Starbucks loses favor with Americans after announcement to hire 10,000 refugees

On January 26, 2017, in the interest of national security to prevent terrorists posing as refugees from entering the U.S., President Trump signed an executive order that temporarily imposed a visa ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

To counteract President Trump’s policy, on January 29, 2017, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sent out a company-wide letter announcing that Starbucks plans to hire 10,000 refugees. See DCG’s post on this, here.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Actions have consequences.

Schultz’s announcement immediately sparked a #BoycottStarbucks movement on Twitter and brought condemnation from coast to coast. Many Americans wondered why Starbucks is hiring refugees instead of Americans — especially U.S. military veterans.

Breitbart reports that a YouGov survey found that after Starbucks’ hire-refugees announcement, its brand name lost favor with customers. Perception levels of the Starbucks brand name fell by an incredible two-thirds since January:

  • Before the company’s refugees hiring announcement, 30% of respondents said they would consider spending money at Starbucks.
  • After the hire-refugees announcement, only 24% of respondents said they would patronize Starbucks.

Below is a chart (from Yahoo! Finance) showing how Starbucks stock value plummeted after CEO Schultz’s announcement on January 29 of hiring 10,000 refugees.

Keep up the boycott!

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22 responses to “Starbucks loses favor with Americans after announcement to hire 10,000 refugees

  1. Unbridled arrogant support of Globalism is proving unprofitable!? Oh, I NEVER would have predicted that…lolz

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  2. I am sure their piss poor coffee and their arrogant, stuck up attitude has nothing to do with their piss poor performance.

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  3. I think, that if people knew that it is poisoned at a site, I would visit the site, with the excuse that there;

    ¨ is cheaper at least ¨.

    It is what we have, they are many years of indoctrination and propaganda, the people have become superficial and without ethical values in the West.

    Although there is still hope, but for that, people should open their eyes, and make a personal effort, to give has what happens.

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  4. Suck it Starbucks!

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  5. They’ll be FINE! They’ll just be changing their “Consumer Base”,from relatively normal people to refugees,backed by the Soros Fortune. (Like they’d NEED anything from HIM-they all come here with plenty of money,don’t they?) (sarc)


  6. Well…let me tell you abt my recent experiences w/Starbucks…in CA…QUEEN of stupid math education…..which, I assume from this post about hiring refugees will only double or triple or quadruple in severity from all over the USA in coming years….etc….

    My husband, against my will or better judgment, is a Starbucks fan. He buys hundreds of dollars of Starbucks gift cards to hand out to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, people with whom he’s had to meet who negotionate with him into a good outcome…Christmas and other holdiay greetings……I always carry a Starbucks gift card with me, courtesy of my husband….and use it maybe 5 times yearly….and keep the register tape print out with me after I buy there…so I KNOW how much I have left on the card. I very recently bought a $3-something latte and was told that my “$14 credit at the check out was really $.14….meaning…NOT 14 bucks that my register tape TOLD ME…but a mere 14 cents that the 16-year-old clerk TOLD me was on the card….I had him run it again and again….but finally…..holding up the line….I threw the difference to him…IN REALITY…I paid near $17 for a damned cup of latte. I’ve not bought another cup of coffee there since then and NEVER WILL AGAIN.

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    • “He buys hundreds of dollars of Starbucks gift cards to hand out to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, people with whom he’s had to meet who negotionate with him into a good outcome”

      California is a community-property state. So this is how your husband spends your joint funds, and you don’t have any say in the matter? By doing that, he shows that he doesn’t give a fig that Starbucks is anti-American. He cares more about ingratiating himself with others.

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      • Weighing what we know, I’d still not buy Starbucks gift cards…but he is a Marine vet and supports the Starbuck habit of hiring veterans….as well as providing health insurance plans for even part time employees…from which our foster daughter and her family benefited through the years while she was raising 4 young boys (she has moved on now to directing a YMCA family program part time—that ALSO provides insurance….). Me—I support those things,too….but fear that being a magnet for thousands and thousands of “refugees” or marginalized illegals, green card workers, and what ever else…contributes to the terrible economic times that we’ve ALREADY lived through for the last many (Obama) years …because this does not elevate the American worker….it dilutes the availability of these jobs TO our American workers…like our foster daughter……


    • Your post jogged my memory . . . several years ago, I received a Starbucks card. Frankly, since I am not a coffee drinker . . . I thought it was a REAL BIG NOTHIN!!!! There is nothing that makes you feel worse than receiving something that you absolutely will not in a million years ever use. It shows a certain insensitivity on the part of the giver, although well intended. I finally gave it to my letter carrier . . . she was appreciative of the gift because she evidently likes Starbucks. In re-gifting this gift to me, I was glad that my letter carrier likes Starbucks and was happy with it, but I felt a little sad that someone had spent good money on a gift for me that I could not use. It’s kind of like giving an alcoholic a bottle of booze, which is the very last thing they need.


  7. And I thought that their decline was due to crappy coffee, high prices, long wait times and arrogant employees. I didn’t even know I was supposed to be boycotting them. How do you boycott a business that you don’t even patronize.

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  8. “Apparently nothing will ever convince some of America’s leftist billionaires that, no matter how rich they become, they will never be able to force their political opinions on Americans who see through their propaganda…just ask all the rich people that just lost a fortune trying to elect Hillary.”

    Source –

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    • The favorite “Business thought leader” who got a fancy degree at some Leftist university but never worked making a profit told ’em so,,,


  9. Starbucks should be boycotted by all Americans opposed to the genocide of Palestinians. Starbucks CEO Schulz is a rabid Zionist who should have been expelled to Israel long ago.


  10. According to Dana Loesch, Starbucks has an excellent program that employs veterans in place. I’m not really a fan of the firm, but they could use a PR tune-up.


  11. After Creating Chaos For Brand Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Steps Down – Preparing For 2020 White House Bid?…


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  13. In case you were not ALREADY boycotting Starbucks, here is a reminder that you should be… 😷

    Starbucks Holds Hiring Event for Refugees in San Diego, TB Rates Among Highest in Country


  14. I hope the whole chain starts to resemble a lunger ward. I can see it now. Little tables with bearded pseudo-nomads playing camel dung checkers. No women in sight. Just make sure you hide the pony.


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