Cornell protesters demand funding, housing for illegals


From Campus Reform: Students and faculty members at Cornell University demanded funding, housing, and sanctuary for illegal immigrant students and scholars during a demonstration Thursday.

Students and faculty gathered on the Arts Quad for “Sanctuary Now Cornell: Solidarity against Tyranny,” a public protest in support of illegal immigrants and hosted by the Cornell Coalition for Inclusive Democracy (CCID).

According to The Cornell Daily Sun, roughly 250 to 300 people attended the event, during which they asked the university to provide an “alternative funding source” for illegal immigrant students regardless of whether those students are protected by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

In addition, CCID said the university must provide shelter in the form of “housing and basic resources to stay on campus” for illegal and international students who are being advised not to travel, as well as provide temporary research positions to international scholars “fleeing dangerous situations abroad.”

“CCID demands the immediate implementation of these measures, which draw on the best aspects of Cornell and Ithaca’s abolitionist and sanctuary traditions,” CCID wrote on the Facebook event page for the protest. “Cornell has a duty to create an atmosphere of dignity, human rights, and academic freedom.”

The protesters asked for traditional sanctuary campus measures as well, such as noncompliance with immigration detainer requests and refusal to seek immigration status information during police work.

History professor Russell Rickford, an organizer of the protest, led a number of chants, including “No ban. No wall. Sanctuary for all.”

“Our endangered community members still lack explicit assurance that the institution that took them in will protect them,” Rickford said to the crowd. “That’s shameful.”

Joe Margulies, a government and law professor, compared the deportation of illegal immigrants to the Palmer Raids, which were conducted by the U.S. Justice Department in 1919 and 1920 to expel foreign radical leftists and considered by many to be the peak of the Red Scare.

“The truth is most people will never stand with you; you will always be in a minority,” Margulies explained. “But, the truth is, we look back on those periods now as periods of grave injustice, where time has turned against what was done. And you don’t need the majority; what you need is a very dedicated, involved minority.

Notably, interim president Hunter Rawlings has already outlined steps the college has taken to address the concerns of the protesting group. On January 29, he released a statement promising to “honor [Cornell’s] commitments” to DACA students, provide legal assistance to international scholars detained while traveling and illegal immigrant students, and “continue to protect the privacy of our student information and records from unauthorized or unlawful intrusion.”

In December, Rawlings assured students he would continue to give funding to students who lost DACA status under the new Trump administration.



15 responses to “Cornell protesters demand funding, housing for illegals

  1. There is an old refrain taught to me by my Dad:
    “Far above Cayuga’s waters,
    There’s and awful smell.
    Some say it’s Cayuga’s waters,
    Most say it’s Cornell.”
    Once again, Dad was right.

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  2. How noble and generous. So how much of their student assistance money and faculty salaries will they be contributing to cover these costs? Money talks, bullshit walks.

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  3. Since the students are so gung ho on providing for illegals & others are not, they should figure out how much money it will cost THEM to implement their goal.

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  4. Vladimir Lenin, who coined the phrase “useful idiot” would have been proud. From coast to coast, we see an organized revolution funded and driven by Oligarchs, former high-ranking officials, and their leave behind apparatus in the intelligence community. At the same time, their well funded agenda of a soft coup is being carried out by half-witted, uninformed University students, professors, and rent-a-mobs. This is the face of the revolution that is presented to the public, not the reptilian image of Soros.

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  5. For those wondering why the universities are such a cauldron of nonsense. Yup, it’s in there:

    Protocols 16:1 “In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism – the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction. Their officials and professors will be prepared for their business by detailed secret programs of action from which they will not with immunity diverge, not by one iota. They will be appointed with especial precaution, and will be so placed as to be wholly dependent upon the government.”

    An American citizen, not US subject

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  6. There is little question that many of today’s university students are willing to “give away the store.” They haven’t a clue that money does not grow on trees, people have to go out and earn money. For any university employees that are guilty of fomenting this rebelliousness in students . . . give them their walking papers!

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  7. Something went very, very wrong at the Universities:

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  8. Thanks for posting this farce! You’d have trouble making this stuff up if you were a professional comedy writer. Yet another “token angry black man” on an Ivy League faculty, laughably made “professor of “history,” one Russell Rickford, apparently doesn’t realize or, more likely, doesn’t give a damn that the flood of immigrants he’s promoting will virtually guarantee that the neediest of blacks will never find a real job in their entire lives and that those immigrants will soak up the tax dollars that might otherwise have gone into rehabilitating black inner city neighborhoods. A blogger at Rickford’s former employer, Dartmouth, says the Left keep these black racists around as a sort of exotic pet to spice things up, but with an emasculated jackass like Hunter Rawlings at Cornell, it’s a case of the vicious dog walking the man.

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  9. I INSIST upon “redistribution!!!” I want my share of my tax dollars that go to supporting federal Pell grants and subsidies of any kind to any US college or universities who support “SANCTUARY” campuses……be split between the receivers and those illegals whom they wish to “take in” or protect. It would be just a GREAT bonus if these illegals could, TOO, move into their dorm rooms with them and split their cafeteria meals with them…..

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  10. Lawless….
    What has been understood/known that laws exist for very good reason’s has been thrown out the doors in their minds and beliefs and someone is promoting that heavily. We may not see who that promoter is but we can sure see the results of it.

    What has occurred with this per article as well as ‘today’s society’ is a very self centered interest in the me belief which may be masqueraded as social justice or a myriad of descriptive words using twisted theory and semantics.

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  11. Then let the Corn-hell students and faculty members pay for their felonious activities.

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  12. Strange goings on at Cornhole University!

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