Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by wiping his butt with his hand, in accordance with Islamic toiletry code


This post will make you sick to your stomach.

Do you remember the post I did last November on a Muslim man in Italy who, after taking a dump in an alley, washed his anus at a public drinking fountain, then drank water using the same hand? (See “Muslim washes his anus at public drinking fountain in Italy”)

Turns out the man was simply doing what Islam instructs.

The Qadaa’ al-Haajah code states that the anus must be washed with water after defecating — a practice called istinja. Since the code also says a man should never touch his genitals with his right hand, the standard practice is to wash the anus with water with the left hand.

And that’s exactly what Mahbub Chowdhury, a Muslim takeout chef in Swindon in southwest England, did.

After defecating, instead of wiping his butt with toilet paper, Chowdhury would use his hand to splash water on his anus, with water in a milk bottle that he kept under the kitchen sink.

Chowdhury evidently doesn’t wash his hand because health inspectors found the milk bottle covered with his brown fingerprints — brown from feces.

Emily Chan reports for the Daily Mail, April 13, 2016:

A takeaway chef wiped his bottom using his hands before preparing food because he does not use toilet paper for ‘cultural reasons’, a court heard.

Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia, which inspectors concluded was covered in faecal matter.

When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet.

Chowdhury prepared meat and fish curries at the takeaway, which was run out of a rented kitchen at the Nine Elms pub.

The chef, who no longer works at the takeaway, pleaded guilty to ten counts of breaching food hygiene regulations at Swindon Magistrates Court.

He was fined more than £5,000 last year for ten similar offences relating to food hygiene.

Rosie Heath, prosecuting, said environmental health officers who visited the business in May last year found ‘very poor standards of hygiene’.

She said: ‘In the kitchen under the double sinks [they] found an empty plastic milk bottle which was extremely dirty and was covered with brown fingerprints.

‘When asked, Mr Chowdhury explained he filled the bottle with water from the kitchen taps and used it to clean his bottom after visiting the toilet.

‘He did not use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Inspectors concluded the brown finger prints was faecal matter.’

Mark Glendenning, defending, said the milk bottle was never examined and the marks could have been spices.

Chowdhury will be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court.

This is not a religion of peace, or even a religion of minimally civilized people. Islam is a primitive, barbaric and plain insane cult. See:

H/t Maziel


32 responses to “Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by wiping his butt with his hand, in accordance with Islamic toiletry code

  1. Captain America

    I mean this sincerely, is there anything good that comes from islam? Not human rights, gender equality, math, science, hygiene, tolerance, mercy,
    love, or???????

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  2. These people are barbarians and have every intention of remaining barbarians! (There are some who seek to escape Islam’s barbarity, however). Let’s simplify it: These people DO NOT belong in the West, any more than we belong over there. There have been nurses and doctors who insist they WILL NOT wash their hands in a hospital setting, whether they wipe themselves or not.
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: THIS IS A CULTURE WAR. We cannot have civilization without proper hygiene and sanitation! Those who refuse to comply know they’re being told to practice it; Their mentality is that of the surly teen or child who simply refuses to listen to lawful authority.
    Enough said: Our politicians have decided to destroy our civilization. It is THEY who are on the side of the barbarians. We know what they and their ass-wipers deserve, enemy combatants that they are.

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    • Steven . . . you have put that most eloquently . . . “These people DO NOT belong in the West . . . MAKE NO MISTAKE’ THIS IS A CULTURE WAR. The thing that really gets me is that various groups are using the influx of these immigrants to benefit themselves, with no thought as to the cost of the rest of us. One of the charities involved in “resettling” immigrants says that if “their team” had to be disassembled, it would take a long time to get them back up to speed; I think we can read this “We want all the money we can possibly get by doing this work!” Then we have the Democraps, they see these people as potential voters, when in reality, the only voting they will ultimately do is to bring in Sharia law.

      After reading this article, I will scope out a restaurant first before deciding whether it is “safe” to eat there.

      I know that this information is true, as I had a friend that worked in Tennessee, at a computer chip making operation. He said that in the mens room, the Muslimes would hoist they butts up into the water basin, near the water spout, so that they could “wash themselves.” He and the rest of the non-Muslimes were very upset by having to view this type of behavior, and having to use the same facilities where these practices were being carried out.

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    • Not to mention Starbucks– perhaps something its “modern, progressive” leadership forgot to consider.

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  3. Dude, you wash your feet in the sink but not your hands?

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  4. The proper response to this filthy “religion” would be to simply categorize it as a dangerous, filthy, barbaric, terrorist cult and members of this cult would not be allowed across our borders. Islam fits all of the characteristics of a cult and should never have been defined as a religion by our government in the first place.

