Hilarious moment kids crash a BBC Skype/TV interview

I love how the second baby comes strolling in…too funny!


13 responses to “Hilarious moment kids crash a BBC Skype/TV interview

  1. I had taken the child in my arms, and had followed the conversation in front of the screen.

    It would be a nice and human gesture.

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  2. Pick up the kid, seat her on your lap, and carry on with the interview… that would have been a nice thing to do!
    The frantic lady (looked like Asian house help terrified she might be fired for letting the kids sneak into the room…) Thumbs down on the dad and the woman, 10 thumbs up on the kids!)

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  3. Cute kids!

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  4. That was great!! Love it!

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  5. This was hilarious. I don’t see anything wrong with how the father acted! He was likely very surprised and just trying to make a living for his family but wasn’t sure how to respond.

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  6. I’m sure she was beaten and then let go for such a incident. And no she cannot use the guy for a reference,to gain future employment


  7. This is hilarious ! No one can prevent kids from finding their way to trouble. That baby cracks me up!

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  8. Perfectly wonderful human!

    He was trying so hard to being so ….professional. Understand and yet….

    I love this! 😀

    Perhaps the truth is…we need this, once so common and now so almost forgotten?

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  9. Definitely that Dad lost out on a “teaching moment,” Take the toddler onto his lap and show him what Daddy’s do.

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