Legislators in California introduce bill to exempt teachers from state income tax


From Fox News: Legislators in California recently introduced a bill that would offer educators major tax breaks in an effort to keep them in the classroom and combat the state’s growing teacher shortage.

The measure quickly drew fire from taxpayer advocates who criticized it as politically inspired favoritism.

California’s state income tax rate ranges from 1 percent to 12.3 percent, depending on taxable income. For example, taxable income between $40,774 and $51,530 draws a 8 percent tax rate while taxable income between $51,531 and $263,222 draws a 9.3 percent tax rate.

Another enticement in the bill would give new teachers tax credits for the money they spent to earn full teaching credentials. These credits would cover such costs as college tuition and certification tests, and these expenses could be entirely recouped entirely over five years.

Teachers are the original job creators. The teaching profession is critical to California’s economic success and impacts every vocation and profession in the state,” Stern said in a press release. “SB 807 addresses the immediate teacher shortage and sends a loud and clear message across the state and nation:  California values teachers. We will help train you and we want you to stay in the classroom.”

Stern – a former teacher – said one-third of all California teachers quit before their fifth year because of the financial hardships placed on them due to low pay and the state’s high cost of living.

“You’re not going to be able to get paid $50,000 a year and go live in the Bay Area, go teach at the local school…. we think it’s a pretty creative tool, we’ll see how the fiscal conservatives in this house want to approach this,” Stern told Fox 40.

The median household income in San Francisco is over $88,000 and more than $61,000 statewide. Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area is just shy of $3,500 a month.

Fiscally conservative groups, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, criticized the bill. Jazz Shaw, writing on the group’s website, said that for lawmakers to pick certain groups to get privileged treatment is a slippery slope.

If you take an entire class of people based on their occupation and say that they are somehow ‘more deserving’ than everyone else and should be exempted from paying state income taxes, what other groups might qualify? It’s not hard to imagine quite a few of these ‘deserving’ professions being rather quick to have their hands out,” he wrote.

The bill is expected to enter committee review by the end of the month and has so far faced no opposition from lawmakers in either party. It is unclear, however, what the estimated loss in tax revenue to the state would be if the measure is approved.

“It’s time California leads the nation and sends a clear message to all current and future teachers: You are valued and California will reward your commitment to California’s kids and future,” Bill Lucia, president of the Sacramento-based lobbying and research organization EdVoice, told the Los Angeles Times.

Currently 75 percent of all California school districts face a teacher shortage, and researchers say that one-third of all teachers in the state are older than 50. The problem is compounded by the fact that the turnover rate among teachers remains high and that less people are entering the profession, according to data compiled by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

In the 2014-15 school year, enrollments in teacher preparation programs dropped to 20,881 — down 40 percent from 2010-11 and 73 percent from 2001-02.

The California Teacher Association has so far not taken a stance on SB 807, but agrees that the shortage of educators in the state is a serious problem.


15 responses to “Legislators in California introduce bill to exempt teachers from state income tax

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Considering that there is an undeniably distinct difference in ‘income’ and ‘wages’, there are many who are being forced to paying what the really do not owe.


  2. This is a clear violation of the Constitution’s clause of “equal justice under law.” I’m against a state income tax. I’m against the income tax, generally, given that we live under an Anti-Christ System.
    Be that as it may, as long as there is an income tax, the teacher has two choices: Pay the tax, regardless of one’s sentiments, or, take Ann Barnhardt’s principled stand and live on the run. (Philosophically, I agree with and applaud Barnhardt).

    As for teachers being “the original job creators,” I LAUGH OUT LOUD! Business owners and entrepreneurs create the jobs. The teacher has two choices: To try to enlighten the minds of his students according to principles of the Natural Law, or, to indoctrinate his students according to a leftist ideology. But this is California! And they’re moving to other states!!

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    • I regret having to say this because there are many good and dedicated teachers in America who have to work in a Globalist-oriented system that looks down on those who work well and hard but are not academic: where was your union when those of blue collar, unions or not, lost their jobs to NAFTA and GATT? Those very people who paid their taxes for you from earnings from their labor were betrayed! And they trusted their children to you!


  3. I suspect that most California teachers don’t stay on the job because they have been so dumbed down that they themselves are unable to understand or teach Common Core standards, which make absolutely no sense to a sane person. Reports indicate that CA teachers earn an average of $90,000 per year. Either learn to live on that, or leave the insane state with insane rental prices and insane taxes.. .


  4. What about;
    Healthcare Providers
    Social Workers
    Public Employees
    And on and on and on.
    Income tax of any type is just plain dumb.

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  5. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    The bell ringing for NAFTA and GATT rang for almost all of us. Have we awakened yet?


