Obama set up DOJ slush fund to funnel $billions to anti-Trump groups

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer.

Writing for LewRockwell.com — the eponymous website of Lew Rockwell, former congressional chief of staff of Ron Paul — on March 6, 2017, Hagopian voices an assertion shared by many — that Barack Obama has set up a shadow government to subvert and overturn the legitimately-elected presidency of Donald John Trump. Referring to FBI Director James Comey’s reported rejection of President Trump’s claim of having been illegally wiretapped by the Obama administration, Hapopian writes:

The United States federal government in Washington is under attack today. Our nation’s capital is presently under siege, not from military bombs or rockets fired by any foreign enemy but from powerful enemies within. With Obama-Hillary-Soros forces ostensibly maneuvering outside official government channels, against America’s legitimately elected President Trump, and their loyalist foot soldiers – the neocons and intelligence community loyalists within the CIA/NSA/FBI still operating inside deep state, criminally conspiring with Mainstream Media, this sinister alliance is also organizing legions of clueless young leftist protesters to be at the ready for deployment in the streets to wreak havoc violently rioting as paid agitator insurgents. What we have here on our hands is an American Spring uprising, an insurgent regime change operation taking place right here in our own country currently bent on overthrowing America’s existing “democratically elected” government.

We know that:

  • Unlike other ex-presidents, Obama has chosen to remain in Washington, D.C., in a rented townhouse just two miles from the White House.
  • Obama’s consigliere, former White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, recently moved into the same townhouse.

As reported by Leon Wagener for the Daily Mail, March 1, 2017:

Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation’s capital – just two miles away from the White House – into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump.

Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.

And Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion with  the former president and Michelle Obama, long time best friends.

But a shadow government requires money, and not just money from George Soros’ various foundations that, we know, fund protests and riots. In the video below, FoxNews reports that the House Judiciary Committee discovered that right before he left the White House, Obama had set up a slush fund with multi-billions of taxpayer dollars in the Department of Justice, the money of which went into a number of “liberal” outside groups, including:

  • National Council of La Raza
  • National Community Reinvestment Coalition
  • National Urban League

As former Governor Mike Huckabee well articulates:

“Somebody ought to go to prison for this. I mean this is worse than a mafia shakedown because at least if the mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn’t burn down. But this is a case where the liberals have played Robin Hood. They’d stolen from the government — the taxpayers — and they’ve given it to their pals.”

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22 responses to “Obama set up DOJ slush fund to funnel $billions to anti-Trump groups

  1. the hidden government is starting to surface

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  2. Good Lord, how close we came to sheer ruin!

    Please keep on this story; the MSM surely won’t!

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  3. The slush funds and how they are obtained is not generally known but is also not really a secret.
    Let’s say for instance….a bank is in jeopardy, it gets a bail out{settlement} but repays something in the future. Let’s say in part of that repayment program it can pay towards a type of charity/non profit which is set to help the community in some way. There are many of these, some good and most not really known or looked at to what they really are or promote but they pass through as charity/non profit ngo type. Now let’s say the bank repays in this way but for every dollar amount it goes towards one of these it gets a double credit for payment. A dollar may equal 2 dollars as paid. Get it?
    You can easily search on your own how this works out. You won’t like it either but…..it will open your eyes. Obama is not the only one who has done this to be sure but it is certainly plain to see with some of the listed orgs it has gone to….they appear beyond the pale.

    On a good note there happens to be a bill which has been introduced…here is a link to it and I would strongly encourage you to make those calls to your reps where you would like this to go further….can’t hurt to at least voice your own concern.

    H. Rept. 114-694 – STOP SETTLEMENT SLUSH FUNDS ACT OF 2016

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    • Shappens . . . God Bless you for this most valuable information. Some time ago when I heard of these “settlements,” the first thing I wondered is why isn’t this money either going back to account holders in the bank, because obviously they were harmed in some manner OR have the monies applied to pay down the national debt.

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    • Obama is plotting against an elected POTUS…That is TREASON.

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  4. Trump and company need to drain the swamp ASAP.

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  5. Here is that link again….written and easily read.


    Purpose and Summary

    H.R. 5063, the ``Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2016,'' 

    prohibits terms in Department of Justice (DOJ) settlements that
    direct or provide for payments to non-victim third-parties.

