Nike has a new product for Muslim women: The ‘Pro Hijab’


Because nothing says empowerment for women like having to cover up your head while you are in competitive sports.

From CNN Money: The head cover, called the “Nike Pro Hijab,” boasts a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester in dark, neutral colors. The fabric’s tiny holes will make it breathable while remaining opaque, a requirement for hijab-wearing women.

Nike (NKE) said it began developing the hijab after some Muslim athletes complained about wearing a traditional head scarf during competition.

The design process took 13 months, and the final product will be available for sale in the company’s Spring 2018 season.

Nike said the hijab is already being worn by Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari. “I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab,” Lari said in a statement. “I’ve tried so many different hijabs for performance, and … so few of them actually work for me. But once I put it on and took it for a spin on the ice, I was blown away by the fit and the light weight.”

The move comes just weeks after a controversial Nike ad released in the Middle East.

It featured five successful female professional from different parts of the Arab world pursing their athletic dreams while a voice asks, “what will they say about you?” It’s a rhetorical question that many young Arab women face if they step out of cultural and traditional norms.

The video went viral with million of views on social media, prompting a debate over its message.



15 responses to “Nike has a new product for Muslim women: The ‘Pro Hijab’

  1. Matches their skin hugging Tights ?
    Do these slaves attend Yoga class? Yoga pants are quite the rage, maybe they will catch on there.
    But, as a seamstress, 13 months to figure out a head covering is very amusing.

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  2. Because nothing says empowerment for women like having to cover up your head while you, still a minor, are married off to some old man, or have your clitoris excised, or be stoned to death for “dishonoring” your family.

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  3. Waste of time! Their inbred male cohorts will still stone them for stepping out of line.

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  4. This will not only keep their hair covered, but help them keep their heads from being cut off by some over zealot muslim man!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Why they think they need to compete with normal people any how.

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  6. But what about Nike’s famous slogan “just do it”? Shouldn’t that inspire Muslim women to do whatever the heck they want?

    Nike’s famous slogan, by the way, was actually inspired by the cold-blooded killer, Gary Gilmore, who shot two innocent, unarmed men in the head. I believe he was executed by firing squad. So I guess Nike actually does have a lot in common with Muslims.

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  7. I can’t decide whether this is cynical corporate profit motive or blind liberal pandering. Maybe both. More logo’ed fodder from the hands of Viet-Namese 10 year-olds. Nevertheless I’ve ended my relationship with Nike many moon ago.

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  8. The skintight pro hijab goes with the skintight pro yoga pants? (I’m having a hard believing this is anything but Nike bootlicking.)

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