‘Taylor f*****g Swift… may as well have voted for Trump’: Actress Lola Kirke slams the singer for not using her fame and global platform to discuss politics

lola kirke

Actress – and bully – Lola Kirke

From Daily Mail: Actress Lola Kirke has hit out at Taylor Swift – claiming that the pop star’s silence on politics is tantamount to voting for President Donald Trump.

The 26-year-old, who is also a musician, has been vocal in her support for causes such as Planned Parenthood and the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline and wore a ‘f**k Paul Ryan’ badge to the Golden Globes.

The British-born American told Vogue.com that during turbulent political times, global stars such as Swift, 27, should speak out for grassroots movements. Since the election, Swift has remained relatively silent on the issue of politics – sparking speculation over her political affiliation.

Kirke, who is the sister of Girls star Jemima, said: ‘For me, it’s really important to elevate voices and causes that don’t get as much attention with whatever attention I get. I totally understand why some people won’t do that. I definitely think that there are certain celebrities who really could offer more help to grassroots movements with their power – and don’t.’

She added: ‘Like Taylor f*****g Swift, who may as well have voted for Trump, as far as I’m concerned, by not doing anything.’

Kirke, whose latest film Gemini recently had its world premier at SXSW, said the notion of selfie-obsessed celebrity is ‘confusing and weird’.  Despite labeling it ‘vapid’, she said social media can be used for good. ‘You can imbue everything you’re doing with meaning. I believe that life is meaningful and I believe there are things that are important that are not getting the attention that they deserve,’ she said.

Listing issues that she believes are currently under threat or in need of attention, she said the environment, reproductive rights and human rights which she said ‘are in jeopardy’.  She said she does not want to contribute to the ‘smokescreen’ that encourages people to think that those issues do not exist.



25 responses to “‘Taylor f*****g Swift… may as well have voted for Trump’: Actress Lola Kirke slams the singer for not using her fame and global platform to discuss politics

  1. What would be really useful here, would be – each time one of these libtards is called out, like in this posting – to include a link to their social media pages, etc., so we could shoot them (a message, email, etc., of course) and let them know how amazingly smart they are! Comments subscribers to FOTM who often visit and comment are just patting each other on the back and preaching to the choir. Sure, we can use search and find out where these rats nest, but a specific link to a specif comment on FaceBook, etc., would probably help focus. Just thinking as I type…


  2. Taylor Swift did and does not need to get involved in politics to attain fame, she is young, beautiful, fashionable, has made MILLIONS singing, she’s on the covers of magazines, she is very famous and an ALL AMERICAN GIRL. Oh what Lola the Bully would give for just a minute in TAYLOR SWIFT’s bedroom slippers! Lola and envy walk hand in hand.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Part of the problem here in the U.S.. Just too many born here or there Americans, too many naturalized Americans, and too many first generation Americans, that are truly committed to our U.S. Constitution and appreciation of their U.S. citizenship.

    We can not even be clear just how many generations of citizenship it now does takes for an immigrant family to be truly assimilated and trustworthy, meaning loyal to this so generous Nation.

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  4. Maybe Ms. Swift realizes realizes that having political Diarrhea of the mouth may not be in her best interest. She is twice the Lady that this woman is and 10 times more beautiful. Taylor, Please don’t follow the monkeys around. Be a leader in your own rights. You are a great American!

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    • Lena Dunham is a good friend of Taylor’s. I write that off as still being young/sheltered in celebrity. I wonder if Taylor has read Lena’s book…


  5. Far too many having the values that made this country great and taking its benefits for granted will lead to destruction of those people unless America receives the love and respect it deserves.

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  6. I’m guessing Taylor Swift is too smart to risk alienating half of her fan base.


  7. It is none of her business who Taylor did or did not vote for and she doesn’t deserve to be called out on it. Taylor is playing it smart by keeping quiet.
    Kirke needs to understand, we don’t care what her politics are, just shut up and entertain us. To try and push personal feelings and politics onto the public is sucicide.
    Such slow learners in the entertainment industry and it is all self serving.
    They want the people to pay for defaults if their movies sink. They worry about Funds for the arts, but have infiltrated the arts with their political rhetoric that people don’t want to see or hear.


  8. Her father is of English and Scottish descent. Her maternal grandfather, Jack Dellal, was a British businessman of Iraqi Jewish descent, and Kirke’s maternal grandmother was Israeli. Every single time!


  9. A wise man once said…”The percentage of mentally deranged people seems to be extraordinarily high in the “Entertainment Industry” .

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  10. From DCG’s link…

    “I believe that life is meaningful and I believe there are things that are important that are not getting the attention that they deserve,’ she said.”

    Like shaving your armpits?

    Link w/pic… 🤢

    Lola Kirke showed off her armpit hair at the Golden Globes 2017


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  11. What a trashy, talentless little tramp. Hopefully she doesn’t “get it” from the illegals as they do their “wilding things” across Europe once the weather warms up.


  12. Taylor Swift is apparently one of the few celebrities who understand that the average American despises celebrities who use their fame to get on a soapbox & spew their ill-informed BS on every “feel-good” cause.

    Lola doesn’t understand that fame & fortune does not somehow make a celebrity, all of a sudden, an expert on socio-politico-economic matters.

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  13. I have more respect for celebrities that selflessly and silently use their good fortune to the benefit of others who are less fortunate. I don’t need someone telling me how THEY think I should act or think. Charity demanded isn’t charity. And before opening your mouth ask yourself: Is it kind. It is true. Is it helpful. Criticize in private. Complement in public. Don’t count your contributions. Count your blessings. I’m not always good at this stuff, but I’m aware of it and I keep trying.

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  14. Yes Taylor is portrayed as “America’s Sweetheart”. Just slow down her big hit and what does that sound like?


  15. Here’s an eye-opener:

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  16. Taylor, No matter what you ae always my favorite.


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