Hollyweirdo Ashley Judd had a ‘scary’ encounter with a ‘menacing’ Trump supporter

On March 11, 2017, actress Ashley Judd wrote on her Facebook page about a “scary” experience she had that day with an “angry,” “aggressive,” “hostile” and “menacing” Trump supporter — “an older man with white hair”.

Good grief!

What did that horrible Trump supporter do to Judd?

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Here is Judd’s account of the “scary” encounter she had with a Trump supporter:

I’d like to share with you and experience I had today. It’s uncomfortable and scary for me and I have a hunch that some of you have had experiences like it. It may be attempting to put me in a different position as a so called public person, and the reminder is, like all of us, I’m just human and navigating this at times terrifyingly polarized post election climate.

The man was not rude or disrespectful or menacing, and most certainly did not verbally abuse, physically attack or rape Judd.

As for Judd’s lamentation about how the “terrifyingly polarized post election climate” has made “public spaces” “not nice” and “intimidating,” she needs look no further than her own conduct.

At the Women’s March on Washington a day after the inauguration of President Trump, calling herself a “nasty woman,” Judd ranted that Trump “bathes in Cheeto dust” and called him a “Hitler” with a toupee instead of a mustache, who appoints “Nazis” to his cabinet and whose “favorite sex symbol” is his daughter, Ivanka, about whom he has “wet dreams“.

Judd is right about one thing: She really is a nasty woman.

H/t Fix This Nation


24 responses to “Hollyweirdo Ashley Judd had a ‘scary’ encounter with a ‘menacing’ Trump supporter

  1. Didn’t read the article …Let me guess ….. He said hello

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  2. She’s just pissed off because she is aging faster than10 miles of S.Cal. pavement

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  3. Unfortunately, she and many others do not mentally dwell on the planet Reality.

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  4. I wonder if she was trembling with fear when Madonna said she constantly thought about bombing the White House, the way she reacted to this amiable geezer’s fare well line.

    I also wonder what’s wrong with her, an accomplished actress after all, that she took him so deadly seriously without detecting the obvious, understated humor of his remark. She had, after all, outed herself as a wild-eyed lunatic Trump-hater. He was laughing at her, not attacking her. Can a good actress not detect such things? If not, his can she interpret film roles she needs to make “real”?

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  5. The man said “We like Trump” and you went into a rant calling him all kind of names. Aggressive,KKK,hostile ,menacing,disrespectful,misogynists plus a few other things. You, my dear, must be a psychic as I could never figure all that out from a one sentence like ” We like Trump!” you are also Judging the man which GOD forbids you to do. You allowed him to take your picture and I’m sure he’s not the first to want to be in a pic with someone he evidently admired! One thing you don’t seem to understand , as most of your liberal friends don’t ether, The KKK is and was DEMOCRATS, not Republicans and most of us “Republican conservative ‘Christians'” have NO use for the KKK nor their ideas. Just because you think we support the KKK doesn’t make it true. BTW, PRESIDENT Trump doesn’t support the KKK and doesn’t welcome their endorsement ether!!!!!!!

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  6. As some of you already know, I’m pretty far from being au courant w/matters such as celebrity status and other flim flam crapola. Frankly, the last woman w/a family name of Judd that I knew of was a mother & daughter singers-songwriters; is she the daughter?

    Anyhow, I was pretty certain she’d conjured a bogeyman [why never a bogeywoman?] and Bingo! This is clear evidence that she’s living on fear & frayed nerve endings, so let’s simply observe how the mighty have fallen and move on….

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  7. I would have understood if she would have said no to the picture, I am with my family. A celebrity should have the right to family privacy. Because their family deserves it, not the celeb. But the man kindly asked, and she said yes, and he was not threatening in any way at all. If he said something after the picture that she didn’t like, that is too bad. He didn’t say anything bad about her. He didn’t call her an attention whore, or a has been. Or someone who sells their body for money, which we know the definition of. So perhaps she could be a little pissed off at his parting words, but she has no reason to feel threatened or scared. I mean,come on, she isn’t still in college, and there are no safe zones for spectators, those are just for the students watching the game there.

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  8. Where were the signs that read “This is a politics free zone”?
    This guy was a political rapist and she was asking for it. (sarc.)

