6 secret cities that prove conspiracies involving large numbers of people are real

Below is a sobering video — frightening in its implications — about six cities across the world, the existence of which were/are kept secret in the name of national security.

So much for the notion that conspiracies can’t be real, especially those that involve and require the complicity of many people.

The six secret cities are:

  1. Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA, during WWII: site of the Manhattan Project, where the first nuclear weapons were produced.
  2. Ozersk, Chelyabinsk, Russia: birthplace of the Soviet nuclear weapons program after WWII.
  3. Wünsdorf, Zossen, former East Germany (now Germany): site of the largest Red Army camp outside of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  4. 404, China: where China developed its first nuclear bomb.
  5. Camp Century, Greenland: An ultimately abandoned U.S. Army project to build a vast network of thousands of nuclear mobile missile launch sites targeted at the Soviet Union.
  6. Challakere, India: The only city in this group of six which is contemporary. A top-secret nuclear city, construction of which began in 2012, with thousands of tons of uranium to build hundreds of nuclear bombs.

It’s a wonder our world has not (yet) been blown into smithereens.

H/t Thought Crime Radio


14 responses to “6 secret cities that prove conspiracies involving large numbers of people are real

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  2. Nuclear Insanity-we are being poisoned from the radiation from all these sites, the oceans are contaminated (Fukushima), and the first time the power grid goes down for any significant period these nuclear power plants are catastrophes waiting to happen because the fail safes don’t work without power,
    not to mention the nuclear countdown to Armageddon is close to midnight

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    • THE problem w/all nuclear-powered sites & weapons factories of course is what we see in Fukushima: as sunaJAeon indicated, if the crucial cooling capacities are not maintained, then in time the piles go from critical to catastrophe. W/O constant cooling, most designs reach criticality in 15 minutes. The reason most nuke plants are built on faulty coastlines is for a cheap and constant supply of coolant water. However: this assumes a CONSTANT flow. Non-gubbmint experts are pretty certain Fukushima Plant #1 exploded and it’s molten core is now merrily melting its way through the planet.

      And by the bye: another crucial assumption is that when a plant’s core gets deep enough under the Earth’s crust & mantle, it will merge ‘harmlessly’ w/the planet’s own core. Mmm… well, this fairy tale may bring some comfort to some, but I want to know what happens when the supremely radioactive molten core is consumed by a tectonic plate steadily rising along a coastline, to result in an earthquake or volcanic fireworks that should finish the rest of us Stoopids off very quickly. Think Fukushima tsunami, California & Alaska fault zones, etc., etc.. That’s what happens to ‘wannabe God’ actors.

      The supreme irony is that while each site usually has a Diesel generator for such down-times, the designers of these plants made the assumption that the maximum down-time would be say six hours; then more Diesel has to be brought in [IF the roads are open] and the longer the generators run, the more susceptible they are to failure. Nor are we alone in this error: does ‘Chernobyl’ ring any bells?

      We NOW know that Three Mile Island [some readers likely recall that exciting time] was within 10 minutes of exploding [the China Syndrome] Here are 2 good sources: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/the-china-syndrome-1979 & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_China_Syndrome.

      Because the old AEC allowed every plant to be built overly close to a major metropolitan area [look on a good map] we now know that perhaps 6 MM people would have perished in the initial blast, no idea about survivors. Not a single plant –to the best of my knowledge– was ever built outside the area of endangerment: not one! I haven’t checked yet, but it’s likely the same in Canada. We are gods, dontcha know?

      I’ll stop now, as this is really too much good news at one time for most people. Never forget what Izzy Stone wrote: “All gubbmints lie. All of them, ours too.” For his pioneering efforts to bring the truth out he was gifted for the remainder of his life w/a 24/7 security detail, which eventually led to revelations after his death that he was a KGB agent; but who REALLY knows? Perhaps he was a double or triple agent, who brought KGB agents to light for the USSA? Methinks it’s best to stay on the side of God, Jeshua, and the angels!

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    • Do you have a reflection? With all that radiation today you must have mutated. Strange how after 600 plus above nuclear explosions in the USA prior to the test ban treaty we survived the billions who died from radiation so we can rest assured you are an expert in this field.


      • I just happened to be checking on something else when I came upon your response to my comment. At first I thought it directed to someone earlier, but when I checked the time of posting, I realised it was from you to me.

