Planned Parenthood rejects Trump proposal to stop abortion services

Planned Parenthood Shasta

Vital to the mission…

From CNN: Planned Parenthood swiftly rejected Monday a proposal by President Donald Trump that would have pledged his support for federal funding for the women’s health organization if it ceased providing abortion services.

White House officials recently floated the idea in private conversations, a White House official said, but it was dismissed by the women’s health organization, which receives about a $500 million annually in federal funds.

Taxpayer dollars do not fund abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood, which provides a range of reproductive health services and preventative screenings through clinics nationwide.

Trump confirmed his support for the proposal in a statement provided by the White House, noting that he is both opposed to abortion and “deeply committed to investing in women’s health.”

“As I said throughout the campaign, I am pro-life and I am deeply committed to investing in women’s health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of non-abortion services such as cancer screenings,” Trump said in a statement. “There is an opportunity for organizations to continue the important work they do in support of women’s health, while not providing abortion services.”

The debate over Planned Parenthood funding could play a role in Congress’ ability to repeal and replace Obamacare, with House Republicans seeking to cut off monies and some Senate Republicans standing in opposition of such a move. Trump’s proposal may reflect an understanding of those fraught politics.

Many conservatives have consistently advocated defunding Planned Parenthood and during his 2016 campaign Trump said he supported the effort.

“Planned Parenthood is proud to provide abortion — a necessary service that’s as vital to our mission as birth control or cancer screenings,” Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards tweeted in response to the proposal.

“The White House proposal that Planned Parenthood stop providing abortion is the same demand opponents of women’s health have been pushing for decades, as a part of their longstanding effort to end women’s access to safe, legal abortion,” Richards said in a statement provided by Planned Parenthood.

Richards added that her organization is “glad that the White House understands that taking away the preventive care Planned Parenthood provides is deeply unpopular and would be a disaster for women’s health care.”

While Trump on the campaign trail joined GOP calls to defund Planned Parenthood over its abortion services — and even said he would support a government shutdown to cut off federal funds to the group — he has also at times talked approvingly on the campaign trail about the vital women’s health services the group provides.



19 responses to “Planned Parenthood rejects Trump proposal to stop abortion services

  1. That Planned Abortionhood opposes Pres Trump’s defunding is to be expected.
    What is not expected is that a Republican senator, Susan Collins of Maine, opposes defunding of PP:

    And then, of course, there’s George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara Pierce Bush, headlining a Planned Parenthood fundraiser:

    Satanists, all.

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  2. I have little doubt that the reason PP does not want their funding to be cut is that they do not perform enough “other services” to pay the high wages of its corporate employees, either on a national scale, or locally.

    Senator Susan Collins has time and time again turned her back on Conservatives, so this comes as no surprise. What does surprise me is that the boneheads of Maine continue to send her back to Washington, DC. This is one of many, many reasons why we need term limits. We get these turkeys embedded in our Congress and there seems no way of sending them down the road.

    In recent years since I discovered that the grandfather on both sides of the family were instrumental in supplying armaments to BOTH SIDES during WWI and WWII. I no longer hold this family in any degree of respect. Then it was mentioned here on FOTM that Barbara Bush refused to go pay her last respects to incoming dead military personal . . . because “it would ruin her beautiful mind.” No she has no “beautiful mind,” she is as evil and the rest of that clan. That being said, it is little wonder that her granddaughter who was named after her (Barbara Pierce Bush) would lend her name and support to PP, odious though they may be.

    DCG Thanks for another great article.

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  3. ‘Planned Parenthood’

    Now let’s just for a moment consider that ‘Company Name’…..

    ‘Planned’ is just that….
    Not after the fact of conception but before conception. Pretty simple.

    ‘Parenthood’….generally consists of two people able to reproduce…
    The should seriously include males in this equation as they have several problems as well.


