Tomb of Christ in Church of Holy Sepulchre surrounded by electromagnetic field

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a church, built in the 4th century, in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. According to traditions, the church occupies two of the holiest sites of Christianity:

  1. Where Jesus was crucified (“Calvary” or “Golgotha”).
  2. Jesus’s empty tomb, where His Body was placed and resurrected. The tomb is enclosed by an 18th-century shrine called the Edicule.

Within the church proper are the last four (or, by some definitions, five) Stations of the Via Dolorosa, representing the final episodes of Jesus’ Passion. The church has been a major Christian pilgrimage destination since its creation in the fourth century, as the traditional site of the Resurrection of Christ, thus its original Greek name, Church of the Anastasis or Resurrection.

In 2016, restoration works were performed in the Edicule, the shrine that encloses Jesus’ tomb.

For the first time since at least 1555, marble cladding which protected the estimated burial bed of Jesus from vandalism and souvenir takers was removed. On the night of October 28, 2016, the original limestone burial bed was revealed intact. The tomb was resealed shortly thereafter.

The Edicule encasing the Tomb of Christ, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Edicule encasing the Tomb of Christ, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

What that’s received very little publicity are two discoveries of the scientists who undertook the restoration work on the Edicule.

As recounted by Sylvain Dorient for Aleteia, Nov. 15, 2016:

On October 26, 27 and 28, 2016, the marble slab that covers the tomb of Christ was removed. As the group of scientists and religious authorities had access to the place, rumors immediately began to run around. Some rumors claimed it was possible to perceive a “sweet aroma” emanating from the tomb, reminiscent of the olfactory manifestations commonly associated with both Marian and saintly apparitions. Secondly, it was alleged that some of the measuring instruments used by scientists were altered by electromagnetic disturbances. As soon as they were placed vertically on the stone in which Christ’s body rested, the devices either malfunctioned or ceased to work at all. […]

The [electromagnetic] phenomenon was confirmed by one of the scientists authorized to access the tomb. Later, one of the heads of the building and construction team, Antonia Moropoulou, indicated that it is really hard to imagine that someone would be willing to put in danger his or her reputation just because of a “publicity stunt.”

Antonia Moropoulou is the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), and a Chemical Engineer, Dr., and Professor at NTUA’s School of Chemical Engineering.

Dorient noted that during the last partial opening of the Edicule made by the architect Nikolaos Komnenos in 1809, the chronicler also made mention of a “sweet aroma” — the “scent of sanctity” that often accompanies Marian apparitions and the tombs of some saints.

On the electromagnetic disturbance experienced by the scientists, uCatholic writes:

The observation of these unusual electromagnetic anomalies at the tomb of Jesus may lend credence to a scientific hypothesis on the creation of the ghostly image on the Shroud of Turin. Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development [ENEA] concluded during a five-year-long study that the Shroud of Turin could not be a ‘medieval fake’. The findings of ENEA study hypothesized that the image may have been created by an intense source of light, stronger than could be created by any technology currently available to man. The results of ENEA “show that a short and intense burst of VUV directional radiation can color a linen cloth so as to reproduce many of the peculiar characteristics of the body image on the Shroud of Turin, including shades of color, the surface color of the fibrils of the outer linen fabric, and the absence of fluorescence”. . . . But “the total power of VUV radiations required to instantly color the surface of linen that corresponds to a human of average height, body surface area equal to = 2000 MW/cm2 17000 cm2 = 34 thousand billion watts makes it impractical today to reproduce the entire Shroud image using a single laser excimer, since this power cannot be produced by any VUV light source built to date (the most powerful available on the market come to several billion watts )”.

“An intense source of light, stronger than could be created by any technology currently available to man” . . . “a short and intense burst of VUV directional radiation” . . . .

VUV is vacuum ultra-violet, a type of electromagnetic radiation.

Imagine how powerful the radiation burst of the Resurrection must have been to leave electromagnetic traces after more than 2,000 years — traces that were detected by those scientists restoring the Edicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Year of Our Lord 2016.


14 responses to “Tomb of Christ in Church of Holy Sepulchre surrounded by electromagnetic field

  1. I came upon this posting by accident while looking for an older posting here, and I read it very carefully, as I’ve experience w/human electromagnetic radiation [HMR].

    I’m certain the findings are true, and they are truly staggering. When I first encountered human electromagnetic radiation [HMR] I was too much a materially-minded science geek to accept it as other than a ‘conspiracy’. That was 30+ years ago, now I know better than to be so arrogant. I’ll not try to ‘explain’ this, only relate my own life experience, all purely anecdotal, therefore unacceptable to ‘science’.