        Aside from yr churlish tone which implies you are a troll, if you have any expertise in this which you’d like to put up against my background, then I’m sure all of us here at FotM will be forever grateful that you were so kind as to share your peculiar genius without charge to us.

        So, please, do send us a demonstration of your acumen, any certifiable expertise such as a degree or financially compensated time spent in any related area of rediation or genetics, and perhaps just a smidgen of the time you’ve spent as a financially compensated teacher, instructor, or guest lecturer in a related field. Who knows? You may even get someone to give a ‘thumb up’ that s/he liked it….

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      • As your silent reply has been deafening me, I thought to assist your search w/recent statements by people far more prominent than I, a mere breeder of plants & husbandry animals:

        Arnie Gundersen, a well-known nuclear plant engineer’s most recent statement on this event, http://www.globalresearch.ca/fukushima-worst-industrial-cataclysm-in-history-of-world-nuclear-engineer-arnie-gundersen/5580249 which in 100 years could kill off 90% of ALL life, not just humans:
        http://no2nuclearpower.blogspot.ca/2011/11/chernobyl-disaster-in-1986-ukraine.html is a graphic depiction of the human toll, but of course, you may find these ‘acceptable’ in your belief that nuclear is an acceptable way to get electricity in a sustainable way.

        There’s much more, but start with these and get back to us.


      • We HAVE been affected by radiation fallout-that’s why the cancer rates have skyrocketed-Einstein


  3. The world has been on thin ice for a long time now! Only by the grace of God has it not been blown to “kingdom come” yet!

    Re the Nuke Plants, they, like any/all buildings, infrastructures, people, animals, plants which are within Smart Grid networks, are being oscillated 24/7 by high-speed EMFs. So it isn’t only nuke plant “meltdowns” that are a concern.

    Quote from Curtis Bennett:
    …I asked Electrical Engineer Schkolinkov of Exponent Inc. [expert witness hired by British Columbia & their utilities] during cross examination for the BC Utilities Commission, “What happens when you mix 2 frequencies?” He replied you get 4 resultant frequencies. That means frequencies in the body change with the RF EMFs hitting the body. If the 60 Hz electrical grid changed by a few Hz, the grid would crash.

    During the FortisBC application for smart meters for the BC Utilities Commission, FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren called the oscillations of the 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz antenna a hypothesis. Schkolnikov confirmed the oscillations in cross examination. I asked him if the 900 MHz EMFs would oscillate 1.8 billion times per second and the Wi-Fi 2.45 GHz 4.9 billion times per second? Schkolnikov said yes.

    That means the EMF of the 900 MHz will expand and collapse inside bodies, buildings, ecosystems and infrastructure 1.8 billion times per second. The Wi-Fi 2.45 GHz EMFs will expand and collapse 4.9 billion times per second. That is inducing electrical currents while increasing voltages. When EMFs go positive and negative, every atom and molecule is polarizing (changing direction) billions of times per second.
    There are 13,000 dams in the U.S. and 440 Nuclear Power Plants in the world. RF EMFs blanketing these areas will cause accelerated erosion, undermine designs and 5G [on the way!] RF EMFs will contribute to infrastructure failures.

    The official court reporter transcript for that 2012 BC Govt. hearing can be found at ThermoGuy.com.

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    • PS: Correction: That BC hearing was October 2010, not 2012. Here’s at least part of the transcript:

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    • How many frequencies exist in the every day world? How many transmissions are made daily? Case closed.


      • How many bees have died or disappeared?

        How many birds have dropped out of the sky en masse?

        How many trees near cell towers have turned dead brown?

        How many bolts from people’s ceilings have been jarred loose & fallen out by EMFs vibrating their house?

        How many independent EMF research studies — NOT funded by telecoms — have you read?

        How many microwave experts have you studied/read/listened to?

        How many people are suffering from EMF penetration, vibrating every cell in their body?

        How many lawsuits have been filed re these things?

        You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Do your homework as you make yourself look ridiculous by your ignorance/arrogance.

        Case WIDE OPEN & growing.

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  4. smithereens:
    From Irish Gaelic smidirn, diminutive of smiodar, small fragment.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  6. Aaron Dykes and his wife Melissa split from Alex Jones’ Infowars and founded their own service, Truthstream, which is very good.
    We have lived under the nuclear threat for our entire lives. And the Rosenbergs were not the only traitors: Oppenheimer himself leaked info to other recipients without authorization. This came out some years after his death. (Oppenheimer was a member of the Communist Party USA, it was also learned.)


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