Cynthia Nixon is ‘afraid for us all’ with Trump as president

cynthia nixon

Cynthia Nixon: Feeling the pressure or something…

The womyn actress can’t even articulate exactly what is causing her fear. She must be lost without a script.

From NY Post: Cynthia Nixon says she’s “scared for her daughter” under a Donald Trump government. The “Sex and The City” actress celebrated International Women’s Day by attending a benefit for Afghan Hands, which supports careers for women in Kabul.

But Nixon, who has joined protests against President Trump, said: “Being a female . . . I do feel added pressure. Because I feel like when you have a benevolent presence in the White House, it is one thing, and you take a lot of stuff for granted. But when you have Donald Trump in the White House, you have no choice but to step up.

She added, “I am not just afraid for my daughter’s future, I am afraid for us all. I am not afraid [what will happen] four years from now, I am scared for next month.

But Nixon further said at the Gabriel & Co. event that there’s an “upside” to the new administration. “People are really coming out . . . all around the world,” she said. “It is amazing and very inspiring. You wouldn’t think it would matter, but it matters what we see people doing, saying and protesting on TV.”


26 responses to “Cynthia Nixon is ‘afraid for us all’ with Trump as president

  1. Afraid Trump will do what? These wackos never give us a hint of what is going on in their small small minds.

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    • Oh, the inarticulate butthurt! (Racist! Trump! Aaiiggh!!)

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    • We actually do get a hint, as she reveals that her intrinsically disordered lesbian psyche turns out to be not a merely private sexual choice after all, but manifests an unbridled willfulness intending to impose its inversion of morality and normalcy on everyone else through sheer political power. There can be no accommodation with an enemy that demands toleration on our part but would annihilate us in a heartbeat if given the chance.


  2. I am so glad this pretentious, low contributor to society is scared for me but I am a big boy and I survived her hero, Barak Obama, and all of his escapades. I’m sure I can still care for myself but thanks for the emoting, Sunshine, but the day I need your concern there will be lemonade stands in hell.

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  3. Shes worried about President Trumps effect on her daughter? What about the effect of her character in Sex and the City’s will have not only on her daughter, but all young girls that watch that trash! I will take President Trump over her any day.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Just like the rest of em, trying to breed fear without facts, or unsubstantiated facts, or fake facts, or in spite of real facts. And she or they were just to stupid to care, or even supported the evils manifested by the illegal and unConstitutional obama regime, of which most are still there.

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  5. “People are really coming out . . . all around the world,”
    Good. It’ll be a lot easier to see who the liberal idiots are if they come out of hiding.
    ‘all around the world’ people will start seeing them for the hypocrites they are. And how senseless liberalism, progressivism, socialism and all those other collective type ideologies are, and that they will never be accepted by the truly conservative, capitalists. Deep down people know that equality in creation is ordained. In their hearts and souls they no there is no guaranteed equality in outcome. The liberals are afraid to admit that this is the human condition and they think they can change it, by force if necessary.

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  6. Their collective illness is now in the Light for all those who have not been infected. Some say it could be related to vaccines… I abstain from vaccines myself, so I’m biased. But evidently, Leftists are making wrong moral choices which cause soul illness or a dark heart.

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  7. She also look like a Zombie. Scary. It did not portend well if Clinton won for all of us.

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  8. I, m scared that people like this are allowed to vote and run free.

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  9. She looks like a raging looney, and is ugly to boot! Don’t you think she could have combed her hair and put on some make-up . . . Oh! and cover her boobs. How many people really want to see her boobs!

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  10. Just ONCE I’d like a Liberal to tell us WHAT they’re so afraid of with Trump as President. Ask ANY Conservative what they’d fear from a Hillary Presidency and they can give you at least two pages,in DETAIL. But since Liberals deal in “feelings”,and not FACTS,apparently articulating their fears in actual WORDS is impossible. With THIS in mind,it’s hard to believe they’re legally allowed to hold ANY public office.

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    • We should all be afraid to meet her in a dark alley! Hahaha


    • AMEN TRUCK!!! What the freak are all these liberal “marches” and “protests” asking for????? They don’t articulate it…they just mill around screaming confusing, competing, mulitple, unrelated “goals.” They march…and for WHAT? No focus, no single goal (except to “HATE TRUMP”). JUST WHAT does burning buildings on a campus and destroying adjacent neighborhoods ask for, or accomplish, or draw attention to…..other than the truth: they are really really angry that Hillary did not win? SO…. can we give them some cookies &milk & finally send them HOME already?? How many coloring books and “safe spaces” with bubble-blowing toys do we have to pay for to get these people out of our public spaces and public faces…not b/c they don’t have a “right” to free expression….but b/c they do NOT have the right to destroy the spaces of OTHERS during their temper tantrum about Hillary losing the election.????

      And…in the end…I am MORBIDLY afraid of the shape-shifting Cynthia Nixon. I never watched “Sex and the City,” (could NOT get over the title for even a glance…) but I AM afraid of Cynthia Nixon and her on again, off again sexuality, and the fact that she’s raising a child in this miasma…and bringing her up to fear the President of the United States of America–whomEVER it my be. Sure hope I’m retired here in CA before I get this kid or HER kids in my school….OH WAIT…no chance….HER kid will be in a private school…like the ones she’s actively gonna deny to any inner city kid in need who could benefit from a Trump policy…….

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  11. She looks like someone beat her half to death with an ugly stick!


  12. I’m afraid of the ill effect her Illuminati inspired Sex and The City has had on my generation of women. Hang up, CN, you’ve done enough damage. Seriously, what would she know about the plight of ordinary women.

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  13. what a useless moronic fool, she fears Trump. but she don’t fear the Islamic refugees invading our country. pretty soon we will see this idiot wearing a burka and chanting for Sharia law in our nation. You see, these people deserve to die at the hands of there enemies who truly hate them. this evil person has been spawned from the seed of Cain and she is marked by satan as one of his. once marked it cant ever be removed , it’s built into your DNA before you were born. many in that day will say to God have we not did miracles in your name and preached your word , never knowing they were preaching the Gospel of political correctness of satan. Shame, Shame , Shame on these FOOLS, Clouds without water are what they all are.


  14. I have heard that line before in real life. These cliches spread like wildfire.


  15. Sarah Jessica Parker was castrated at birth by her satanist parents. That stupid and sleazy television show led to swarms of ignorant, tacky young women and weak gay men to converge on NYC to recreate their programming in real life. Culturally speaking, the city has yet to recover.


  16. Stop watching TV, this is mindless programming of your brain-actors are liars, thieves and grifters, sold out to the machine of the Serpent Class, as long as you take their “drug” you belong to them, celebrity worship is a sickness


  17. Cynthia Nixon is just another liberal moron who has spent decades pretending on stage and screen, instead of dealing with life based on logic.

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