Illegal alien rapes 3-year-old girl because he “wanted to be with a woman”


Illegal alien child rapist Hus-Flores/Stamford Police Photo

From Stamford Advocate: Police say the 19-year-old Cove man charged with sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl was supposed to attend an immigration hearing only hours before he was arrested Thursday morning.

Douglas Hus-Flores, a Guatemalan native, appears to have been living in Stamford illegally, police said. An immigration detainer has been placed on him as well as a $250,000 court appearance bond, following his arraignment at the Stamford courthouse Thursday afternoon.

Hus-Flores was charged with first-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor after the toddler was transported to Stamford Hospital for injuries and bleeding police say she sustained in the assault.

Lt. Tom Barcello said the girl’s mother called for an ambulance late Wednesday night after the child complained of pain. Stamford Hospital doctors determined the child’s injuries were likely caused by a sexual assault, Barcello said. “We got involved because it looked like something more than a medical call,” Barcello said.

The child was transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital, because Barcello said doctors there have more “expertise” to investigate a sexual assault of a young child.

Barcello said he believes the child has been released from the hospital into her family’s care. Barcello said the family and Hus-Flores live in the same residence.

According to a police report, Hus-Flores told police he heard the girl crying for her mother Wednesday night. He said he did not realize the girl’s mother was not in the house, so he gave her some yogurt to calm her down, the report said.

Hus-Flores said he and the girl went downstairs where they sat on a couch and he put the girl on his lap to watch cartoons on his phone, the report said. Hus-Flores told investigators he “felt lonely and wanted to be with a woman” and admitted sexually assaulting the girl, the police report said. Hus-Flores said he stopped when he realized what was happening, the report said.

According to the report, the girl’s mother returned home from soccer practice at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. The girl was crying and told her mother Hus-Flores touched her, according to the report.

Barcello confirmed Hus-Flores had an immigration hearing scheduled in Hartford on Thursday.


17 responses to “Illegal alien rapes 3-year-old girl because he “wanted to be with a woman”

  1. Soccer practice ends at 10;30 pm? Uh-uh.
    When a child’s needs get in the way of a parents fun that parent should not be one.

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  2. Douglas Hus-Flores should be immediately deported. The poor little girl’s mother should be charged with negligent child abandonment.

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  3. Bring back Dismemberment as the punishment for rapists (actual rapists like this guy, not the young men convicted of rape when the woman simply regrets sleeping with him).

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  4. Even his thought took him to action. I believe in death for all child molesters. It has been proven they do it again and again. They choose youngsters because they are to young to fight back.

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  5. This is so mentally troubling for the majority of us. How is it that this depraved individual came to be living with the little girl’s family? What is the immigration status of the mother, and if she has one–the father of the little girl. ANY ADULT PEOPLE in that household who are illegal need to be deported immediately. There just seems to be such a preponderance of individuals among illegal aliens that participate in all kinds of illegal activities. I just think that you cannot successfully integrate people who come from a country that has laws, with those who come from countries where there is no law and order.

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  6. If this savage pedophile had truly had his “way” with the child, he could very well have killed her. He should get life with no chance of parole.

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    • Agreed, life in the latrine, and as for the mother, next to him.

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    • greenworxx . . . the only problem with sentencing him to “life with no chance of parole” is that you and I are punished by having to support him for the rest of his miserable life. I would have no qualms in taking him out behind the barn, so to speak, and sending him to Hell right now. What kind of perverted man equates the rape of a three year old with “being with a woman.” This just sickens me to no end.

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  7. “life in the latrine” UNDER the seat.

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  8. Life with no chance of parole, deportation, etc., what the heck? Guys like this should be executed, period. Put word out there that any rapist/pedophile will be shot in the back of the head and we will see the number of abuse cases go down in no time: either potential pedophiles get scared, think twice and hopefully back off and do no harm, or the numbers go down because each time one is caught he or she is executed. No waste of tax payers money and no fretting. As for this child’s parents, they were obviously helping and hiding this illegal immigrant. They are as guilty as they are stup|d!.

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  9. Stamford Teen Arrested in Sex Abuse of Toddler Relative–415351563.html%3Famp%3Dy

    From the article…

    Douglas Hus-Flores, a high school senior who was living with his aunt, allegedly abused the girl Wednesday night, according to court papers.

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  10. If this is his idea of sleeping with a woman , what on earth would be his idea of sleeping with a minor ? ……..If he were so inclined ?
    Solution , a Kennedy headache

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  11. Sylvia Richard

    Why deport this criminal??? He first goes to Prison for the next 20 years. If no one kills him by then. Deport him!!!! But I don’t think he’s really going to make it do you??? And the mother. She needs to be right behind him. Leaving that 3 year old unattended. Jail. Terminate her parental rights and let a couple who have been trying to adopt for a very long time,apply and see if they are legit. If so, see if they are a match. These poor children need someone to love them. This reality is so sad and our fault. We need to enforce our laws, otherwise, this will become a common occurrence. This is how these people act in the countries they come from. Why would we be so stupid to think that if they come here that they would act any different than they have acted in their home lands. We must be stupid. We like the crazy, keep doing the same thing over and over and over again and expect to have a different outcome????? Rape, violence, rape, violence, murder, rape, rape violence. These countries have all the experts. Why bring them here. If you can get them 1 minute old, well maybe, but forget it. You libtards that are destroying the very fabric of our country of laws, need to leave the US full of all us racists, and bigots and go to these central american murder and rape capitals of the world and educate the murderers there. You won’t last 6 weeks and you’ll be back. That is who they have learned to be. After the first week you’ll most likely be raped and will be on your way back to the US maybe just a little bit more quiet than when you first left for your mission. Good Luck. Spread the good word down there and come back here and shut up. Write a book of all your successes down there, just leave your successes down there, I have no faith in a man to behave when he has already been socialized that he can do what he wants to, to woman without consequences. You libs give him a strong message that he can do what he wants to here as well. the lib press doesn’t cover their rapes and assaults because it is contrary to their narrative. No more free press in this country, just propaganda for dem votes, I don’t want these men near me, leave alone my precious children. My children are my life and reason for being. I work, pay taxes and have a right to use public schools without my town having gone from the best schools in the country and now because of behind non english speaking students, the school tests way below the national average. I’m in a yuppy state too. My property taxes are through the roof and I need to pay for my children to go to private school. Wake up libtards. Are you all rich and have personal guards for your children?? Just wait, they’ll be coming for yours too. , and then I’ll say what did you think?? Did you think it was going to be everyone but you?? Afraid not, they’re coming for us all.

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