  6. Well, this will certainly open a door of no return. Ca. Is already running a massive deficit, so this will help? Someone else will have to pick up the slack.
    Ca. Is being ran by idiots.


  7. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.


  8. We have a teaching shortage because we are being inundated with foreigners both legal and illegal.


  9. This exemption will be DOA. Nothing changes. Nearly 30yr ago in CA teachers were paid w/ “IOU’S” when the state faltered.Then&now, Teachers were the FIRST state employees who were CUT so our CA “entitlement State” could keep rolling along, unchecked. Pink slips all around. Even tho’ we are now in dire circumstances….26,000 teachers “short” over the state (we can’t even get SUBS….even tho’ they lowered THAT bar 5 yr ago to acccept Sr. in college, uncertified, to SUB). Up to 2 yr ago…..if you were a teacher in CA in search of a job…you’d be hired over/over at “starting salaries” of $30,000 & kept for 2 yr, & then let go w/NO EXPLANATION NO RECOMMENDATIONS GIVEN (policy within districts)…so as to avoid hiring anyone permanently & on the career track or tenure track where they will be able to work their way up to a decent salary in ….OH….maybe 5-10 yr. We have 2 most excellent recently hired History teachers in our school in their mid-to-late 30’s, w/families….who are an asset to our community–volunteers w/ “at risk” youth, Sunday School teachers….summer camp counselors for disabled, on & on….& this is the FIRST permanent teaching job they”ve had in a decade.. THIS is why they say teaching is a “calling” in most places, b/c, though the end 20-30-yr pay might shake out OK…..you have to spend a decade or TWO of miserable pay, (usually while trying to raise a family of your own AND pay back school loans) the lowest tenure, & so you receive the LOWEST learners or the entire population of the worst-behaved kids on campus all in YOUR ROOM in your first “untenured years”ASK me about my first year of full-contract teaching in CA where I had a section of 35 boys & ONE girl…NOW YOU KNOW…this was not statistically “random!” I went to the admin & had that girl taken out of this MESS…& spent a yr w/raging, jail-bound boys who used to “act out ” the sex act on their chairs or each other to intimidate me—& more than ONE or TWO who, in defiance, raised a chair or desk over their head & threatened me w/a serious assault—& I had to stand up to them (all 5’1″ & then, maybe 110 lbs of me) & tell them” GO AHEAD…MAKE MY DAY”…I”LL be set up for life on disability & your FREE life will END right NOW in 8th grade …AND then, as a beginning teacher, you are “judged” as a professional on the behavior of these kids AND their failing grades…..ALSO, MORE: CA cut teacher’s per diems over the last decade, which means, we like most people during the Obama years, not only did NOT realize any raise (according to “step schedules under which we were hired–we were “frozen” for a decade) OR COLA, but actually had salaries slashed. We tried in my district to bargain so as to not lose at least the dignity of our professionalism, gains made through the CENTURY to be recognized for the education we’re required to have, the endless EXAMS that we must PAY for out of our own pockets to take & pass….multiple layers.What we “gave up” were our 2 paid “prep days”& 2 end-of the year grading days….& then, we “furoughed” another 11 days w/o pay—(overall, we lost btw $3,000-8,000/yr, depending upon yrs of service—every yr for almost a decade–which will ALSO affect our retirement income IF we can EVER afford to retire) but that meant we did NOT go to work…yr was shortened ….which doesn’t MEAN that we weren’t working AT HOME like crazy to take care of all this nonsense, still unpaid for the expectations fo our job. On top of that, our operating costs to classrooms were slashed. I USED to barely get by teaching 4 sections of LA/SS & 2 of art w/$1,000 budget—-so many non-reproducable materials go out the door every day…esp for Social studies & art….unlike Math, for instance,& yet NOW, I have the same budget for my 5Art/1history as the Math teacher—-$50 per section ($300 for entire year). B/c I saw it coming…I “stockpiled” which we are NOT supposed to do—back when Arnold was “governator” & gave the visual/performing arts some extra bucks in a grant–for which we had to apply/defend. It took a decade, but I’m finally outt of EVERYTHING. I use crayon stubs, have no markers,, I sharpen colored pencils down to an inch—w/hand sharpeners b/c I haven”t had an electric or hand-crank sharpener in my classroom in 10 yrs….I stopped buying “good” construction paper & much of our projects are done now on that old “continuous feed” THIN copy paper made for machines that don’t exist anymore….but I can still get it here b/c, I figure, so many people are in my same boat, that they, too figured this out: it is 11-1/2″ by 14….ALMOST the size of the “regular” 12×18 that I USED to be able to buy, & I can get 2,000 sheets for maybe $60.. compared to 1,000 sheets REAL white 12×18 drawing/art/construction paper for the same. This might sound picayune to some…but stop & think …$60 is 1/5 of my entire year’s budget for providing art/or History projects to 200 seat-times a day X 180 days of school….w/materials that “go out the door to be carried home as a finished, graded “project” & materials that wear out in 2-4 weeks w/heavy traffic they receive w/200-seat-times daily …..AND THEN, during Obama yrs…ceiling for amt teachers could claim as a tax deduction was also slashed. Used to be you could defend your claim for the amt you spent to keep your lessons going where your school budget scrimped……which I think for most teachers, like me, even in the old days of “good times” was probably about $1,000/above….slashed to a ceiling $400. At that point, I threw in the towel for spending my own money to give my classrooms lessons that required more than my school budget could afford. I still spend, but try to keep it to that $400 deduction. AND YES, my lessons have been “dumbed down” b/c of all this economic collapse & my inability to give what I used to give out of my own pocket…..(which, I think at even $1,000 +…is a sign of a failing system ANYWAY, if workers have to provide a percentage of their OWN pay in order to support the delivery of their expected job outcome……& this expenditure has NOTHING to do with the worker him/herself—-like uniforms, travel, professional development, education, etc…and ESPECIALLY if the “product” of the job includes the future of OUR CHILDREN………)