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    • I have tried many times to argue this very point with feminists that the men are left out of the equation when it comes to abortion. They act like I am from outer space, when they are being nice, or much worse, usually. I try to explain that if a man desires to have a say in whether or not the baby is allowed to live, he has no say, but if the woman chooses life for the child, then she forces the man to be financially responsible for the next 18 years. The response that I have often gotten is, well if the man didn’t want the child, he should have thought of that when he had his fun. That then begs the point of, just how feminist are these women, really. They are actually more sexist than most men that I know. Don’t get me wrong, I hate all abortions, unless for the life of the mother, as I, as a Christian, believe in the right to self defense, and thus would consider that as self defense. I have however, seen a woman who was told to abort her baby, due to birth defects, who was a pastors wife, carry her baby to full term, and give birth to a normal, healthy baby girl. Could it have been instead have been a different outcome, and a difficult thing to deal with? Yes, of course, but it was not, and I know that there is a God who made it good, in that case. A God who I trust in many other cases as well.

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      • There is literally no reason why a,baby has to be killed for the life of the mother, unless you are talking ectopic pregnancy, which is usually very early on and the baby is not viable and usually dead before serious issues arise. Usually complications arise in pregnancy that are solved by immediate delivery of the baby…not a slow induction/abortion process.

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  4. Second only to islam, Planned Parenthood is the most evil, heinous and destructive murder operation on this planet; even to nuclear war.

    The wanton murder of innocents is unconscionable to a normal human being, no matter their culture or creed – EXCEPT for mozlems – the followers of islam.

    But that’s just my humble opinion.

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  5. Murder is not a women’s health service.

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    • EXACTLY DAVE….I’ve said it before here and will say it again: Except for saving the life of the mother, abortion is NEVER a health care “service.” It is just plain taking the life of an otherwise viable human, one that has no “rights” in our society as yet…and legally…NO VOICE….Mostly for being in- convenient or other reasons related to convenience.

      Can you really convince me that we, in the 21st century/amongst the most successful of societies on EARTH can NOT FIGURE OUT A BETTER WAY to help women who have unwanted children on the way? We can NOT solve this problem in any other way that serves both the mother & child, besides ripping these children from the womb? I count this, my whole life, and into my grave, as our most pitiful, most blaring, most aggrieved failure as a society, as a government (b/c it became law), and as a people. It has continually illustrated (and led us into even FURTHER failures) our lack of vision, lack of faith in our humanity, and lack of faith in our future as a country who welcomes the “least of us” into our care.

      And now, we have an even more evil layer of abortion services: providing aborted baby body parts for sale…..replete with instructions about HOW to abort/cut up/kill the living child so as to “preserve” major organs or parts so as to be more viable for selling…….What have they always said about that “slippery slope” in law? Well….we started that slide with Roe v Wade, and NOW, it has slid down into this disgusting gutter of selling baby parts from the abortion mill as a “side-line” business. IN ADDITION TO the MILLIONS received from the tax monies generated from you and me …showered upon them by the FEDS….OUR elected representatives.

      So, I’d like to KNOW exactly WHEN we, as a nation, crossed the line into this evil netherworld of selling baby body parts and not only “dismiss” it as “business as usual,” but we FUND IT through our collective TAXES paid by nearly one and all, the middle class suckers in this country? Which, just LIKE the “Fugitive Slave Act” before the Civil War, directed EVERYONE in the country who encountered a fugitive slave to become a SLAVE CATCHER….or suffer Federal prison as a consequence if found out.. I SEE NO DIFFERENCE between our Federal monies given to this vile organization to fund abortions and baby-body-part vending…..and the Fugitive Slave Act. This money given to this organization out of Federal funds….makes ME –against my will and against my religious AND civil beliefs—-an aborter and baby-body-part vender! (And, just SEE how fast I’d end up in Federal prison if I witheld a percentage of my tax dollars from the Feds that they give to this organization). These people need to be AXED immmediately. They should have been after the baby-parts vending business was revealed…no matter HOW it came about to the public knowledge….but OBAMA was president then (you know…the one who voted as a state legislator against providing life-sustaining care to a baby born alive after an abortion attempt—it should be put in a closet and left to DIE— b/c for it to live…would deny the mother’s “rights” and interfere with Roe v Wade…HOW DAMNED STUPID CAN YOU BE????? Evidently stupid enough to subsequently be elected as the first fake “Black” POTUS…..)