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  9. Who the heck is Ashley Judd? And who’d lower themselves to be seen at a movie theater in the first place?

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    Ah!!…So now I have one more good reason I don’t care for basketball.


  11. In my opinion, I always loved Ashley Judd and her acting. I thought she was real and even perhaps normal! Her behavior at the so-called Women’s March or whatever it was called was frightening. This facebook rant is even worse. If someone says “We Like Trump” or “I voted for Trump” or whatever, it means that person is treating the other person with “open hostility” and “with rudeness, aggression, and disrespect”? Who are these people and where do they come from? Is all of Hollywood drinking the Kool-Aid or on some sort of Scientology prescribed meds? Where ARE these people coming from? Many of their behaviors borders on lunacy that it is apparent they need to be locked away in psych wards!

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    • Forget Hollywood, movies and anyone in it. It’s a propaganda factory. Who’s propaganda exactly i can’t say for sure but they are agents of change. You can’t really “like” anyone you don’t know. They’re actors. If they seem likeable it’s an act to hook you in and then…bam.


  12. I had to the opportunity to work with Ashley Judd on the set of a movie. Scenes from the movie were being filmed at my workplace and they had jobs open as movie assistants if you were familiar with the facility. And it paid great. I worked nights on the set. Ashley Judd is insane, basically. Constant tantrums, locking herself in her trailer for hours while everyone waited for her. And she refused to talk with anyone. She would constantly be reading (it actually looked like she was pretending to read) when ever the camera was not on her–she fancied herself an intellectual. She treated the crew like dirt. I actually feel sorry for her. I thought maybe later–this was 15 years ago that this movie was filmed–she got happier and saner. No telling what has happened in her family. I have no idea how all of a sudden she is so popular–because of her P&ssy Hat speech–the woman was and is completely insane. I think her family must be really messed up, but she has the resources to straighten herself out.

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  13. The only good thing I can see here is that she is “aging.” Sadly, that spells a death knell for a female actress, once they have lost that dewy softness of youth . . . they get put out to pasture. Perhaps within a few years no one will ring her phone, and no one will want her to be on the podium. I had read a number of years ago that she suffered with mental illness . . . this certainly proves that to be correct.

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  14. “Big Stone Gap, Virginia is in Wise County, where almost 80 percent of the vote went for Trump. Yeah, the town/county does like Trump. Moreover, she just confirmed to Trump supporters and rural voters how the Left really feels about them. If they don’t like the world according to Judd, you’re a KKK member or you’re from a hub of misogyny. If you’re not an adherent of the urban-based progressive agenda, you’re sub-human.”

    Source –

    I Feel Hitler In These Bleachers: Ashley Judd Triggered At KY Basketball Game When Man Said ‘We Like Trump’


    Related link –

    2016 November General


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  15. Great Scott…someone notify the authorities and have that crazy old geezer locked up in the name of public safety! I’m referring to Ms. Judd, of course; she ‘s off her meds again…

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  16. Now she knows how we feel with her woman’s day speech of a lunatic.
    She was downright out of control.

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  17. The percentage of mentally deranged people seems to be extraordinarily high in the “Entertainment Industry” .

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  18. Dear Ashley: enough people in the right places said “I like Trump” so as to elect him President of the United States of America. If this realization is too much for you to digest, especially at a basketball game in a STATE that had a hand in ELECTING Trump…from an otherwise very polite “fan,” then you need to avoid this State in the future and “up” your meds and fly into LA to hook up with your on-going therapist …..meanwhile, please keep all this evidence of psychotherapy OUT of our faces…we don’t require the details of your life as it pertains to your subsequent political choices..we are JUST the “general” (disgusting/deplorable/blah blah) public & NOT your benefactors / therapists/parents/or local law enforcement. YOU are NOT of us…you are of Mexifornicated California….then and now….and it doesn’t pass muster in Kentucky or most anywhere ELSE in this country except for the States who touch the Pacific, and the couple of populated NE states who touch the Atlantic……AND that is WHY we have an electoral college…to protect us from the tirany of the “majority” LIKE YOU your geographic soul mates.

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  19. AJ sounds like a nut case drama queen. Marijuana makes folks paranoid… Connect the dots.

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