Illegal alien teenager in North Carolina decapitates his mother and walks in the street with her head

oliver funes machada illegal alien

Oliver Funes Machada: Just a DREAMER…

From Daily Mail: A federal official says an 18-year-old man accused of decapitating his mother in Zebulon, North Carolina, on Monday was in the country illegally. The suspect, Oliver Funes Machada, was charged with first-degree murder Monday after authorities say he called 911 to say he had killed his mother.

Funes was found walking down the street with her severed head in one hand and a bloody butcher’s knife in the other. He is being transferred to Central Prison in Raleigh, and his next court appearance is scheduled for March 14.

Bryan Cox, a spokesman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in a news release that the suspect was from Honduras and was in the country illegally. Cox said that federal records list his name as Oliver Funes Machado. His public defender, C. Boyd Sturges III, said his second last name is listed as Machada in local court records. Sturges also said that his client has ‘some substantial mental health issues.’ (Well, that’s a given.)

Sturges said while he’s not a doctor, he could see that Funes Machada was ‘a pretty profoundly disturbed young man.’

Funes Machada called 911 around 12.45pm on Monday to tell police he had just killed his mother at their home in Franklin County, North Carolina.

A deputy responding to the call then saw the teen walking out of the house holding the woman’s head in one hand and what appeared to be a butcher’s knife in the other. Inside the home, deputies found the body of 35-year-old Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machada.

Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead said the 18-year-old is charged with first-degree murder in the wake of the incident. He has made his first appearance in court and was held without bond.

Winstead said Funes Machada’s two young sisters were at home but were unharmed, and a fourth child was at school. Authorities did not elaborate on what led to the death.

The killer’s father and the victim’s husband arrived home at 5pm to find the scene and had to be led away by cops – overcome with grief.  Other older relatives were pictured being comforted at the scene of the crime.

Neighbor Ryan Reader told WBTW: ‘Complete and utter shock. This whole area is a quiet area and I didn’t know what to expect when I got home and saw police cars and everything around.’ Winstead added: ‘It’s a terrible situation for the family, a terrible situation for the neighborhood and this county. I’m just glad things worked out the way they did and no one else was hurt in taking the suspect into custody. ‘I can’t tell you how many stab wounds or cuts. We just haven’t gotten that far in the investigation.’

Terry Wright, chief of staff of Franklin Sheriff’s department told ABC News: ‘We’ll be here as long as it takes to do a thorough search. We owe it to the victims to make sure it’s done in a proper manner – to make sure once it gets to the courthouse, justice can be served.’

President Donald Trump has made deporting illegal immigrants from the United States a central goal of his administration. Trump’s administration has issued directives to agents to more aggressively enforce immigration laws and more immigrants are coming under scrutiny by the authorities.


24 responses to “Illegal alien teenager in North Carolina decapitates his mother and walks in the street with her head

  1. This is tragic. It would not surprise me if the entire family is here illegally. NC was a sanctuary State until fairy recently. There are probably tens of thousands of illegals living in NC, thanks in large part to unscrupulous Chamber of Commerce businesses who seek cheap labor – without regard for the real financial impact to society.

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  2. As sorry as I am that his mother lost her life, I am glad that he did not take the life of a legal citizen of this country. I suppose the US taxpayers will be stuck taking care of this guy for the rest of his natural life. In this case, even though he is mentally ill, I would favor the death penalty. How could he ever be rehabilitated to the point that he could be released out into society?

    If the US gives any “foreign aid” to Honduras, it needs to be cut so that the state that is forced to house this ghoul can be reimbursed.

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    These are ONLY the child rapes by illegals that can be verified. Imagine the true numbers. AND THIS IN ONLY NC.

    NC Monthly Child Rape Charges by Illegal Aliens
    1) February 2017 19 illegal aliens arrested for 37 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    2) January 2017 21 illegal aliens arrested for 49 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    3) December 2016 18 illegal aliens arrested for 48 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    4) November 2016 16 illegal aliens arrested for 82 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    5) October 2016 13 illegal aliens arrested for 33 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    6) September 2016 9 illegal aliens arrested for 31 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    7) August 2016 19 illegal aliens arrested for 73 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC here

    8) July 2016 16 illegal aliens arrested for 114 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC here

    9) June 2016 19 illegal aliens arrested for 49 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

    10) May 2016 20 illegal aliens arrested for 76 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC

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    • RLJohnson77 . . . those statistics absolutely will take your breath away. Why is it that the liberals are unconcerned about this kind of plague on society?

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    • Where is freaking Gloria Allred and the National Organization for Womyn?

      Someone should contact Allred to make her aware that she’s missing out on another photo-op. But these aren’t the kind of photo-ops people like Allred are interested in pursuing, because it’s real crime and real victims. She and her intelligence services handlers are too busy scheming as to how to bring the Zervos case against Trump.

      And where is the outrage from N.O.W.? Of course, there is none. They are very busy keeping the abortuaries open and taking contributions from highly suggestible women. They have no concern for children after they manage to leave the womb alive. NOW leaves the subsequent genocidal task to the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex.

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  4. The action in front of his little sisters !


