How the Puppeteers manipulate public opinion…

This one is worth watching

Inoculation theory in action: introduce a true report delivered by an unacceptable or crazy person, in order to discredit the truth when it eventually is made known.

I personally know someone who stayed on the David Rockefeller estate near Bar Harbor. He was a guest of friends of the Rockefellers when all the inns were booked on a Labor Day weekend. To his surprise, he found out Ronald Reagan was on the phone almost daily with David Rockefeller for an hour or two at a time. I know this man very well, and believe what he told me.

PS: I used to like the Barney Miller show, and never until now thought it was being used in such a sinister way. How different everything looks now.

12 responses to “How the Puppeteers manipulate public opinion…

  1. Yeah, I speak with Reagan an hour or two everyday, even now.

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  2. An eye-opener for me. I never saw this as a child. The MSM amplifies the power of the puppet masters to turn truth into “conspiracy theories” these days. They truly are the enemy of the people.

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  3. It starts in the indoctrination centers (schools), and then, after some time, it is reinforced in the home. It begins with the hampering and disabling of people’s ability to think.

    First they present information and opinions as “facts,” and not as a basis for thought. Then they link those “facts” to the collective “we” of nation and flag, patriotism, and God, political Christianity and Zionism; The individual God fearing American’s intellect is then become subsumed to authority, the idolatry of demigods, and betrayal of Christian tenets.

    Then, and this is the critical step, the inculcated have instilled into them a false sense of bearing a stake in the “facts” so presented.This breeds hostility to any information or opinion that differs from that witch has been sanctioned by authority.

    Later, using welfare to the increasingly dispossessed, an actual sense of bearing a stake in the malevolence is created. The result being even more hostility toward any idea or anyone that may differ in point of view.

    The answer then is to never agree with anyone on anything, but think, form your own opinions, and then keep questioning your conclusions–keep searching for the truth, not agreement.

    When confronted with an opposing viewpoint:
    1) Be honest with yourself, and acknowledge the dissonance. Do not attack the idea or idea holder.
    2) Question the source of your information about the subject. Is it deep and varied, or shallow and narrow?
    3) Determine if the subject is at this time of import to you, as one cannot chase all subjects. The subject may be important, but not of import to you at this time.
    4) If important to you, pursue additional avenues of information in support, and against, one’s views.
    5) Modify one’s opinions as needed.
    6) Keep questioning your conclusions.
    7) Be comfortable with opposing views: Use them to stimulate contemplation, not anger and hate.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  4. I remember seeing this episode back when it was shown,and like the audience,I laughed at the “wild eyed zealot”. Seeing it NOW-it was ALL TRUE!! How on earth did this even get on the air?? SOMEBODY sure had an inside line on it…I wonder if they’re still alive?

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  5. Wow! That clip shows exactly how marginalizing someone who is telling the truth actually looks like. Congratulations on such an excellent find, and for sharing it with all of us.

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  6. Wow, how devious of them to cloak the truth with comedy! This reminds me of something I’ve wondered about, but never asked about here. Were the NWO playing cards designed to indoctrinate the unwashed masses, as well? They have been far too accurate to be a coincidence.

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  7. They also do this “truth in broad daylight” maneuver with films and TV.

    When discussing the state of things with people in person, I am often told, “Oh, that’s like that movie_____[Fill In the Blank]_____.” Despairingly, the listener is saying that what I am saying is worthless because some Khazarian-wood film or show espoused something similar. Just nuts, but very revealing as to how effective the Khazarians’ propaganda is.

    I actually had to watch that film “V” because I kept being told, “That’s like ‘V.” Good film, but obviously made to subvert Libertarian ideas by cheapening them in a Khazarian-wood film.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  8. Always show Christians as wildeyed zealots armed with torches and pitchforks or clergymen drunk and chasing women. We see this frequently with nearly every value we hold; mocked and reduced to sheer lunacy. Of course, the left controls the platforms and there’s little chance of reigning them in when they control the sandbox. Our only chance is opposition in numbers and to make it financially rough on them to continue.

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  9. A perfect example of how television, movies, and most media are simply predictive programming. We are being downloaded because we don’t have a firewall.
    Even alternative media must be scrutinized. The computer was ‘given’ to us not as a benefit for us but as a control mechanism. It’s a better mousetrap.

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  10. That brings up a good argument for keeping the internet “free”;As long as it’s cost-free and uncensored to We The People,the Government’s surveillance organizations will be able to know what we REALLY think and feel.


  11. .Probably not a good thing for US,but a GREAT thing for THEM.


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