Roman Polanski agrees to return to the US if he’s guaranteed no jail time


Roman Polanski

Meryl Streep and Lena Dunham are no doubt ecstatic about this development.

From Yahoo: 39 years after fleeing the US in the face of rape charges, Roman Polanski has at last agreed to return, but with one somewhat unbelievable caveat.

Deadline report that the 83-year old French-Polish director’s legal representation has told the Los Angeles Superior Court that their client will come back to LA and face his charges so long as he is given the guarantee that he will serve no jail time.

The motion filed by attorney Harland Braun declares, “Mr. Polanski asks this Court to acknowledge that he was promised a specific custody portion of his sentence by Judge Rittenband and he has more than fulfilled the custody portion of his sentence under the principle of comity, California law and the admissions by the District Attorney to the Polish Court. With such assurance by this current Court, Mr. Polanski will return to Los Angeles to be sentenced.”

It seems doubtful this audacious demand will go down well in all corners, given Polanski is charged with the rape of a 13-year old girl in 1977.

The initial deal offered by Judge Laurence Rittenband in 1978 decreed that Polanski would serve only 90 days in a psychiatric hospital – again, somewhat audacious under the circumstances. However, after being informed that the Judge had changed his mind and would push for the maximum sentence, Polanski fled the country.

Polanski has been a controversial figure in the four decades since. More than once the US courts have attempted to extradite him to face charges, whilst Polanski’s own legal representation has more than once failed to get the charges dropped out of court.

None of this has stopped Polanski from continuing with his career as a filmmaker, however, and at the 75th Academy Awards in 2003 he was awarded the Best Director Oscar for ‘The Pianist.’



21 responses to “Roman Polanski agrees to return to the US if he’s guaranteed no jail time

  1. Is there even one Hollyweirdo who has spoken out criticizing Polanski? Or of Woody Allen?

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    • NO, because, half of them are probably doing the same thing- raping kids. And the rest just turn their heads because they know laws are only for the little people.

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    • It seems to me that Polanski is WORSE than Woody Allen: For whatever his faults, Allen obtained his present wife’s CONSENT—something Polanski never considered. Woody Allen has also been accused of molesting one of his step-daughters. Not to defend Allen, I have grave doubts as to what really happened—or did not happen—given the way in which the entire episode unraveled. In other words, not to defend Allen, but I have GRAVE DOUBTS about the sanity of his former spouse.


      • “Not to defend Allen”

        You are doing exactly that, and to top it off, you blame Mia Farrow, calling her insane. Nor had Farrow ever given her consent for Allen to have a sexual relationship with and take pornographic Polaroids of Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, who is 35 years younger than Allen.

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        • True and fair enough. What I am trying to say is, All Right, don’t like Woody Allen, but—don’t believe Mia Farrow automatically. Yes, you’re right about Farrow not granting Allen consent to take pornographic photographs of his adopted daughter, but we, never having seen those photos, do not know what content they contain. Here is the problem: We are being asked to believe Farrow, over Allen, without the evidence.
          In other words, Woody Allen may be a moral cretin (I’m sure he is), but, YES, he IS entitled to a defense against a seemingly unstable shrike who demands we believe her, over and above the man she accused, without sufficient evidence, without corroboration and without cross examination. That is something I DO NOT believe in: Even Joe McCarthy didn’t go that far.
          As for Soon-Yi Previn being 35 years Allen’s junior, well, there you go: They are still married. Doesn’t seem like compulsion or force to me.


          • Your continuing defense of Woody Allen boggles my mind, and your continuing scapegoating of Mia Farrow repels me when you have not a shred of evidence that she is insane. You also know full well that:

            (1) Dylan Farrow, Allen’s and Farrow’s then 7-year-old adopted daughter, accused and continues to maintain that Allen had sexually molested her. A judge ruled that the investigators’ findings were “inconclusive” — not that the findings found Allen to be innocent.

            (2) In May 2016, Ronan Farrow — Dylan’s brother and the biological son of Woody and Mia — publicly accused Allen and Hollywood of their silence in an op/ed published by the Hollywood Reporter.


            • I’ll leave the matter alone with this: If Dylan continues to maintain her accusation, then, all right, Woody Allen is no good. This is what upsets me: When I was a teacher, I witnessed certain criminal activity on the part of an adult. I know what I heard. I went to other adults for help. They said No Dice. The work place was an atmosphere of terror and intimidation. I was unable to go to the police, lacking tape recordings or corroboration. I could have accused these people of what they did. Forget about being sued—I could have been killed.
              The other thing that bothers me is memory. Roseann Barr, for example, a number of years ago, publicly accused her father (or both her parents) of molestation. Here was the problem: Therapy can actually implement so-called memories of things that actually never happened. So I will leave the whole matter to God and take Dylan at her word. But I myself have been accused of things I KNOW DAMN WELL I didn’t do, and it angers me greatly. As for Allen, may God have Mercy on his atheistic and existentially alienated soul.