      ANd, just think….all this said…and I’m NOT EVEN Catholic…..I’m “just” a teacher who sees everyday the potential of children whom I greet & teach everyday ….and the lost potential to our lives and our country from all those children whom I will NEVER EVER meet, because they were sacrificed to “convenience” and law as someone’s “right” in a sterile room on a pleasant street corner one day in an “average-looking” non-threatening office-like-business-as-usual building with the moniker “PLANNED PARENTHOOD” over the entry way.

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  6. The sacred mystery is childbirth which starts at conception…God became man incarnated into the flesh of Christ who allowed Himself to be born of a pure Virgin – the Mother of life..The whole scenario was written in the Stars and foretold by the original Zodiac which portrayed the Virgin being born and bringing forth our Savior the God man. The Babylonians even had incantations about the Virgin and the God man…The whole concept was corrupted by Satan and Eve which led to evil Goddess figures which needed the sacrifice of children for appeasement…This is what abortion is today in a different guise of course but it still remains the same…We have been brainwashed into thinking its ok to abort and kill a child being created through God’s natural process of laws which he set up …When a baby is conceived the Holy Ghost creates a living soul at its begining just as it happened in Mary upon Christ’s conception. Killing a child is a mortal sin against the whole Ghost and I believe this could be the unforgivable sin Christ spoke about.
    In the Bible God said “Yet she shall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety”. This shows how sacred Child bearing is in being able to redeem women from the sin of Eve..

    Also Jesus replied, “I tell you the solemn truth, unless a person is born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
    Nicodemus said to him, “How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter his mother’s womb and be born a second time, can he?” (This concerns the sacred mystery which started with God becoming flesh in Christ and re linking heaven and earth for all future Christians)
    Jesus answered, “I tell you the solemn truth, unless a person is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. 6 What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit….When we are born we are both flesh and spirit thanks to Christ who is God eternal…

    Women are being corrupted by feminism; the belief that being single with a career is more important then motherhood which is constantly pushed by our Satanic world rulers. They want to destroy God’s creation by making transgenderism acceptable and normal and also pushing the gay and lesbian agenda..I am gay but I can see how the agenda is not about rights but really about destroying traditional Christian values which revolve around the belief in our Lord. Women have the most important role in creation since they bring forth future souls for God which is why its Satan’s main target in the war against God. Our Blessed mother Mary was once revered by women and looked up to because of her dignity and grace in the face of evil who killed her Son our Savior without Mercy. Women chose to remain virgins before marriage at one time because they had a moral view thanks to Mary’s role and Christ’s teachings. I believe Satan as Mary predicted has been let loose on the world for the last hundred or so years and is doing all he can to damn as many souls possible. God gives us freewill to decide our fate and is testing us…The more we give in to evil the more depraved we become; God gives us chances in our life to turn back towards Him.. The evil that started after Eve disobeyed Christ is again upon us which is the reason abortion is so popular and the elevation of women is so important. God hated how the Goddess’ of back in the days were worshipped by rituals of orgies and child sacrifice.. It is the reason God wanted women to remain silent and dignified and raising children as mothers.


  7. PP is the perfect money laundering scam, we give them hundreds of millions,and they in turn, “donate” to the dems.
    Add in all the abortions and you have one Dispicable organization.

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  8. When mr sperm meets ms egg there’s a discernable spark of light in the moment of fertilization…

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  9. Planned Parenthood finally decided to “explain” abortion – by creating an animation of an unborn baby as a white glob. While the liberal media praised the “education” lesson, Planned Parenthood couldn’t be further from the truth…

    Planned Parenthood Cartoon Draws Unborn Baby as a Dot [Video]

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  10. Good news…😊

    Trump signs bill allowing states to strip funding from Planned Parenthood

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