‘Babies before booze’ CA bill would raise liquor tax to pay for tax-free diapers, tampons

lorena gonzalez

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

The woman who wants you to put “babies before booze” is also a big supporter of abortion mill and baby parts harvester/seller Planned Parenthood. I question Ms. Fletcher’s values.

From Sacramento Bee: After Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed their bills last year to exempt diapers and feminine hygiene products from sales taxes, citing the cost to state and local revenues, Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and Cristina Garcia went looking for a way to pay for the measures.

Their solution: Raise the excise tax on distributors of hard alcohol when they buy their product from manufacturers, which hasn’t increased since 1991.

“This is a question of values,” Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego, said. “We should be putting babies before booze.”

The assemblywomen unveiled their proposal, Assembly Bill 479, at a press conference on Thursday. It would raise the liquor tax by about a third – to $4.50 from $3.30 per gallon – which they said equates to less than 2 cents per drink. That revenue would offset the cost of exempting diapers and products like tampons and pads from sales taxes, estimated by state officials last year at $55 million, half of which goes to the general fund.

Because it proposes a tax increase, the bill would require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. Gonzalez Fletcher and Garcia, D-Bell Gardens, urged their colleagues to prioritize “basic necessities” over a luxury item, pointing to significant potential savings for women, families and senior citizens – as much as $100 annually on diapers, for example, enough to pay for a month’s supply.

“No one claims liquor is a basic necessity of life. My period is not optional,” Garcia said. “There is no happy hour for menstruation.”



14 responses to “‘Babies before booze’ CA bill would raise liquor tax to pay for tax-free diapers, tampons

  1. How about babies before being murdered in the womb?

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  2. Wake up you California people and vote these kooks out! They have way too much time on their hands and not enough critical thinking skills.

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  3. Abortion or this, either way reproduction as a hassle to them.

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  4. It’s for the children, seniors or deprived minorities is the battle cry of all raiders of your wallet. It’s a matter of wealth redistribution every time. Why not raise taxes on makeup as well?

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    • Youghn . . . that is an extremely good idea. After all, make-up is not an essential product . . . however looking at this Hispanic woman’s made-up face, I’ll just vet she would scream “bloody murder” if that were suggested. We could also put a tax (or raise the tax) on hair products, hair tools (dryers, curlers, straighteners, etc.) since basically these are also not essential items. I also agree with whoever above said . . . “vote these kooks out!” They do far more harm than good.

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  5. California is going to tax themselves out of existence. Why not just encourage people to use cloth diapers? On top of everything else that would save on landfill space.

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    • True,but it’d ALSO increase water usage,which is critical in Ca. since they show little interest in using de-salinization plants offshore to treat sea water for drinking and other needs.

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      • truckjunkie,
        I believe water usage would go up, but not by a lot, especially if diapers are pre-soaked in a bucket and washed with laundry, and diapers are line dried (saves energy).
        Also, I believe the “drought” we have in CA is man-made…corrupt govt policies and geoengineering are causing our drought…not nature.
        Just my opinion.

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        • MomOfIV , , , as usual you have come up with excellent ideas. In my backyard I have “clothes lines” which have been used by my mother, my grandmother, and now I use them weather permitting. I am all for washing diapers after soaking in a bucket . . . I honestly believe that using “cloth” diapers on a baby’s skin in preferable to using “paper products.”

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    • we used organic cloth diapers on our youngest and it was difficult to get used to at first, but worked out wonderfully….also we’d soak the diapers and washed them with laundry…I would never go back to disposables.

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  6. I didn’t know the state should be held responsible for women’s menstruation and diapers for anchor babies…whatever happened to being “equal” as the feminists shout? I guess this whole “equality” farce only matters when it benefits them.
    I wonder if she’s getting any kickback from the cotton and chemical industries?
    will the “free” tampons and diapers be organic or saturated in hormone disrupting chemicals like roundup weedkiller?…nothing is “free”….
    CA is so determined to be a “green” state that they will ban one-time use plastic grocery bags, which are made from chemicals, and try to curb carbon and methane with more ridiculous legislature….but will consider “free” chemical-laden cotton tampons and diapers to be used on/in women and babies’ genitals….
    gonzalez is pro-planned unparenthood and free chemical-soaked hygiene products for the poor…in other words she’s pro-baby murder from abortion and pro-birth abnormalities and pro-infertility from endocrine disrupting chemicals…her appearance of trying to “help” women and children is just a scam.
    also, if the bill became law then I bet planned unparenthood would stock up on supplies and use it as an opportunity to encourage women to use their “services” on a monthly schedule (no pun intended)…like a carrot before a horse…all on taxpayer’s dime
    All I can say is ‘follow the money’…CA legislators “care” as long as someone is getting paid….off.

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    • MomOfIV . . . again, I think that you are “right on the money.” When voting, we always need to “follow the money trail” when looking at various candidates, and their legislative legacy to the state.

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