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  5. Nobody should be crapping at work in the first place. We need to preach the “3 S’s” that we learned in the military to all men in the West. Each morning before heading out, you:

    S1: Shi… uh… poop
    S2: Shave
    S3: Shower

    Voila! Civilization!

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    • Actually, the most hygienic approach is first take a dump, then a shower, then shave. I mean really. Who wants to shave immediately following taking a dump? Hands still not totally sanitized, & rubbing shaving soap/cream on the face? And shaving with the smell of a dirty keester is not my idea of starting the day correctly. Doesn’t make sense. Besides, after a shower, the entire body is cleansed, and the facial hair is softened up so it’s actually easier to getting a closer, more comfortable shave.

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    • As some of you know from an earlier comment of mine, about a month ago our household decided to bring in a new and final [the municipal limit is 4 non-related people] housemate who was recovering from multiple traumas. Clayton’s had a difficult life: he’s aboriginal, was raped at 16 by an older guy he detested, and afterwards often bullied at various schools.

      However, all that was prelude to eight years in two tough but very good tours in our Canadian Forces [Marines, actually]; there he became able to defend himself, as well as a very highly skilled Machinery Maintenance Specialist, and begain to heal by support from his fellow Marines [I don’t like the stupid ‘Forces’ term and calls them as I sees them!]. After getting out civilian life had new challenges, but as he & I both have PTSD [as does Dakota], we bonded and now help one another here at what I call the Monastery for Misfit Monks. We’re the Tough Old Guys, while Deneige & Jacob are ‘nice’ but wussy.

      He set a new higher standard for personal sanitation: he does the S, S, & S routine and made the rest of us snap to attention [Deneige, 28; Jacob, 23; Clay 46, and myself, 74]. Previously D went 3 weeks between baths! This shows that we MUST extend ourselves to our vets, most especially the ones that suffered traumas in field, physical & emotional. Damn tears!

      That was Reagan’s best social idea, IMO: every family that could should make an effort to help a vet return to his/her community.


  6. Words escape me for what this ‘thing’ did. I use the term ‘thing’ because no human being would be so foul performing such disgusting behavior. And all who practice Islam are not human beings, but rather ‘thing’ because they all practice this sickening ritual. I have more respect for someone who is a Hare Krishna devotee than these ‘things’ who believe in following those demonic books (Koran & the Hadiths). At least when I go to an ethnic centered store specializing in foods that involve using pork, I’ll know no Muslim works there. These ‘things’ won’t eat pork because they claim it’s unhealthy? Pork is a thousand times healthier than any food purchased in a Muslim centered food market.

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  7. I wonder when it is going to end this.

    We are sure that the current Mayor of London looks good.

    A strong applause !

    I am sure that does not appear in the next episode of nightmare in the kitchen.

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  8. May Hygienic Correctness immediately destroy Political Incorrectness. Germ warfare requires much macroaggression.

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  9. This is the reason for cutting off the hand of a thief. They cut off the ‘eating hand’ so a thief starves to death unless someone is willing to feed them. It’s not to keep them from stealing. Way back when mooslimes were nomadic each member of the tribe carried one of the tribes implements. They all shared their cooking and eating implements. Everybody ate from the same vessels. You had an eating hand and a hygiene hand. You didn’t eat with you hygiene hand. So…if they cut off your eating hand you starved.
    Religion of peace my ass.

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  11. Please, Could someone find this rag head? I can use his mouth instead of buying a new toilet.

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  12. Patrick Cornell

    Doctor E, just wanted to point out that one does not “take a dump”, one ” leaves a dump!” The Muslim left a dump in an alley and then washed his hands at a public drinking fountain!

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  13. All this makes fasting for the Lenten season much easier! And losing weight!

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  14. LOL – I bet the food was pretty sh*tty.

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  15. Charles Barnard

    Next time you visit Starbucks; Is that a coffee stain…or something else?

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  16. If they’re doing it in Italy you can bet they’re doing it at your local Dairy Queen. Ain’t diversity grand?

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  17. All of a sudden, the brownie I was eating didn’t taste so good.

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  18. Cultural enrichment people ……..come on isn’t it so enriching!

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  19. I’m sure a close second are Mexican/Latino restaurants (which may explain why so many people get the Hershey squirts after eating there), and places with numerous Latino employees.

    My workplace has had to make bi-lingual signs instructing the Latinos to put the “used” toilet paper, IN the toilet, instead of in the back of a stall, or the wastebasket. The workplace hasn’t had paper towels in almost a year now, and the only way to dry hands is to use the blow dryer.

    So far, nobody’s bared their bottom at an awkward angle to dry themselves after washing their anus.

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