60% of online defenders of Obamacare are paid trolls

Paul Bedard reports for Washington Examiner that according to digital expert Michael Brown, social media is used to manipulate opinion, which is proven in the last presidential election, and that a majority of online and social media defenders of Obamacare are paid professionals.

By social media, Brown means Facebook pages, as well as the comment sections in every major newspaper.

Brown’s shocking analysis was revealed on “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson,” which was broadcast on Sinclair stations and streamed live on February 19, 2017.

Brown evaluated 226,000 pro-Obamacare posts made by 40,000 Facebook profiles, and discovered that “60% of all the posts were made from 100 profiles, posting between the hours of 9 and 5 Pacific Time.” This means that the posters “were paid to post.” These “Digital activists are paid employees; their purpose is to attack anyone who’s posting something contrary to the view of the page owner wants expressed.”

Brown calls these “zombie posts” — “a fake, purchased, or rented Facebook profile that’s expressing the views of an organization as if it was his or her own. But, when in reality, the comment being expressed is done on software and written by generally one or two people. So, the zombie posts will go out on a schedule and then they are supported by zombie likes.”

See also “Get ready for a $1M army of social media trolls for Hillary”.



19 responses to “60% of online defenders of Obamacare are paid trolls

  1. The anti-Trump movement and the Cultural Marxists in general have virtually
    unlimited funds from Soros and other sources. IMO, the ultimate source for Soros is the Fed, which can print money out of thin air. I finally it hard to
    believe that Soros is using money he earned from his own businesses and

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  2. Democrat policies: So good, you have to pay people to support them!

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  3. Luckily, Trump has won, because if had not happened this way,
    It is unlikely that people knew these data.

    It is evident that they have underestimated the Western people.

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  4. I guess instead of controlled opposition, it’s also now paid opposition.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    I would hardly call them professionals as all they really do is ignore truths and repeat lies. Any half-wit can do that, in fact only half-wits would.

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  6. Several problems with ObamaCare, actually FascismCare:

    1) Unconstitutional. Period. The Constitution prohibits and precludes such a power, as it was not enumerated to or delegated to the US tyranny (IX & X). Ignoring that, it cannot be a Constitutional “tax,” as such a direct tax must be “apportioned.” Why did the SCOTUS say it was a tax? The SCOTUS is 33+% dual-citizen Khazarian (1.73% of US pop.) and 66% Catholic over an American country that is mostly Protestant.

    2) Written and pushed through the AIPAC den, Congress, by the Khazarian (1.73% of US pop.) Jonathan Gruber.

    3) Hidden in the Act are provisions for the creation of a private civilian military force, the ReadyReserve. Be reminded that the SS were the private civilian military arm of the Nazi party. Amongst other things, the SS ran the labor camps for the profit of the party.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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    • Here is the problem and the go around on how The Supreme Court allowed this ‘tax’….

      Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling

      The Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare on June 28, 2012. The final ruling on ObamaCare was a made by Supreme Court Judge Vinson. The basic idea of the ruling was that ObamaCare was declared a tax and not a mandate, and was therefore declared constitutional.

      Please go to the link:

      There have been various lawsuits on this. Essentially a tax but not mandated to actually purchase such. Either way is very wrong and just like we have been stuck with IRS which started out to be a war tax and just like we got stuck on daylights savings time which btw is actually ‘war time’….they are still going to stick it to us.

      Please go to the link….you will see many links on what is going on right now on this issue.

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      • Nice reply, but as I wrote, even if it smell like a tax, the IX and & X make it a mute point, as it IS Unconstitutional. Doesn’t matter what 3 dual-citizen non Americans and 6 Catholics said. I can say I have the right to someone’s house, and my friends can concur, but it doesn’t make it so.

        An American citizen, not US subject.


  7. Whatever happened to the idea of eliminating Obamacare and letti8ng the Free Market System take over again,with competition for the consumer Dollar being the controlling factor? THAT’S what I thought we’d be getting when Obamacare was revoked.

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    You log onto certain sites, and its almost as if a bus disembarked all their passengers because they tag-team each other in order to give the impression that they’re legit. But its total ‘Troll-Land’.

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  9. Trolls are still trolls every morning when they wake up & then when they go to bed—and, indeed, when they are rolled into the coffin…no matter if they are paid…OR NOT….but it is especially offensive to others when they are paid for just being a natural-born Troll.

    Just a thought—what if “Troll impersonators” showed up in great numbers (infiltrate) to collect for a pay day, and then did NOTHING in return for the bucks? Just thinking I could retire from teaching and panhandle Soros for a good many coming years, and have my laugh on him and the Dems ANYWAY. Sort of like that OLD Hippie adage, “What if they gave a war and no one came?” WHAT if Soros (or Obama’s OFA) gave a protest, and no one came (but sucked up the cash anyway?) WHAT recourse could they take? Pretty much think we could disable all this with an army of “fake Trolls.)

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  10. LOL – Are they sure it’s only 60%?

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  11. Not surprised. When you find them at various places….troll them and troll them back hard.

    It’s an art if you know or learn how.

    There are many people with perhaps little money but lots of time on their hands that can do this as well.

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  12. Here is a link complete with number to Paul Ryan know what you think

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  13. Excellent article. For those of us who have been disheartened by such a fierce uprising of leftists since Obama left office . . . it makes it much easier to know that these folks “are paid to express that opinion!” If we had to think that there were truly that many weirdos in the general population, it is much harder to stomach. Now we know that these trolls get paid for spouting BS between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the impact on the rest of us mentally is much lighter, and easier to bare. Not that I like it . . . in fact it would be great if all 10 of their fingers were to be broken and they just could not touch a key board.

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    • For those of us who have been disheartened by such a fierce uprising of leftists since Obama left office . . . it makes it much easier to know that these folks “are paid to express that opinion!”

      Excellent point, Auntie Lulu!

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  14. 60% of online defenders of Obamacare are paid trolls///// but of course, that’s elementary my dear Watson


  15. And all these trolls should be living under a bridge. Perhaps many under the
    bridge in Central Park in NY where all the degenerates congregate.


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