Many teens say there’s no reason to get driver’s license


From Sacramento Bee: At 16, Henry Stock doesn’t see many reasons to get a driver’s license. He can walk to stores near his home in Hollywood, Fla. Many of his friends are fellow gamers he can talk to online. And he can use a mobile ride-sharing app to get a ride when he needs one.

So while Stock has a learner’s permit, he hasn’t yet made much of a dent in the 50 hours of supervised driving he needs to get a full license in Florida.  “It’s more time and effort than I want to put into something that won’t benefit me a lot right now,” Stock said.

Other teens see things the same way. The share of high school seniors across the country who have a driver’s license dropped from 85.3 percent in 1996 to a record low 71.5 percent in 2015, according to data from the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future survey.

The drop has been sharpest in the South, where the share of high school seniors with a driver’s license fell from 88.6 percent in 1996 to 71.2 percent in 2015. High school seniors are most likely to have a license in the Midwest – 80.4 percent – and least likely to have one in the Northeast – 64.8 percent.

Part of the reason is economic: fewer jobs, especially during the Great Recession, which meant teens didn’t need to get to work and had less money to bankroll their rides. But even as the economy improved, the share of high school seniors with a license has generally been on the decline. That’s partly a result of tough new rules imposed on young drivers and an explosion in ride-hailing and ride-sharing services.

The shift appears to be having a direct impact on safety.

Drivers aged 16 to 19 are among the most dangerous on the road. They are three times more likely than older drivers to be in a fatal crash. But even as that teenage population has increased from 14.9 million in 1996 to 16.9 million in 2015, the number of drivers in that age group involved in fatal crashes fell by more than half, from 6,021 to 2,898, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an industry-funded nonprofit. Read more about the safety statistics here.

A 2012 survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that the most common reason for teens to delay getting a license was not having a car. More than a third cited gasoline and other costs, and many, like Stock, also mentioned the ability to get around without driving.

The recession and its aftermath deprived teens of work opportunities as many older workers were laid off and started to compete for lower-level jobs. The unemployment rate for 16- to 19-year-olds was near 25 percent from 2009 to 2013.

“That means 1 in 4 teenagers who wanted a job couldn’t find one,” said Moore of the data institute. “The reality is if you graduated high school at the worst of the recession, you were having a hard time supporting yourself as a teen driver.”

High teen unemployment coincided with some of the biggest drops in license rates for high school seniors, from 82.1 percent in 2005 to 72.1 percent in 2011, Monitoring the Future data show.

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22 responses to “Many teens say there’s no reason to get driver’s license

  1. illegals are competing with teens for work as well..
    another thing to consider is the high autism rate among today’s youth…driving requires focus, attention, dexterity, and multitasking (signaling while verifying it’s clear to pass, parallel parking, u-turn, etc) and many cannot perform these functions simultaneously…all this means is that we will have youth who will become adults who have no clear understanding of what it means to be independent…Americans used to pride themselves on being able to travel because of the freedom it entailed…now, we believe being free means choosing your gender.

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    • Anonymous . . . that poster blows my mind. How can any generation be so stupid?

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    • Ha Ha Anon—my vapid sister-in-law won’t eat my “home grown eggs” (from happy hens—who ALL have NAMES, & who have a big hen house, a protected yard, constant high-value food and forage/free range—which means, too, BTW…that my hens live a natural life of anywhere from 5-10 years…compared to the 2 yrs or less of the caged/cramped commercial layers) b/c, according to her, “….my hens “shit” them out.” But she eats the ones from the grocery store, which I assume then means that she has a notion that they are manufactured by General Mills…. 🙂 This is what comes of people being disconnected from their food sources/food gathering/producing for probably only 2-3 generations…..( a span of approx 100 years or maybe less….). Shows you how fast we become stupid or helpless when skills and knowledge about sustaining your own life becomes almost extinct through dependency instead of self-determination, self- responsibility…….

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  2. Many of the carless teens I talk to mention most often that it is the behavior of the gun and badge thugs that deters them from gaining a license and/or car. They all cite knowledge of roadside rights violations of friends and family.

    Of note, the biggest fear of the carless and teen drivers alike that I know is not of being being robbed or harmed by a badged thug. The most prevalent fear the they have is of “evidence” being planted on them and having their lives irrevocably ruined by some unaccountable thug.

