High school changes graduation gown color because of “inclusivity”; sparks walkout and petitions


Folks getting tired of the “inclusive” agenda messing with traditions.

From ABC NY (SETAUKET, Long Island (WABC) — There is a growing controversy at a high school on Long Island just months before graduation. Some students at Ward Melville in Setauket are taking offense to their school’s decision for boys and girls to wear the same gowns.

It is meant as a way to be more inclusive to students, regardless of gender, but not everyone is onboard with the idea. The new gowns are green and gold, bearing the school’s emblem. They don’t seem controversial, but that depends on who you ask. “This isn’t about gender, this isn’t about transgender,” 17-year-old senior Max Gironda said. “This is about tradition.”

For 50 years, the young men wore green while young women wore gold. But that changed recently. School officials say the intent was to be more progressive and inclusive towards transgender students.

But that change led to a walkout of about 100 students Wednesday. It also ignited a firestorm on social media and online petitions both for and against.

Gironda authored the opposition petition, which garnered almost 900 signatures. His father said one of the issues is that he feels the principal made the decision in secret. “To try to make a couple of people comfortable with their gender identity, he took away the ability for all of the rest of the children to acknowledge their gender identity,” Kevin Gironda said. “He took a way that right.”

Other opponents of the new gowns say that transgender students should feel comfortable, but that the old gowns gave them the right to choose how they identify. And, they add, tradition is important.

“My sister wore gold, my brother wore green,” senior Lauren Egan said. “And there’s a spot for me to have my picture hung on the wall.”

“I accept everyone,” student Brendan Ciullo added. “I think you express yourselves as you want. But I think giving everyone a choice. Wear green or gold is your option. You choose how you express yourself.”

Of course, there’s also the other side. A petition in favor of the new gowns has more than 500 signatures. And some say the new gowns are the best of both worlds.

“I’m married to a woman,” parent Jenifer Nix said. “It’s a not a traditional marriage, but I feel that the choice of color, they’re incorporating both colors, so it’s not a bad thing. It’s all for the best.”

Principal Alan Baum responded in a statement (See his “Cap and Gown Unity Statement” here). “The ceremony will continue to reflect the district’s history of pride and academic excellence as we honor our traditions and student success through this milestone event,” he said.

LGBT advocates, meanwhile, say it’s a positive step forward. “This tradition, the so-called tradition of wearing two different colored gowns, is archaic,” said David Kilmnick, of the New York LGBT Network. “It is way time for it to be over and done.”

Another part of the controversy is that seniors shelled out hundreds of dollars for their pictures months ago, which were taken in their old gowns. Some now say they want to take their pictures over, upset that they’ll graduate in a gown different than their photos.


16 responses to “High school changes graduation gown color because of “inclusivity”; sparks walkout and petitions

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that we have such S-T-U-P-I-D individuals officiating in today’s schools, and teaching in them also. “Tradition” is the thread that ties the generations together, making for people who are emotionally stronger and who have a healthy outlook on life. Just as the Dems passed Obamacare in secret, behind closed doors, it would seem that this school principal is operating under those same rules. There should have been some “public discussion” and a meeting of the minds before this unilateral decision was made. I don’t understand why catering to possibly up to 3% of the population at the expense of the 97% is in anyway reasonable. I think that rather than “bringing the students” together in a cohesive manner, this kind of a move would create “resentment” and may well bring about actual hatred of the very students it is supposed to helping.

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  2. High school graduation and the robes one wears is so over rated. I guarantee that after 15 years, most could care less what robe they wore. I only went to my own ceremony because it was mandatory and asked my parents not to attend a most boring affair. My focus was on working my part-time jobs, swimming workouts and getting ready to go to college. Regardless of my own experience, the school should have taken a vote on the robes and not pandered to a minority.

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    • In my estimation, tradition should trump taking a vote. The school isn’t a democracy. Two lousy colors were one of the last outward signs denoting men from women. Schools can no longer keep boys out of the girl’s bathroom or locker room or vice versa. They can’t keep them from playing on the opposite sex’ (yes, I actually wrote opposite sex) sports team.

      This isn’t about ‘helping’ anyone. It’s about cowing the majority of the population into thinking and internalizing that there is something wrong with them if they don’t think all of this madness is ‘normal’.

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  3. Good Lord! Do the liberal “thinking” have anything better to do than to come up with as many ways as possible to make the majority suffer for the whims of a minority? The liberals seem to want to invent as many crises out of nothing as they can. First bathrooms, now graduation gowns. What is next? Special rooms for farting by transgencder students, so that their farts don’t have to blend with those of the straight population?!!🤔😐😏🙄😜😞😲😤

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  4. Not only can Johnny not read and write but the idiot doesn’t know what sex he is!