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  10. Thank you very much for that information, essential to our national survival. Those in power do not want us to see the whole picture so that they will not be seen as the cause of what is taking place with the suffering consequently endured by the best in society.

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  11. Maybe they need more money for drugs.


  12. The Sales tax is essentially the same rate as the state income tax, but you pay sales tax on the dollars you spend. Sometimes, you pay tax on tax, like with the gas tax that gets figured in before adding the sales tax.

    But as to the teacher shortage, maybe if they could ease up on immigration, so there is a common culture in the class, the work would not be so stressful. Or if they could just get rid of the feral students that ruin it for everyone.


    • Would love to “get rid of the feral students whtat ruin it for everyone.”

      BUT…everyone needs to know that the old “zero tolerance” policies of the recent past are NOW passe’. There is a “new” policy” going around since OBAMA…and probably, ESP. since “Ferguson, MO.” Even tho’ Obama is now gone….it just kicked in for his last year in office….and will linger with us until Trump & his cabinet pick up on it. IF I last another couple of years—this, too, shall pass away…that’s how education is within our “political” system these last days—like, the last 50 years….).

      Background: I am the teacher rep for our school to the district “Curriculum Advisory Council.” In effect, my job with this committee is to facilitate teacher input into course development ( so, if you want to have a “chorus” class or “advanced English/History….etc class…. at your school…and none exists in your school or described formally in your district, so as to be able to hire a chorus teacher, et al.—b/c no formal course outlines exists, and thus, no payment codes given it–which means you can NOT hire a chorus teacher–et. al—I help facilitate the school, who wants to have a chorus teacher–whatever– hired, develop the course outline(s) according to the standards outlined by the state of CA for “Chorus” or whatever…at the grade levels requested. Then I guide these course outlines through committee/budget, etc, to be voted upon/accepted or rejected by the commmittee at large…and THEN, the school board.

      Because this district committee job is mine….another one comes with it…and that is the monthly “best practices” district committee with the reps…and then our respective district bigwigs…and our collective principals/and assistant principals. It is mandatory. In THIS meeting, tied to our curriculum advisory role….we have been hit over the head EVERY MEETING with the abandonment of the “0” tolerance rule—-in exchange for a policy now that PENALIZES schools who “expell” or suspend kids…b/c the theory IS..that when you do that, YOU are “depriving” that kid of his/her education. It is so draconian that, if you even, for instance, have a kid hauled away out of your classroom for assaulting you or another student, this “missed” period of the day “counts” as YOU depriving the kid of his/her education. We are now being judged by these statistics in the classroom….and we will be “appropriately punished” by state and maybe Feds funding…for kids missing a class due to their behavior—even if it is in the interest of the safety of the student AND peers AND teacher….We NOW receive weekly reports fr the office about which kids were “excluded” from class for their behavior and thus, “deprived” of their education.

      Pretty damned glad—even JOYOUS—that I “ran away to art” a decade ago. Even though I still teach history when the schedule demands…..”running away to art” was the best thing I ever did for me…for “my” kids….for my career…… I rarely ask for a kid to be taken out of my class—except for the most grievous transgressions—-happens maybe once a year or so……
      and I really don’t CARE if they flunk art…and neither do their parents. (And BTW…to “flunk art” in my class means pretty much that you NEVER follow directions, and NEVER turn in a finished product…b/c, in middle school art I grade on “did you follow directions and did you turn in a finished product?)

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