    Several have also mentioned that “DUI” now means anything, and that they fear being caught up in, and having their lives ruined, by such despotism: Arizona persecuting a substance free man for “DUI”; California persecuting a man for “DUI” by way of caffeine.

    The gun and badge thugs were tyrannical when I got my license so many Moons ago, so I can only imagine what it is like now with them being essentially extensions of the US tyranny. A tyranny that daily sees fit to bomb schools and wedding parties on a whim, and is active in turning nation after nation into their playgrounds for plunder and murder.

    An American citizen, not US subject.


    • Why jihadists eagerly support the crap of their Leftist useful idiot buddies.

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    • Where I grew up,a motorcycle or car (or,more often,a truck) was pretty near mandatory,due to the distance from anywhere to anywhere else. Some of the Ranch kids got to drive to school and home at as young as 10 years old. (but NO place else.) The Law Enforcement was largely honest,decent people;they didn’t well tolerate crooked Officers or thugs,because that kind of behavior just made THEIR jobs harder to do. They’re STILL pretty good,and I know how lucky we are to have ’em.
      I HAVE lived in places where the only difference between the cops and the crooks was the badges the cops wore. Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to re-locate. The main point is,it was nearly unheard of for a youth to reach the age of 16 and NOT want a license to drive and to work and earn enough money to buy a car,and we didn’t FEAR the Cops. (Of course some of us had our run-ins with the Law,but that was just part of growing up.)

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      • There’s a good chance that my generation straddled the era of cops become thugs.

        The Article 3, Section 3, treason, “War on Drugs” was launched in 1971. That, and the upturning of society in the 60’s and first half of the 70s pretty much accelerated the process of cops becoming thugs.

        My father says that it ALL changed, not with the JFK coup, or MLK and RFK democides, but in August of 1968 in Chicago. My father also noted a big change came about as jurisdictions morphed traffic tickets in to the fiction of civil offenses instead of criminal offenses. “The cops just became revenuers. More inclined to write a ticket, than help a citizen.”

        There was a palpable difference between the gun and badge thugs’ attitudes and behaviors while I was in middle school, and their attitudes and behaviors when I graduated high school. In that time, the Reagan admin had heated up the treasonous “War on Drugs,” and the Unconstitutional 55 “speed limit” had turned every gun and badge thug in to a mulcting machine. Additionally, the Unconstitutional 21 to drink laws extended everyone’s adolescence in to their 20s (adults still children), and further set the thugs against the people.

        An American citizen, not US subject.

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  3. The first question that comes to my mind is . . . . since fewer of the most dangerous driver’s are on our roads . . . WHY HASN’T CAR INSURANCE GONE DOWN TO REFLECT THIS CHANGE? Could it be that the greedy insurance companies are just “pocketing” the savings?

    DCG . . . great post!

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    • Great thought, Auntie. I can attest abt CA, where car insurance is as high as monthly health insurance premiums & deductibles are even higher—you can hardly afford to insure yourself so as to get to work/PAY for insurances of BOTH kinds & your own survival…or, if you are a family, any teen drivers. Why, if there are fewer teen drivers, fewer high-risk teen-involved accidents ….have our premiums NOT gone down? HMMMM, could it be….MAYBE b/c of UNINSURED…mostly illegal drivers? Here in CA? All over the country??

      Thank GOD we’ve not been severely injured, but 2 in our family have had cars “totaled” by uninsured illegals who smashed us up & then ran away from the scene on foot. Guess whose insurance “paid” for our losses? OURS! PLUS, CA “uninsured driver transgression” sludge fund (tax payer money) covered a little bit more ($2,000 ea time) of what was not covered by our insurance……

      Personally….back to the teen drivers—the rule in my home was that, the kids could get their learner’s permit at 16, but they had to keep on renewing it until age 18 to get their licenses. We simply could NOT afford to have a solo teen driver on our insurance at the time, so, we delayed it for as long as we could, and, thank goodness, our kids were 6 years apart…so, it spread things out a bit and we could plan for the expense, one at a time. (At 18 they went away to college WITHOUT a car, & so we were able to receive a very minimal rate for them through college years then….).

