Pizzagate and Totino’s curious pizza-baby

“Pizzagate” is the term given to speculations and assertions that there is a pedophile network connecting Democratic Party élites and two Washington, D.C. pizzerias, Besta Pizza and Comet Ping Pong.

The word “pizza” in Pizzagate isn’t just a reference to Comet Ping Pong pizzeria but stems from the many cryptic references to “pizza” and other food items (“hotdogs”; “pasta”; “tempting” “cheeses”; “yummy” “sauces”) in a collection of curious emails sent by and to John Podesta, a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Some say the references to “pizza” and “hotdog” are code words used by pedophiles. Only by plugging in the code words do many of the Podesta “pizza” emails make any sense. Others, however, dismiss the claim and would have us instead believe that powerful and very busy D. C. élites spend their time incessantly chatting about pizzas in emails.

Pizzagate isn’t just a term in the Alternative Media but has currency even in the MSM, although the MSM airily dismiss pizzagate as “debunked fake news,” never mind the fact that something can neither be debunked nor dismissed as fake news when there’s been no official investigation by either law enforcement or the MSM of Pizzagate’s many assertions. Below is a sample of Pizzagate headlines in the MSM:

All of which means that, unless you’ve been living incommunicado in a cave for the past few months, most Americans — including and especially businesses that make and sell pizzas — are aware of Pizzagate.

Totino’s is a brand of frozen pizza products owned by General Mills and manufactured in Wellston, Ohio.

Totino’s has a Tumblr account.

Totino’s posted on Tumblr a GIF of a man bending over a baby crib, gazing adoringly at — not a baby — but a slice of pizza. Below is a screenshot I took of the Totino’s pizza baby:

What is Totino’s telegraphing with its pizza-baby? Is it a sly “wink, wink” message to pedophiles?

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15 responses to “Pizzagate and Totino’s curious pizza-baby

  1. One would think that they choose to stay away from this kind of ambiguous advertising. Especially in light of the pizza-gate scandal. I have to believe that it is done on purpose. They don’t even care anymore.

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    • You are likely correct: having escaped punishment forever, able to distract from their crimes against humanity –for that’s what it is!– they put away some fall guy/gal over & over to the joyous shouts of We, the misled people. How many strange ‘deaths’ trail the Clintons? Last I read more than 70. The Bush dynasty is no better, starting w/Bush “I wasn’t in Dallas” 41 when JFK died, when he was photographed there, no doubt to ensure everything went off as planned.

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  2. Or it’s just the work of ignorant under/un-educated interns working under the equally incompetent supervision embraced by management trained by liberal college professors over the last three of four decades. There’s nothing but a bunch of mush between there ears, having thrown out all of the conservative wisdom acquired through decades, maybe even centuries, of refinement. Thrown out for and traded for instant gratification. Lust is a lifestyle embraced like an addiction. You know in your heart it will kill you….But it feels so good. Well see how good it feels in the end.

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  3. Now that is creepy.

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  4. Dr. Eowyn I can assert %100 that PIZZAGATE is TRUE, it is yet the tip of the iceberg which is CIA MANAGED SEX SLAVERY-PEDOPHILIA NETWORK that is practiced by ELITES and supplies them with victims for every want and desire including prostitution all the way up to Luciferian sacrifices of children; through Wikileaks it has been revealed that the Podesta Bros, Clintons, Obama, senators, congressmen, celebrities take part in this

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    • Ditto.

      And this is what will set many off. This is what may be the glue to set off the true second revolution and most are not aware of it …yet.

      A society is known for how they treat their very young and old alike. Once you see it…eyes wide open.

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    • Excellent, sunaJAeon. Please show some of yr bona fides as I did from my deceased friend Dr Tom OBrien, the victim of earlier Clinton crimes and evil, so we know the bases for your thinking. Thank you, Joseph


  5. Ironic that the ad that appeared just below your post is for PIZZA Hut.


  6. JewsHateYourGuts

    General Mills, the company with the big blue G logo, is 100% freemason. This is DEFINITELY a message to other freemason pedos.


  7. it really doesn’t make sense to a regular person! If it were pizza with hearts sitting across the table at a candlelit dinner that would be love of pizza. But the fact that they have it wrapped up like a baby and hearts all around like he’s in love with a baby pizza, either makes no sense OR it makes perfect sense making it kinda sick!

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  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. This ad is no mistake. It’s an “in-your-face” slap for the small percentage of people who understand the significance. At most large corporations, a team of corporate attorneys reviews ads prior to release and distribution. They are “testing” the market for awareness. Disgusting pos(plural).

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  10. It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.
    — Luke 17:2

    “This month we have five fresh pizzas for your enjoyment. We also have four surviving pizzas from last month’s session. All are on sale at extremely low priced [sic] as they are in poor health and not expected to survive. Our requirement is that you finish eating your pizza after your session.”


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