          • Soon Yi also had a few problems associated with being institutionalized as a baby and possibly some autism. Who would go there no matter the circumstances? No, Woody Allen is bad news.


  2. No jail time, just strap him in and throw the switch.
    Why do they want to deify this deviate?

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  3. Bill Clinton’s hero.

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  4. This is truly a travesty . . . why should he get special treatment as far as sentencing goes. He is a wild eyed pervert, nothing more.

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    Pulanski announces he is a “trans-demoninational”:
    He was a Muslim when he raped the child therefore subject to Sharia which says they got to be at least nine to rape.

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  6. Oh, so Mr. Goody Two-Shoes has deigned to grace us with his presence if he is promised no punishment for drugging and raping a minor? And some snooty actress, graced with extreme vertical height (Of Course!) has spoken ex cathedra in his support?!?!
    Oh I’m sorry. Excuse me, Folks. They don’t let me out of my cage often!

    I am left wondering if “Mr.” Polanski had anything to do—even if unwittingly—with the death of his late wife, Sharon Tate, and their baby. It sure seems to me that he did not take sufficient actions to prevent Charles Manson and his goons from reaching the party at their house that fateful night.

    This entire sordid assembly of MORAL REPROBATES tells me one thing: The demons, once paroled from Hell, never give up. They’re always lurking in the background or the wilderness somewhere. And Woody Allen himself is not this wicked: At least he obtained his present wife’s CONSENT. And Allen, to my knowledge, never pronounced he had any especially morally superior code, unlike Meryl Streep. (Or Alec Baldwin, for that matter).


  7. I’d go ahead and guarantee him no Jail time. Once he’s here,lock him up in an Asylum for the Insane for Life.

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  8. Hey-it’s NOT “Jail Time”. He never said anything about rubber room time….

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  9. Can NOT even address this very well. Sadly, a talented individual within the Hollywood and other talented communities who transgressed laws that damaged others……and then, you have another sad part…that he, himself, was an aggrieved victim of a senseless crime that deprived him of a wife and child….in a sensational crime that still “lives” with us today b/c the “perp” was spared the death penalty in default (after having been assigned it) so many years ago here in CA. And so…we are still “stuck” with Charles Manson and Roman Polanski…and we STILL don’t know what to do with either of them even YET…b/c of the PC culture that began those many years ago when they both crossed over in fate…..and it has only GROWN to a crescendo today, all these years later…with NO satisfactory “solution” to either Manson or Polanski.

    Pretty much, IMO, these are “textbook” cases for why laws should be administered, followed, carried out, without waver…without mitigating circumstance, without special consideration. Lately….I’ve been thinking that The Law in the USA has been invaded/diluted/adulterated by the same concept of the “IEP” that we have within American School systems today: IEP means…INDIVIDUAL Educational Plan…..which translates into….the child has goals that he/she must attempt to overcome his/her individual learning difficulty….but also…the TEACHERS of this student must plan and provide for “special” learning situations for this child….”accommodations.” Well, it’s my experience in 20 or more years of yearly meetings to review these IEP plans…that it’s ONLY the teachers whose feet are held to the fire on the plans and goals for these IEP’s per child, and not the child or parent–BOTH of whiom sign the contract…….much the same as it is ONLY the justice system whose feet are held to the fire for people like Manson and Polanski, for whatever reasons….they both have received the “mercy” of our system as though they are still children with an Individual Educational Plan on tap.


  10. Cate Blanchett basically won that Oscar in that Blue movie for talking about what a wonderful man Woody Allen is off screen to any microphone in a 100 mile radius. She breathlessly enthused about the broad and empowering roles for women Woody Allen crafts in his films. This was of course all around the time the new allegations came out. She also got the SAG award that year. A vile woman. Boycott.

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  11. Face charges without jail time? Polanski, his attorney and Judge Rittenband, must be high on something. This 83 years old scum bag thirty-nine years ago till today remains a rapist and a pedophile. The only guarantee he can get is a safe flight back to face the courts for his crime, throw the handcuffs on him upon boarding the plane. Don’t set an example by pardoning him with no jail time, HE HAS TO PAY FOR HIS CRIME, he has lived a free man in Europe for a long time so lets make his time in this world a little shorter and let him die in jail.

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  12. Roman Polanski’s sordid past continues to haunt him…

    Polanski a no show at ‘French Oscars’ after protests

    Roman Polanski Withdraws From Locarno Festival Amid Protests

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  13. Ol’ Polanski won’t be coming back after all: Roman Polanski Denied Guarantee of No Jail Time in U.S. Return

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