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    • patriotasoccidentales . . . Amen to that. Anyone who would not only commit such a heiious act, but do it in front of his sisters, really, truly, cannot be rehabilitated. He must be separated from society, for the benefit of society. There is little point in keeping him alive, and I am sure that the legions in Hell are anxiously awaiting his companionship!

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  5. If this had happened back in Honduras, the neighbors would’ve dragged this punk to the ground and administered swift justice to fit the crime.

    But since he’s here, we’re going to throw tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of our tax dollars at him, paying to have him get “treatment” and making sure he’s treated “fairly”.

    As much as I strive to love sinners, there are times when I do look forward to the earth’s being cleansed by fire.

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  6. Oh, this is just sick. With the appearance of gangs of illegals in Long Island, NY, I am glad to see a crackdown on illegals coming in. The ICE needs to be able to do their job and return those here illegally to their home countries and send those with police records back. There is no reason we should have to deal with murderers of any type entering our country and this creep killed his own mother by beheading! What if he had done a random killing? Killing your own mother is heinous enough, but if he had killed a family member of a proponent of illegal immigration, I imagine they would change their tune about it quickly!

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  7. Funny how I heard about this on the radio ‘news’ and yet they SOMEHOW left off the fact that he and his murdered mother were illegal aliens. HMMM.

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    • The AP article identified the illegal teenager/killer as a “North Carolina man” in their first sentence. Stoopid SRM…

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      • DCG . . . isn’t that always the way media portrays illegals. Just the same as when a crowd of 200 blacks kids storm a mall, the media refers to the incident as 200 “young people,” with no mention of their being black. Very recently a Somali immigrant to Norway who had committed some heinous crime was referred to as a man from Norway; the first time I read the article, I thought, “this sounds more like an immigrant.” Then the story went on to say, “Somali immigrant from Norway.” There is a heck of a big difference between this psychopathic killer being called “a North Carolina man,” and “an illegal alien who was residing in North Carolina.” Which is the more truthful statement. I would have to say the latter is, rather than the former! Most of us have figured out how the media, shrouds the facts with their nonsensical indo we have to plow through in order to get the truth.

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  8. Well, I say we’re doomed: This is going on here and in Europe, and all people can do is be shocked. We have lost our ability to express outrage and justice. This BEAST should have already been hanged by now!

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  9. I don’t understand why anyone would believe or accept that we must take care of this insane ILLEGAL ALIEN. Ship him back to Honduras immediately! I’ve had enough of my tax dollars going to these people for any reason at all. Hasn’t American citizens had just about enough of this insane actions of illegals??? We have most certainly been desentisized made to feel we owe the world a paid life and acceptance of whatever kind of behavior these people bring with them. Get them out already!

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    • M Reineri . . . . . your statement makes such complete sense, I particularly like the following . . . “We have most certainly been desensitized made to feel we owe the world a paid life and acceptance of whatever kind of behavior these people bring with them. Get them out already!” That is the most common sense and logical thinking possible.


  10. Putting aside the killer being an illegal, the even more disturbing thing is that almost every day on Drudge Report, there’s a grotesque murder similar to this one. As an example, today’s Drudge Report has a headline of a German teenager killing a 9-year-old boy, then posting the pics and video of the body online.

    There’s something VERY wrong with the world. Civilization seems to be unraveling….

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  11. Noticed the juxtaposition of the subject matter here with the photo in your previous post:
    As I finished reading this post and scrolled to the next, my eyes thought for an instant that the pointing woman was holding the head of the seated woman. You have to admit it does look like it – even including the seated woman’s hair standing on end. Funny.

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  12. #1–why aren’t pictures of this heinous act—him with his mother’s severed head in his hands, butcher knife, too….being shown? The press shows everything else—even “anonymous” crap. This sort of TRUE reporting is what has stopped many a’ heinous action in the world and in the USA through the ages…NO ONE paid attention until then….b/c everyone “trusted” the powers that be to do “business as usual.” The TRUE PRESS, a TRUE journalist is what the Constitution provided for….the TRUE hope that sunlight through the press would protect us from evil….

    #2 Why was this whole thing–even without a picture…JUST the reporting, NOT in my newspaper? Even if it were a localized news story? This is a spectacular, ISIS-like story, which unfolded on our own soil, with the “perp” being an illegal Hondoran. OH WAIT! Are illegal Honduran crimes, et al, OFF LIMITS for the lame-stream media?????

    3 I learned my lesson, a HARD one, in my first few months in CA when, a tiny child, aged 5 or under, from a rural community near us, was kidnapped from her bed in her middle-class home, raped, mauled, terrorized, by an illegal Mexican ….and (we were all supposed to praise God) was NOT killed, but, instead, wrapped up in her blankets and hung from a tree in a “cocoon,” which searchers found…..I waited and waited for community “outrage,” and there was NONE. No search for the “perp”….and complete “calm” on the journalistic end….life went on…for us at least….no news, no outrage, no reaction whatsoever. That’s when I knew….”OH SHIT,” I have arrived on another PLANET……

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  13. Pingback: This is just wrong!Send him back to Honduras and make them pay the freight! – On the Patio

  14. For supposedly being “mentally ill,” the perp had enough “good sense” to have his conscience bother him enough (after the fact) to realize he should call the police & report his murder of his own mother.

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