                Background and Need for the Legislation
    A year-long Committee investigation has revealed that the 

    DOJ is pushing and even requiring settling defendants to donate
    money to non-victim third-parties.
    Donations can earn up to double credit against defendants’
    overall payment obligations, while credit for direct relief to
    consumers is merely dollar-for-dollar. What is more, documents
    show that groups that stood to gain from these mandatory
    donations lobbied DOJ to include them in settlements. DOJ has
    funneled third-party groups as much as $880 million dollars in
    just the last 2 years. These payments occur entirely outside of
    the Congressional appropriations and grant oversight process.
    What is worse, in some cases, DOJ-mandated donations restore
    funding that Congress specifically cut.
    It is critical that Congress act. DOJ is ignoring Congress’
    concerns–increasing the use of third-party payments, even as
    Congress objects. Just last month, DOJ included such terms in
    its settlement with Goldman Sachs.
    The purpose of DOJ enforcement actions should be punishment
    and redress to actual victims. Carrying that concept to
    communities at large or community groups, however worthy, is a
    matter for the Legislative branch and is not to be conducted at
    the unilateral discretion of the Executive.
    This is fundamentally a bipartisan, institutional issue.
    That is one reason that an amendment banning mandatory
    donations in last year’s Commerce, Justice, Science and Related
    Agencies Appropriations Act passed the House by voice vote.

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  6. So….here is the question….who is the DOJ? You know that….you’ll know the rest.

    What is worse, in some cases, DOJ-mandated donations restore
    funding that Congress specifically cut.

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  7. traildustfotm

    I am convinced that Obama must be brought to justice for this and many other crimes. Even though it sets up a bad precedent when an incoming leader throws the previous leader in jail, but we have gone beyond that level now. We need to realize the nature of the Obama threat. Eric Holder is quoted as saying, “The president is ready to roll,” referring to Obama’s presidency in the present tense. What we are looking at is not Watergate, but something more like Egypt throwing off Muslim Brotherhood by force, and militarily regaining their nation.

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  8. Immediately; Summarily deport George Soros to Hungary. Indict and arrest Barack Obama.Declare a national emergency and summarily terminate every Obama hire in sensitive positions in all 16 intelligence-gathering agencies. It’ll be a lot of personnel. Do it anyway.

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    • I’m with you TXfella. I understand they have a warrant for his arrest in Hungary so Trump should oblige and extradite the bastard. Hang every one of the traitors for sedition, starting with Obama.

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  9. I think it has gotten to the point where the average American citizen, who has been astutely aware of what our government has done to us, are ready to unequivocally declare, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. There are also huge numbers of people discovering this for the first time everyday. I would love to see every single one of these criminal government bureaucrats locked up and never released; but there might be a more efficient and more enjoyable way of taking care of business. Have a handful of them, minus their bodyguards and big cars, driven to the outskirts of every small southern town, every day of every week, and released to the locals to fend for themselves. Talk about terror and panic! They would either disappear and never be seen or heard from again, or they would be turning themselves in for the criminals they are, just so the local sheriffs would jail them and keep the angry unwashed masses at bay. They need to learn the hard way that you can only push people so far.

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    • According to George Webb the days of “support your local sheriff” are waning. Many sheriffs have been compromised by alphabet soup agency money and/or because they served as mercs overseas (running or helping to run different oil rat lines or human trafficking rat lines) and have come back to pull the same routines here as they did for DynCorp overseas.
      Sheriffs were always the last stronghold between the gov’t and the citizen. They worked for the citizens—so they had to be compromised, IMO, before the hard take down starts.

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  10. The Obamination & Clintonistas certainly prove the truth of Sinclair Lewis’s major political novel & statement, ‘It Can’t Happen Here’, as it’s already done so.

    And please note that Internet Ignoranti [II], along w/the old-time Illuminati, confuses Upton Sinclair with Sinclair Lewis, much to our amusement and their further confounding ‘We the people’ for their purposes, such as this despicable deliberate criminality in act, if not yet in law.

    Finally, one wonders how many more of these delay-fused bombs we’ll live to see, as each WH occupant inserts another before departure.

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  11. Good article on how the Obama DOJ operated like a criminal syndicate in shaking down banks to fund left wing activist groups…

    The Obama Regime’s Criminal Syndicate


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