Heart-stopping video of narrow escapes from death

Below is a true-life compilation of some very lucky people who narrowly escaped death, all caught on surveillance video.

Your eyes will bug out, your jaw drop, and your heart will stop as you watch the incredible footage.

These people must have very watchful and competent guardian angels!

H/t Will Shanley


15 responses to “Heart-stopping video of narrow escapes from death

  1. Wow, clearly there are people that should never get behind the wheel and there are others that should play the lotto every week.
    Those that had the close calls, then casually continued in their way without even looking back must be missing their scared gene.

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    • Most of these appeared and sounded to me to be Russian, say 70%; the rest were Chinese , Slavic, maybe 1 or 2 Brits at the outside. The Russiam aplomb in the face of death shows why as a folk they are unlikely to be defeated in any land war.

      As for guardian angels, my dumb-ass self puts BOTH of mine into panic mode as soon as I get out of bed, as they wait to see what they have to do to save my sorry ass TODAY.

      I admit that since my arrival in Victoria, BC in Feb 1993 & being rear-ended 6X before Christmas 1999, I’m a much more cautious driver, careful not to put myself in harm’s way as I previously did. After I fell asleep at the wheel 3X and totalled a 6 months old 1986 Audi hatchback, I FINALLY got the message: stop being stupid or lose whatever grace I might have left, if any.

      Libtards, take heed & behave accordingly!

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  2. My guardian angel gets a daily workout.

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  3. I am now a nervous wreck. Now where did I hide that bottle of Valium?

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    • Maryaha, I’m subject to panic attacks after a PTSD event, and staying asleep more than 4 hrs a night. What helped me most w/both problems has been a VERY small dose, .5 mg, of clonazepam. It also made me stop drinking Scotch after 40 years, after I was away from my daily ration for 6 months. I’ve not missed the expense! My MDs cannot explain the anti-alcohol effect of it.

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  4. LOL – Now you know why they put OH, SH*T!!! handles in vehicles.

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    • Yeppers. My oldest daughter, now 46, has one for every passenger in her van, except herself, of course. She drives as if she’s back on the track, about to fire up her custom Barracuda for the standing 1/4 mile.

      I used to tell her she could pass anything on the road except a gas station; it took her 3 takes to get it…. She cried the day she sold it; I stood by and chuckled, for as St Paul wrote, it was time for her to put aside her child-toys.

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  5. It just wasn’t their time. Or dumb luck.
    I’ve done a lot of stuff that should have killed me.
    Yet, I’m still here.
    Go figure.

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  6. The survivors owed a good church a visit the following Sunday if not sooner.

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  7. Only bu the Grace og GOD and the hair on their chinny chin chin. You can tell these were not in the USA or 99% of them would have laid in the street crying for a lawyer!

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  8. I think about all the dangerous and stupid positions I put myself in as a youngster and shudder, right before thanking my guardian angel for the protection. I can’t help but wonder about the trains (or trucks, or falling pianos, etc.) that missed me “by that much” that I’m not even aware of.

    Great post!

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  9. Lotta stupid people out there.
    “Look both ways before entering an intersection/crosswalk/etc.? Why? I just charge right out into on-coming traffic.”


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