Cat’s love helps severely autistic girl


Iris is a severely autistic girl.

She would not speak. She feared water, which made baths difficult.

But it all changed when a Maine Coon kitten was brought home one day.


Iris immediately bonded with Thula the cat, and was transformed with Thula’s faithful companionship.


Remarkably for cats, Thula likes water, and takes baths and swims with Iris.

Here’s the video:



18 responses to “Cat’s love helps severely autistic girl

  1. I love This! Cats really seem to have a sixth sense about people. Glad to see cats are also therapy pets. Now if cats were in office as Democats, instead of the “human” Democrats from the bowels of Hell, none of this garbage against President Trump would be happening. Cats agree with him bigly!

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    • IMO, Donald Trump should do what Caligula did. The next time Congress is in session, Trump should bring in a horse, since the horse has more common sense than the politicians.

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  2. Maine Coon Cats are awesome cats. And yes, they make fantastic therapy animals. I am so happy for this little girl. My son was diagnosed as multiple disabled. He suffers ADHD, Asperges Syndrome, bipolar, & he also has uncontrollable muscle spasms. Once we got a cat (part Maine Coon), my son instantly bonded with the cat. Now we have five other cats, along with a Papillon (who is also a trained therapy animal), and my son’s entire world changed for the better.

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    • Thank you for this wonderful testimony and story about the boundless love and identification amongst ourselves, our children, our loved ones, & our domesticated pets. As it says in the Bible—“to everything there is a purpose….there is a season…..” I feel this way about our “mute” domesticated pets and other animals who’ve served us throughout thousands of years…Contrary to what most believe….or think…These lovely companions are not “mute,” but speak so loudly that they sometimes speak FOR us, and certainly speak TO US.

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  3. Heartwarming. Thank you so much for sharing this good news!

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  4. Great story. It reminds me of the moving film, “The Woman Who Willed a Miracle”.

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  5. traildustfotm

    We have a Maine Coon Cat, and he is an amazing companion.

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  6. The little girl’s artwork is really beautiful and I believe they have prints for sale. Look closely at a few and you will find cat’s eyes! Maine coons are the best.

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  7. Very sweet story.

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  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this darling post. Thula renders healing care to Iris; every day I receive that kind of healing care from our fur and feather children, and a turtle too. These wonderful creatures really serve as expert healers for all of us. The kitty is so cute and reminds me of my kitty, “Poo Poo,” who now maintains that it is his job to take care of his mother. Thank you most Sweet Lord for all of your loving creatures!

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  9. Every once in awhile, something good happens in modern America.

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  10. I have an autistic daughter. She’s an adult now and still lives with us. We had a Maine Coon Cat for many years. They are unlike any other cat. Ours used to use the toilet and we never trained him.


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