Muslims are rioting in Rotterdam, Holland

This is happening now.





38 responses to “Muslims are rioting in Rotterdam, Holland

  1. hmmmm…could george soros and his ilk possibly be behind this?
    “liberalism is a mental disorder”

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    • That was my very first thought: here are the sorrows of Soros for the world to witness. It’s LONG past time to ship this creep back to Hungary, where there’s a long-standing order to seize & hold him for trial. Do it NOW Donald, before he kills you.

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      • THANKS so much joseph! My thoughts exactly! This man, Soros, is human malware…in the modern sense…(in the old…just plain garbage) and I have had fears since I knew that Trump would become POTUS…that this evil incarnate would somehow fund or accomplish the assassination of this legally elected POTUS…Donald Trump. Can we NOT get him back to Hungary???????

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  2. Ain’t multiculturalism grand?

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  3. War! Regardless of who or where that is war, pure and simple.

    They have brought their ‘principalities with them’ and they are demonic.

    If there are any true believers there, they need to call upon Michael right now!

    I have tested this myself….and it is very true. I can give so many real life examples it is not funny.

    If there are no true believers or who know how this works….

    The enemy is not flesh, it is a spirit. That is the first activation, the second follows in flesh.

    So many say….well they brought it upon themselves….and perhaps this is true…however that is also in judgment. Rather activate for the eyes to be open, the spirit to enter and to be empowered! First activation is spirit/fire…the rest follows.

    Geert Wilders is not their only hope….but he may be a conduit for the holy spirit through Christ the Lord. The Lord will use what he wills.

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    • Amen! It’s SO bad it seems unreal to me, half a world away, but our Dear Leader, the Eternally Glorious Obamination has called them forth from their hidey holes and rotten caves, so be the first on your block to be fully armed, locked & loaded, before they show the whites of their eyes!

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  4. Just imagine that crowd of “refugees” loaded down with some heavy fire arms.

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  6. Islam is a political system of submission or death. Calling this barbaric theology a ‘religion’ is just plain ignorant. The scenes in the Netherlands are that of an invading army whose only wish is to dominate every country it invades – their means of domination are rape of the women and death to all non-submissive nationals.

    This display might just be what Geert Wilders needs to drive the scum out, an overwhelming mandate in the election. I pray the Dutch people make the right decision, they won’t get another chance.

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  7. Where aren’t these diaper headed, rock worshipping, inbred parasites not causing chaos and confusion? I have a theory, not politically correct but true nonetheless, that Moslems are a cursed people and will never prosper. Unfortunately, the curse goes where they go and everyone in contact becomes affected. Containment is the only means of avoiding the fate which hangs over them. They must be relegated to their own lands and kept isolated.

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  8. The sad thing about Islam, the Koran and Sharia Law is that all the Muslims who believe in their way of life but aren’t the rapists, murderers, etc., don’t realize that this culture will not bring about a healthy in soul and spirit, prosperous or freedom-loving consciousness which is vital to produce what America has offered since the creation of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. If they were to get their way and America adopts their culture, in no time at all, we will look and be exactly where the Middle East countries are – a living pit of death and hell. They are convinced they have the truth and that’s the end of it for them. They aren’t capable of accepting anything but what they know. They don’t integrate anywhere but they do conquer! Keep them out of America permanently. And besides, they aren’t refugees but a military invasion meant to destroy every nation they are placed in. These people who don’t want the extremists’ way must stay in their country and fight for it themselves. They are just as capable of demanding (in fact even more so because of their hard-headed, completely dogmatic mind-set) as anyone else. The rest of the world is not responsible for the life of these people in any way, shape or form. People in every nation must rise up to the evil ones in their government and demand an end to this atrocity and abuse. Enough is enough!

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  9. I normally would advocate stocking up on ammo but now I am more inclined to have a workable flamethrower. If the rag heads want to riot, just turn them into Crispy Critters. Instead of “Burn Baby Burn” it could be “Burn Burka Burn” just try getting out of all those rags when they are in flames. That might get their attention except most of them are so inbred that they might not understand why they suddenly feel a bit warm.


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  11. Do not be deceived by Mooslimes, for they are the Death Worshipers.
    Their sycophants on the Left say that Islam means ‘peace’… but, the Arabic word for peace is; salam…
    To understand Islam you must understand the original meaning of words, and Islam is an Arabic word. It is a ‘command verb’, from their moon god allah(little ‘a’ deliberate). It means;
    “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS, to the will of allah.”

