Finland nonprofit floats child sex dolls as treatment for pedophiles

rusty knife

I can think of a better “treatment” option…

From Fox News: Scandinavian experts are urging the use of child-like sex dolls in a bid to stop pedophiles from abusing real life children. The Sexpo Foundation in Finland wants the disgusting dummies to be made available to pedophiles following a reported boom in imports in neighboring Norway.

Norwegian cops revealed they are increasingly seizing creepy child-like sex dolls, mostly made in Hong Kong. More than 20 have been impounded by customs officials in the past six months. Child sex dolls are banned in Norway.

Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service says those who have ordered the dolls are men aged between 18 and 60. Some of the men have been convicted of sexual offenses against children in the past. Police fear the purchasers “may pose a risk of committing abuses against children in the future.”

But in an open letter to the Norwegian authorities, the Sexpo Foundation argues that the dolls should be made available.

The letter by Sexpo executive director Tommi Paalanen says: “Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires. Sex dolls are one such channel.”

A person who uses a lot of money and effort to purchase the doll has already made the decision that he wants to carry out the sexual tendency. Therefore, it is important that the customs authorities or others concerned about the sex dolls actors do not hamper their availability.

In January Sun Online revealed how almost two dozen people have now been arrested on suspicion of owning the “obscene” child sex dolls, with one man under investigation for allegedly importing the sick robots on a “commercial” basis.

The sex robots are also being sold on the dark web, where websites are claiming to offer dolls modelled on “real human children” aged as young as five.



20 responses to “Finland nonprofit floats child sex dolls as treatment for pedophiles

  1. From a psychological point of view, I am torn on this issue. On the theological side, it is pretty clear.


  2. This is insane. Why not give these felons a copy of the Bible? Instead of cow-towing to their depravity, teach them there are consequences to their behaviour. Or show them testimonies of people who have had near-death experiences and have gone to Hell – Dr Howard Storm’s is a perfect example, he was an atheist before his experience and became a Christian pastor afterwards. Sometimes fear can work conversions faster than molly-coddling.

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  3. How exactly would giving pedophiles child sex dolls prevent them from abusing real-life children? The opposite is likely the case, given what we know about serial killers who “graduate” from viewing violent porn to killing women because the porn can no longer satisfy their cravings.

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  4. This would be the equivalent of an A.A. meeting having a happy hour

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  5. Ick.

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  6. You don’t cure a sickness by feeding it more germs. They will use the sex dolls to perfect their perversions and when that gets old that will practice them on real children. The company that says their studies show that sex dolls help reduce acts against real children have an agenda. To make money selling these dolls.

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  7. MORE Bizarro New World Disorder! It’s never going away, even if we try to slow it down. I’ve met two self-confessed sex addicts in my life; both were young women. I feel too many men think overly much about sex, which is why I never employed them in 37 yrs nursery retailing or horticultural operations, only on landscaping crews.

    One said she, her mum, and her grandmother were all nymphomaniacs, yet for all their ceaseless activities and striving for completion it was an insatiable ever-distancing goal: nothing could satisfy them. Clearly this is not something that physical experience is able to relieve, never mind cure. And while all this sexual bingeing made them the life of whatever party they were attending, it always ended the same: disappointed, tired, depressed.

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  8. This will only exacerbate their moral failure. The acting out of perverted fantasies with “child dolls” will drive them even further to act out these fantasies with the real thing.

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  9. This is a direct result of decades of “normalizing” deviant liberal behavior. Gay marriage, transgender freaks and a whole host of other nauseating acts have desensitized us to the point we have to have a discussion about child fuck dolls.

    My stomach doesn’t hold enough food for me to vomit in proper proportion to how sick this makes me.

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  10. Dr. E is right on. Such dolls will only encourage real pedophilia. Rabbis are pushing for legalization of pedophilia, ostensibly to make it “easier for pedophiles to get therapy.” Almost always calls for legalization are made publicly by Jewish congresswomen or in the UK by female Jewish MPs. A similar campaign is being made in both countries to lower the age of consent for intercourse to 12.

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  11. And then I read this….here is a link.
    Is Facebook Permitting Pedophilia and Child Porn on its Platform?

    I do not care what they go by, who they are, nada…..
    And to put it honestly and bluntly….

    ‘they promote child sexual abuse’

    Nasty and hellish pieces of worthless excrement!

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  12. If you go to this link….you will find many things, down below blew me away.

    We are in trouble….great evil abounds.

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    OOps sorry meant to post this link above. It seems to have some sound sources and blew me away.

    This source covers more on the Talmud for sure and who…as well as so many other topics.

    Now I understand why original when Christians came to the new world there were certain real rules and why. I’m concerned as there are a very small amount of us who will come together in some way, at least to link together against cannibalism, satanism and so much more.

    Pray like crazy please…and pray for each other, a great hedge of protection.

    Did you know that one christian in every five minutes is slaughtered? I did not until very recently. Late I Know….

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  14. So, of coarse, these dolls will need come in all ages,, from newborn, on up,

    And of coarse, there will need to be,.’.transgender’ models, which would come dressed in a dress, but be equipped with a penis,

    And certainly, there could be a model where the sexual organ, both male & female could be an electric vibrator.

    And of coarse, there should be, models where the anise, or the mouth are the , sexual receptive parts

    And then, in order to appeal to the, would be, rapist, market, there should be models with a built in sound system, that screams,..’Oh no,,.please don’t, .

    The possibilities are endless,..

    And we haven’t even begun to discuss the possibilities, when it comes to appealing to the ,..beastiality,

    Ya think,.?


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  15. Scandinavia was doomed the day socialist came to power for more than a decade. I’m Swedish suffering from the genetic disease Myotonic dystrophia.
    All our tax money goes to immigrants. Immigrants here because of liberal socialist. There’s no money for healthcare so people like me are left to rot basically.
    I am turning 22 years old but living in Sweden in my condition is hell.
    I’m wheelchair bound since 2.5 year ago and the only help I get is a nurse who comes to my home once every day for 5 minutes just to check I’m alive. They don’t care about me as a Swedish citizen at all.

    It’s just like Finland and Norway we please the monsters and leave people in need. People who pays tax to rot. While those gets everything for free. House yes. Food yes.

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  16. I forgot to add out of anger how disgusting the very idea of this is. Repulsive. Makes me vomit. Vile beings chop their Willy off. And fingers while you’re at it. And brand their forehead as a sign to everyone to know they’re a monster in human form.

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