California police chief sends letter to illegal aliens he won’t enforce immigration laws

Carlos G. Basurto, the police chief of Windsor in northern California, is in open defiance of the Trump administration’s immigration policy and laws.

Basurto has penned a letter in Spanish assuring the illegal aliens in his town — including those who are criminals — that they will not be deported because his agency will not enforce federal immigration laws.

From Judicial Watch, March 2, 2017:

The chief of police in an upscale northern California town has issued a letter in Spanish to illegal immigrants in his city assuring them that they’re safe from deportation because his agency “will not engage in federal immigration enforcement activities.” Police in Windsor, which is situated about 60 miles north of San Francisco, will not arrest or detain any person for immigration violations or conduct “sweeps” to locate those “illegally present in the United States,” the letter states.

Windsor’s police chief, Carlos G. Basurto, reveals in the letter that he is the grandson of illegal immigrants and knows that an overwhelmingly large percentage of illegal aliens are good, decent and hard-working. “I am committed to provide them and all other segments of our community with a safe and healthy community for all to enjoy and prosper and to have a feeling of equality,” the chief writes to illegal aliens in his municipality of about 28,000 residents. Basurto concedes that in his 28 years in law enforcement he’s seen illegal immigrants who are violent gang members, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, human traffickers and child abusers. “To think that this does not exist and that all immigrants are good people, is to be either naïve, uninformed or in denial,” the chief writes, confirming that “there is a segment committed to violence, drugs and domestic terrorism.”

With that said, the top law enforcement official in this California town vows to protect illegal aliens from federal authorities, even those with minor offenses. “Our community involves and includes everyone,” Chief Basurto writes. “I don’t want anyone, and I emphasize anyone, to be afraid to call upon us for assistance, information, advice or to report any crime or issue in our town.” The reassurances continue; “If you are an undocumented immigrant in the Town of Windsor, you do not need to fear the officers of the Windsor Police Department nor assume that they have any reason to bother you, detain you or arrest you for simply being undocumented. Your immigration status is completely irrelevant to us.” He adds that his agency collaborates with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to apprehend “serious or violent criminals” under the condition that ICE refrain from arresting any person based on immigration status or low-level offenses.

Deep in the three-page letter the chief acknowledges that illegal entry to the United States is against the law, but his personal convictions evidently allow him to look the other way. His grandparents came from Mexico and worked in the fields and ranches of California and when he was in junior high he and his brother worked in the prune fields to earn money for school clothes. This taught Basurto to appreciate immigrant workers. “We also knew that most, if not all of these people, emigrated here from other countries to do this work, for little pay, in hopes of making a better life for themselves and their families,” the chief writes. “In essence, I can relate to these people, because like many of us in this town, we are these people.”

Guaranteeing illegal aliens that they’ll be shielded from federal authorities technically constitutes a sanctuary city, but Windsor officials say this could bring consequences under the new administration so they’re keeping it quiet. A local Spanish newspaper article reports that town manager Linda Kelly, a seasoned government official, has recommended that Windsor keep its sanctuary practices under the radar because President Donald Trump has threatened to cut federal funds to sanctuary cities. Instead, Windsor will adopt a resolution that omits the word sanctuary, instead declaring the town to be a united community that values diversity and the contributions of all residents.

Report outlaw police chief Carlos Basurto to the DOJ:


26 responses to “California police chief sends letter to illegal aliens he won’t enforce immigration laws

  1. Entering the country illegally is a federal felony punishable by 5 years in prison and deportation. Bank robbery also is a federal felony. If chief Bashurto decides not to enforce the first law, will he also decided not to enforce the second law should I take it upon myself to rob a bank? How did we get to a society in which police officers who are sworn to uphold the law decide that they’re not going to uphold the law if they just don’t happen to agree with it?

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  2. traildustfotm

    California has BIG problems. I pray the people of that state begin to wake up.

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  3. town manager Linda Kelly, a seasoned government official, has recommended that Windsor keep its sanctuary practices under the radar because President Donald Trump has threatened to cut federal funds to sanctuary cities. Instead, Windsor will adopt a resolution that [omits the word sanctuary[, instead declaring the town to be a [united community] that values diversity and the contributions of all residents.

    Illegal united sanctuary community!

    They can re word it/rename/re brand it however they want….it doesn’t negate ‘illegal entry’ anymore than walking in my home without consent.

    I personally am not concerned so much with grandpa, kids and their kids. 3 generations worth. What I am concerned with is the wave of invaders which have flocked to the US of A in the last ten! They were highly encouraged by their own leaders to come here and get a job….I remember it as it was on the news/internet.

    Mass amounts of immigration of all types and kinds have been fomented for a specific reason. I am not going to go into who or what…as it will seem the same thing repeated over again.

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  4. Leftists putting their agenda (power) ahead of country…

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  5. Decisions have consequences and if this chief of police decides to obstruct justice, and coddle illegals, so be it. Let him bear the consequences of THEIR actions, as well.

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  6. The corrupting of the police, the forming of them as an instrument of oppression, the rendering of them impotent, the replacing of them with an informer apparatus of subjects?! Yeah, it’s in there:

    Protocols 17:10 “…Among the number of those methods one of the most important is–agents for the restoration of order, so placed as to have the opportunity in their disintegrating activity of developing and displaying their evil inclinations–obstinate self-conceit, irresponsible exercise of authority, and, first and foremost, venality.”

    Protocols 17:8 “…and consequently a police without any power, will only witness and report: verification of their reports and arrests will depend upon a responsible group of controllers of police affairs, while the actual act of arrest will be performed by the gendarmerie and the municipal police. Any person not denouncing anything seen or heard concerning questions of polity will also be charged with and made responsible for concealment, if it be proved that he is guilty of this crime. “

    Once the police are rendered impotent in the keeping of order, the people will be more easily forced to serve as informers against their fellow countrymen. Just such a system was used in East Germany under the Khazarians Markus Wolf, and Albert Norden.