    There is only one way to interpret this. Erdigan told you there is no ‘moderate Islam’, there is only Islam. Those who claim to be moderates, may be good people, or, they may be performing the Doctrine of Taqiyya… The Way of Deception. That all war is deception, and Jihad is Holy War.
    Read their Koran, and be disgusted.
    Islam is not a religion, it is a THEOCRACY.
    Their moderates, are the Apostates, worthy of death like other infidels.
    Just like ‘Uncle Toms’ are to a high percentage of the Blacks, same thing.
    The Spirit says The Green horse rises as the Black horseman gets close to falling. This validates Nebuchadnezzars statue, that all the kingdoms of the west are like Babylon, but not as good, and the statue will fall when a stone falls from the sky ‘unhewn by human hands’. What is the greatest idol of Islam? The Kaaba in Mecca. What is the Kaaba? A meteorite, a rock that fell from the sky ‘unhewn by human hands’…
    Know who the ten toes are, divided by iron and clay, and you will gain eyes that see.

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  12. Erdogan is offended (as if that matters in another country outside his):
    “Turkish Leader Says Dutch Will ‘Pay the Price’ for Insult,” by Mike Corder, Cinar Kiper and Raf Casert, AP via Yahoo!, 12 Mar 2017

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  13. the cops should have machined gunned them all down and dumped there stinking Islamic bodies into the ocean and let them float over to Turkeys; erdogan as a warning as to what is coming to his nation. Turkey must be taken out for once and for all. they need to be bombed into oblivion, they are christian murderers and this guy needs to be removed and hanged upside down and then his head cut off.


    • “Come all ye” radical islamists! I’m sure had it not been for President Trump, they would be on their knees praying with Killary Clinton and Obama mama right now! Those ragheads should be herded just like cattle and left to rot in the dessert where they belong.


  14. Spare the lead and spoil the Muslims.
    Kill them all and let God sort them out.
    But send all the dead Turks back to Erdogan!
    The message must be loud and clear and unmistakeable: ENOUGH!


  15. Nothing a few well placed claymore mines and automatic weapons fire couldn’t put an end to.


  16. My 90-plus-yr old mother-in-law, born in Detroit, is an American citizen, yet grew up until nearly age 20 on the island of Malta during WW II (her mother died when she was an only child of age 6, & her Maltese Merchant Marine father took her back to Malta to his mother and maiden sisters to raise..& then WW II broke out…trapping her there…long story…) This Mediterranean island was influenced by the languages and cultures of all its surrounding continenents….Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East….My mother-in-law’s first language was English…but her second was Maltese (mostly comprised of Arabic blends) after age 6, and then, French, when she was sent to private school in Malta. The truest thing my mother-in-law ever advised me on was: The men of the middle-east are “wired” differently than anyone else on Earth that you might have to deal with….you will NOT get “through” to them. It is futile—they will only understand power and might.”

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  17. Trump should hand over Soros to Russia they have a warrant for his arrest, and a couple other countries want him and a huge demonstration against Soros in Hungary . Soros want to leave all of his dastardly deeds to his son to carry on wielding his evil sword. The guys are a bunch of punks

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  18. Wilders, said, ” freedom and Islamic ideology is incompatible.” Look societies Islamic dominant total lack of civil society rule of law, , gays Christians are not free live in fear. Until the moment of death no separation of church and state…you can never leave it is like “Hotel California” HA! The penalty is death when you leave you cannot leave Islamic you will be killed. He when on to say that Islam is dressed up like a religion but it is not a religion but a radical idealogy.

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  20. Hate has to have something to feed on. If a hate group like the diaper heads killed everyone, their hunger would look for new meat. They would definitely turn on each other. In fact for breaking just a small rule leaves some of them beaten, tortured and or killed.
    W.W.J.D? He said the one without sin should cast the first stone.

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    • “W.W.J.D? He said the one without sin should cast the first stone.”

      You left out the rest of the story where Jesus told the sinful woman: “Go and sin no more.”

      Your “cast the first stone” quote is lifted out of context, similar to that other quote that is so often also lifted out of context — of Jesus instructing us to judge not. By leaving out the context, you are implying that we shouldn’t judge or criticize or do something (“cast stones”) about evildoers, as if the Triune Godhead does not want us to discern (judge) between right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, which of course is bunk.

      Here’s a quote for you:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

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  21. Someone in Holland must have offended the “religion of peace”.

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  25. Great analysis by Stefan Molyneux on the Netherlands…

    Immigration and Crime in the Netherlands – Statistics

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