      The other thing, as noted in this post, is that kids can’t get jobs anymore to pay for even a junker “first” car OR insurance. Both my husband and I had jobs from mid-teens-on into young adulthood/ end of college in the private sector….lawn mowing, shoveling snowy sidewalks, delivering papers, bagging groceries, baby-sitting, cleaning houses, theatre ticket booth, fast food jobs & “go-fer” at construction sites….cleaning rat cages in the psy dept of the college….90% of which I just named have been taken-over by the illegal “under the counter” ADULT shadow work force amongst us…..AND even SOME, by legal, grown adults who are struggling to support families–even though they might be qualified for far-higher paying, far-higher skilled jobs…..courtesy of Obamacare, which relagates them to multiple part-time , lower-paying jobs instead of one decent job b/c then, the employer would have to provide healthcare insurance. In the last many years, at least the last decade for sure, our “average” citizens have been hit from below and above. Literally—they’ve been between the rock and a hard place. And, when you get THERE, to that point…you can NOT extricate yourself…you are burning the candle at both ends by then. Dog-tired, stressed, backed into any corner for you & your situatiion, beaten by “the system.” You need decent human beings from amongst us who MIGHT be able to wade into this and AT LEAST build a coffer dam for you—if NOT outright save you from the tidal wave washing you and yours out to sea—–

      This is why Trump was elected. This is why the Dems lost Congress, the state houses, the governorships…THIS is what the Dems still holding out in our government services and the young, dependent, unemployed college kids demonstrating/burning/rioting out on our streets DON’T KNOW b/c they are NOT “THERE……….”” YET ((!!!!)

      Everyday I pray for Trump and for his advisors. He did NOT have to run for president. He has a lovely life—he is rich enough to ignore ALL OF US for the rest of his life(in fact, it so complicated his financial life /lifetime achievements to become our president that, IMO…it was not worth it…I don’t think I COULD have ever done it/given it up)—he could have let the nation go to hell in a handbasket—fall into socialism..subvert the Constitution, “whatever”…& he’d still have had his comfy life…..he did not have to subject not only himself, but his wife, children and grandchildren to the vile treatment which they’ve been shown by our sicko-acting Democratic Party populace. He’s been disrupted/stressed by the demands of his job, and now, raked over by maybe even our former president or at least surrogates left behind…..I prayed all the way into this election & I will not cease, because the need for prayer for our great nation has not ceased…it has evidently doubled.

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  4. Another angle to consider. Maybe the era of personal automobiles is starting to ebb. Most if not all things do. All technologies change over time and, gee whiz, I’m thinking that because people don’t like to work anymore than they have to, to get what it is that they want, that they are going to keep coming up with ways to fulfill that dream. Not always the right way, wrong way, your way or my way.
    Now where did I put my buggy-whip and tin hat?

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    • I understand the technology aspect. Yet isn’t driving kind of a necessary skill? What if you need to get someone to a hospital in an emergency? What if you need to evacuate in the event of an impending natural disaster? What about for work, i.e., ambulance driver, fireman, mechanic (who should probably know how to drive), military, etc.

      Man, I couldn’t wait to get my license as soon as I turned 16 – the freedom!!

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      • DCG . . . unfortunately, perhaps todays young people feel they will forever live in Mom and Dad’s basement, and will never have to step up and assume adulthood, including driving a car. If someone had a pregnant wife are they really going to call Uber to get a ride to the hospital.

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  5. And this just in about Uber:
    “Uber Used Secret ‘Greyball’ Tool to Evade Authorities Report Finds,” by Phil Baker, P.J. Media, 4 Mar 2017

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  6. Yep, it’s always been the NWO’s plan to make idiots of the children through generational marginalized schools and poisoned environments where they are scared of everything and have no discernment skills. Mix that with a crumbling economy and society in crisis and eventually there is no one left to fight the globalists. Move the survivors (slaves) into city regions, ban all private property, including cars, and remove the incentives for free speech, freedom of movement and independent thinking. So, these millennials are going to save us? Not holding my breath……..

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    • greenworxx . . . it saddens me to read the above. I wish that I could deny any part of it, but NO, all of it is unfortunately all to true. They are surrendering us at such a rate, judging by all the commotion on today’s campuses that it makes my head spin!

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    • Like this automated affirmation booth in the year 2032 from the movie Demolition Man:

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  7. From this post, the post-Millennial generation are content to remain dependent, and may be even worse than the Millennials.

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