch!
    –I haven’t been to his site in quite awhile (obviously); never enough time/energy left after visiting my current main favorites + Trump news, but I may have to go visit to see what type of replies he gets to his violence remarks. I bet some will call him out on it.

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    • Oh dear, I forgot once again that numbered paragraphs, when copied to WP, do not retain the numbers, removes the paragraph breaks & runs all the paragraphs together, ugh! Looks terrible & is very hard to read. Sorry about that! 😦

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    • Thank you, TPR, for the exhaustive (and exhausting) back story of Gemstone. So much drama! So much theater!


    • “Stone was either friends with &/or was dating a Jewish lady, & Stone wanted to convert to Judaism.”

      Interesting, esp. the fact that a couple of months ago, Stone wrote about Alex Jones’ now-divorced wife that she was a Jewish “honey trap,” but Stone made no mention that he himself was in just such a “honey trap”.


  11. Enclosed garden

    Dr. Eowyn, I can understand your frustration with JS, but reality seems to point to the fact that we are not winning the war or the battles. I truly believe JS is real and all that he writes on his site is truth. I appreciate his willingness to keep us up to date on things we would maybe never know about and he is quick to either retract or correct articles if they become problematic. I too am frustrated to watch our country continue to spin their wheels with every news happening and what seems like a lack of action on the part of our new presidency.
    He asks for such little amount of money and posts every single donation so people see what comes in. Hoe many sites do that? He is beyond a computer wizard, he alone can thwart the hackers that constantly bombard his site due to the articles he writes.
    We may not agree about his call to violence, personally I am praying DJT can change the path of America, but the people in our country are so dumbed down and asleep, what will it take to wake them up to the evil that surrounds us. He is on our side, why else would he do what he does for a lousy couple hundred bucks a month? We are all being watched and followed in one way or another, at this point God has to intercede to grant our nation the freedom we all so want, but not necessarily deserve.
    God HELP America.

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  13. I’ve been a Jim Stone follower for years, and have always taken his reporting with a grain of salt. He’s spot on with certain articles, after researching the post. But in others, it’s posted,and there is no valid research to back it up. I was shocked to see him post the ability of spooks to control vehicles, San Bernadino, Nice, the attempts on Putin and Rodger Stone. Good that he’s put that out, and backed up by Wikileaks release of Vault 7.

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