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  5. The Left in America truly have gone mad.

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  6. I suppose that the next hurdle will be what style and color of underpants the students are allowed to wear.

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  7. This cultural Marxist re-engineering of society, and our long cherished(and sacred),way of life & traditions is bombarded on so many levels, it can almost be overwhelming. But faith in God, and courage & perseverance, will be my strength. And some loaded weapons. We are ruled by Sophist satanic psychopaths. I continue to learn, and resist.

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  8. This nonsense has got to stop !!!
    Enough of this bulls**t.
    There’s real problems we as Americans have to deal with…….
    This should not be one of them.

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  9. You now stomp on the feelings of the majority over the whining of the few. Why did they not just let the trans wear the gown of his/her choice? NO every body has to be punished. I guess the next thing will be to make the girls hide their hair under their hats so as not to offend people with short hair. In fact why not just abolish the graduation ceremony as it now “archaic!”

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    • Of COURSE everyone is punished. Universal punishment creates ‘UNITY’!! Yay!

      From pix11 (local tv station), a quote from Brianna LaSita, a student at Ward Melville High School:
      “Tradition, as many emphasize, is not always right,” LaSita wrote. “Allowing everyone to feel comfortable and happy on their graduation day is what is ultimately important. These colors should in no way divide us or box us in to ideas we do not agree with.”

      Yes, Miss LaSita, tradition is always to be denigrated and scorned. In fact, the only tradition we should applaud is NO tradition.
      We are to believe that wearing a particular color is going to make someone ‘happy’ and of course, being ‘happy’ is what is ‘ultimately important’, according to Miss LaSita.
      And everyone knows colors are capable of ‘dividing’ and/or are able to ‘box’ people into thinking in certain ways with which they may not agree. Because people go around all the time thinking that a color may ‘box’ them in.

      Now just so you all know, Setauket, Long Island is in my neck of the woods and this school district is supposed to be one of the best on the island, the cream of the crop. They have Intel science, Seimens science, and Regeneron science finalists every year. Of course, those are the students who, for the most part, have Far or Near East Asian surnames. Obviously, those of European descent have allowed their minds to turn to mush and cannot apologize enough for their evil, Christian heritage, because, we all know it’s those pesky Christians who are so intolerant of diversity.

      This girl, Miss LaSita, needs an enema to clear her head and so does ‘principal’ Alan BAUM, who is obviously a tool of the SJW brigades.

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  10. None of this would be an issue if we got rid of the government-run propaganda centers, I mean public schools. Attack the root, not the leaf.

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  11. Principal Baum obviously turns the meaning of everyday words inside out, identifying sexual perversion with tradition and equating its acceptance by students with success. But he also represents the asymmetrical warfare being waged against us by the Christophobic, American-hating Left that controls education, communications, entertainment, the bureaucracies and unions. They can fill the streets and rallies and riot during the day because they get paid for it or are on welfare or in school, while middle class Americans are busy paying the salaries, tax dollar handouts, and tuitions of this worst enemy this country will ever face, made doubly insidious because so many of their own children have been turned against them.


  12. Ban the gowns!!!! Let the kids “walk” from now on in whatever garb they choose (as long as it is legal…not Lady GaGa steak-wear, etc.) WHO THE FREAK CARES? Pretty much sure that, from my observances as a public school teacher..it would end up being a T-shirt of some sorts and jeans. Parent garb for these affairs here is already thus…for a decade or more…plus the visible tattoos, quite a graduation “get up” represented by the families.

    It's a HIGH-SCHOOL graduation....NOT A PH D walk....NOT the NOBEL PRIZE CEREMONY.....bring these kids and parents down to Earth.....Turn it in to what it is.....an "entry level," minimum skill-level requirement for LIFE as we know it here in our American working world.  Congratulations---you are NOW qualified to wipe tables at a burger joint.  If you get an Associates' Degree from a 2-year-college, you MIGHT graduate to working behind the counter......

    And, as a bonus….just think about those ceremonial gown companies who will be put out of business…..so many employees…so superfluous, so silly these days…. so sorry….but, we, as a nation, have become sooooo un-conservative, so UN- transmittive of “traditional values.” Might as well kick these guys to the curb in the name of political correctness, just to avoid all the unpleasantness ahead on this particular issue. 😦 Let the kids “walk” in jeans and T-shirts and then forget about them ever after, unless they “prove” themselves for REAL in the future within some other measure.

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