    An American citizen, not Us subject.


  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Appears to me that he may be illegal himself. He concedes his grand parents were immigrants, with out declaring whether they were legal or not. That is the essence of much of the problem. They believe, along with many ignorant real U.S. citizens, that once they are here, they are entitled to all rights.

    Illegal aliens, naturalized citizens, first generation citizens and even further down, of this past few decades, are still more determined to honor and maintain the heritage and culture of their origins, and are indifferent to the laws of this host nation and principles of our Constitution. They are like a parasitic infestation bound to the death of the host.

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    • Kevin . . . I was most taken by your statement . . . “They are like a parasitic infestation bound to the death of the host.” I think that says it all in one sentence.

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  8. Wow! So the police chief gets to decide what is a crime and what isn’t. He must be woefully underpaid as that job is usually performed by the state and/or Federal government. What is it about California that makes some of its citizens (not all) think they are so much smarter than everyone else?

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  9. “an overwhelmingly large percentage of illegal aliens are good, decent and hard-working. ”
    He’s probably right-except that they’re STARTING their new lives here by becoming CRIMINALS. Refusing to enforce that law,as controversial as it may be,makes HIM as Criminal as those he’s protecting. He should now hand his Badge and gun to a US Marshall and be removed from office in cuffs.

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    • I certainly agree, just because he is the Chief of Police in that town does not relieve him from his contractual duty of obeying the law, and carrying out current laws, whether he agrees with them or not. I agree . . . “he should now hand his Badge and gun to a US Marshall and be removed from office in cuffs.” If he is not willing to carry out the laws that are on the books–then he has no business wearing the badge of law officer! truckjunkie . . . I certainly agree this turkey is a CRIMINAL himself. If there are those in the city council who wish to back this guy up . . . then they too should be put under arrest, and removed from whatever governmental job they may hold.

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  10. Makes you wonder “IF” he’s legal! Either way he is a pathetic excuse for a peace officer, Chief or peon! I will be willing to bet this is a violation of his OATH of office.

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    • David . . . I have a very hard time imagining that it is not “a violation of his OATH of office” to not enforce the laws as written, and to refuse to work with the Federal agency which is ICE.

      Some may feel I am a racist when I write this next part. That is far from the truth. We have seen the Hispanic judge in Portland, lead a Hispanic law breaker (DUI) out an employees only door so that he could evade waiting ICE agents; now we see this Chief of Police who is also Hispanic refusing to carry out his job to its fullest. This leads me to believe that when voters vote for Hispanics, they need to take into consideration whether or not this person will use their race as a factor in deciding whether they are willing to obey the laws or not. As for me, I will take a good and hard look at any Hispanic people running for government positions where they could possibly try to negate the laws of our land. I want people who will defend and uphold Our Constitution as it is currently written! Period!

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  11. Mexico has put out printed and power-point instructions/suggestions for its citizens who are here illegally in the USA, about how to avoid ICE—beginning with “don’t answer the door.”

    NEWS FLASH! YOU ALL who train up your children, supposedly born here, to scream ” pledge allegiance to Mexico” in my classroom while we are saying the American Pledge…..who send your kids to school to graffiti my room, my books, all their turned-in work, etc ad nauseum…with the MEXICAN FLAG and with “Brown Power,” and so on: MEXICO DOES NOT WANT YOU BACK!

    (Of course—they NEVER want the “mal” boys and girls back….but…..they don’t want the “good ones” back, either) ….They want those most “mal” to stay here and be OUR probelmo—and those who live here decently/yet illegally to stay put—b/c they are the ones who send remittances home to relatives in Mexico to the tune of the HIGHEST contribution to the Mexican economy in the last century…..The citizens of the USA provide the stability/operating cash for the entire Mexican economy and government…They can’t run those presses fast enough to send out those ICE-avoidance instructions/ messages. OTHERWISE—-if Trump succeeds even by HALF….Mexico might have to take care of its OWN PROBLEMS for the first time in a century or more……

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    • CalGirl . . . love what you added to this discussion. It sickens me that we have Mexican nations attending school here and disrupting the education of others. I whole heartedly agree, it is nonsense that all that money flows out of our country and goes to Mexico to support their lifestyle. . . “.if TRUMP succeeds even by HALF …. Mexico might have to take care of its OWN PROBLEMS for the first time in a century or more ……. ” I am backing Trump all the way. I think it is successful that ICE agents are finally allowed to do their job!

      God Bless the USA! God Bless President Donald J Trump!

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    • Exactly…

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  12. Another pro-criminal Police Chief! No wonder California is a crime ridden sewer! And the pro-criminal politicians in California keep passing more laws to make it more difficult for decent honest citizens to defend themselves against the criminals and crazies that these pro-criminal politicians put back on the streets. These pro-criminal politicians are easy to spot. They have a (D) after their name!

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  13. If we lose CA, at least we’ll get rid of Helliwood.

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  14. If the Chief can’t uphold the law, he should resign. When people begin to enforce only the laws they agree with, society no longer has law and order.

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  15. Never fear! It’s always about the money. When his broke city gov’t can’t get Federal funds for his next pay raise, which will cause his vacation home to go into insolvency, he’ll change his tune mid song and declare he was never in support of illegals! The press and the people ‘misunderstood’ him. See, Liberals love money too much to be dedicated to causes. Causes don’t pay the rent.

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  17. ManCavePatriot

    An EO by President Trump requiring ALL employers to use E-Verify before hiring would eliminate the problem. As I recall, Obama would not pass the E-Verify test.


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