NYC Public advocate wants to blacklist firms that help build Trump’s wall

Public Advocate Letitia James Hears From Parents

Letitia James: You have a choice – her way or the highway

From NY Post: Companies that help build President Trump’s wall along the Mexican border would be banned from doing business with the city under a proposal announced Tuesday by Public Advocate Letitia James (an elected official).

James, a trustee of the city’s largest pension fund, said she would introduce a bill prohibiting the city from signing contracts with firms involved in the wall project. She’s also planning to examine divesting pension funds from the companies.

“Companies have a choice — help build the wall, a monument to racism and xenophobia, or do business in New York City. We won’t allow you to do both,” James said at a press conference in Foley Square. “The same cranes President Trump uses for his wall, cannot simply be turned around to build our schools.”

James’ bill wouldn’t just include companies directly involved with construction, but also those handling its “maintenance and management.”

Any company partaking in construction “will be subject to massive protests, negative publicity, and possible litigation,” James’ office said in a written statement.

Hundreds of companies have expressed an interest in being a part of the Trump wall project.

Eighteen companies, with more than $800 million in past and current contracts with the city, responded to a pre-solicitation notice from the Trump Administration for the “design and build of several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico,” according to the public advocate.


15 responses to “NYC Public advocate wants to blacklist firms that help build Trump’s wall

  1. That kind of blacklisting is ground for lawsuits.

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    • Amen to that! If they are successful in carrying out this kind of blackmail . . . let’s just pull ALL Federal Funds designated to New York City. It is rather strange, you give some people a little power, and the next thing you know, they are trying to apply their boot to your neck!

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  2. NYT. property of Slim, Lebanese Jewish origin, uncontrolled pro-immigration, mason, and colleague of Soros.

    Slim, has shareholdings in YPF, Grupo PRISA, AS, FCC, and Caixabank, in Spain.

    In United States is owner of a television channel exclusively for Mexicans (Amerindian profile) which broadcasts 24 hours a day, and further criticism of hasty and invented against President Trump.

    Slim had and has connections with the CIA, possibly be the reason of rare situations with some cross-border drug criminals.

    Years ago created a (something like Instagrams) company in Israel, exclusively for the israeli public.

    It is all said to know the bad press (bad picture) towards President Trump.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    It could very easily work the other way round. Companies could just refuse to do business with new york.

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  4. Carlos Slim Helú ( more factor ).

    These holdings of financial actions, I forgot to remind, that, it also has participation in Spain, in BANKIA Bank rescued by Spanish citizens ! years earlier, when the international financial Crisis erupted.

    An insult to intelligence, where Westerners suffer all kinds of attacks and make us slaves of multi-million dollar speculators.

    (Remember the destruction of the London Stock Exchange by Soros, to offset political investments pro-immigrant, etc., recovering from losses with the chaos produced by fall the City).

    We underestimate, it is clear, we are surrounded by traitors and corrupt.

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  5. ” A monument of racism and xenophobia” REALLY? So did everyone see this from Jorge Ramos when he said, ” This is our country, not theirs” ? When Tucker Carson pressed him on who ” They” are, he admitted White people. So this is not about Mexicans coming here to integrate, it’s about them coming and taking over OUR country when they already have their own. They are the racist xenophopes.

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  6. Working with proggies isn’t worth it…

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  7. ManCavePatriot

    She must have ‘honeymooned’ in Cuba along with Mayor Warren Wilhelm, AKA Bill DeBlasio.

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  8. This is what happens when governments close insane asylums!


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