    Donna, my new LS design/build client in North Vancouver, BC c. 1987, was the Senior Programmer at McDonald Detweiler Research. She was crucial to the firm as she prepared all the massive inputs weekly for their main frame monster computer that the entire company depended on. She related the following to me as I drew an overall integrated design for the front garden and entry to her home.

    Part 2 to follow ASAP, but I’m in pain & tired just now, 6:50 pm PST.

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  2. Not surprising that there is electromagnetic activity in an area where a spirit is active. Sweet aroma is also an indicator of the presence of a spirit….

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    • Part 2:
      As a sidelight that may have relevance: If one reads Vasari’s ‘Lives of the Artists’ –which I MOST highly recommend to understand where we came from and a great deal more– you will learn that Michelangelo’s wake was a huge Italian commemoration, witnessed by tens of thousands, similar to Verdi’s, but M’s body was NOT embalmed or prepped for burial. Yet his body was on display for two weeks in the warm Roman Summer and found incorruptible, a most remarkable event!

      Something along these lines happened at McDonald Detweiler’s Vault: the normal rules of physics were abandoned to…? If we are honest, we must admit that we do not know. But here is what happened to my client, early on in her career, so she was devastated.

      Donna came home one day when I was working on her property, and said she had a weird, sad experience when she went to unload her files unto the mega-computer. This was the third time it had happened and the two guys who were in charge of the clean room told her that from now one of them would come down to get her work, she was never to come on the 3rd floor again. As she was the head of that section it was a demoralising restriction, rather like being told by a shop worker that one was incompetent to operate the company they’d spent twenty years building.

      She carried all her files to Monster’s home on the 3rd floor, put on the paper coveralls and slippers, then entered the first chamber, while she waited for the operator to unlock the 2nd door and let her into the main frame’s lair. Then the Monster stopped. Crashed. Died dead.

      As this was the third time and it took them a full day to get it up again, she was told never to return. They checked everything on her, even swept her with a gadget that measured the HMR she had and discovered her reading drove the gauge to its limit.

      Fast forward to today: since her revelation I started tracking whenever the same events happened to me, as I’d had several, dismissed as ‘accidents’ or anomalies, words that never explain anything, only comfort us from things that go ‘bump’ in the night, if we are honest.

      IN CONCLUSION: Ever since the above in 1987 this is what I’ve informally noted.

      I’ve crashed the cash registers at sales counters so often that I learned to stand away at least 6′ or 2 meters [most embarrassing when there are long line-ups];
      CA WCB allowed operations on my torn R rotator cuff & torn R knee by Dr Joseph Cheng, orthopedic surgeon in San Leandro-Oakland, 2003; I had follow-up at his office on a bi-weekly basis. There the physical arrangement of the exam rooms and his staff’s working areas was such that I took my Rx to their computer to be printed. About 15 seconds into this their entire computer system crashed. The 3rd time it happened I was told to remain in the exam room and wait for it to be brought to me. I was starting to get the picture….
      When I go to my Credit Union –all of which have highly safeguarded electronics– if I do not stand at least 1.3 m/4 feet away the teller’s wicket, her computer will crash. I’m able to use an ATM 98% of the time… but the other 2% is VERY annoying.

      There’s more, such as the failure of the automated carwashes I use and too many others to recall, as it’s 6:06, PST, & I need to go back to bed to get enough sleep to be ready for meeting for Worship.

      As one who was highly trained, devoted to, and helped to create science I had a long & hard time accepting the above. My 150% beliefs in God were far easier; they were confirmed by three classical mystic unions w/Godhead when I was 17 [no drugs of any kind were involved].

      I long ago stopped rationalising these events; if anyone has a better explanation, please help me.

      Thank you for bearing with me. Please forgive my typos; I don’t see very well & I’m tired. Thanks again.

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      • Perhaps there is a purpose if your personal electromagnetic is so much then spirits could manifest when you are around. Or it could be useful in other areas. Do some research I don’t think your situation is unique. You may find information on your condition and from there you could make decisions as to your purpose….


  3. I had read something years ago that Our Lord’s body had turned into pure energy and passed through the shroud. I don’t remember the exact terminology used back then, but the electromagnetic radiation described here sounds very much like it.

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  5. Very interesting re the EMR levels. I wonder how many thousands of billions-trillions-gazillions the sun is? (The EMR Spectrum covers from Infrasound 20Hz & below, to very low ELF, like the Power Grids 50-60Hz, & all the way up to Gamma, the sun.) I imagine God is “brighter” than even the sun. They need to add “God” to the upper end of that Spectrum in their charts, above the sun!

    Of all the “Jesus movies” I’ve seen over the years, this is the only one that I know of that added “bright light” to the Resurrection scene, causing the Roman soldiers to cover their eyes & run away. 🙂 The actors are especially dramatic because it is a “silent movie” from 1927, “The King of Kings,” a priceless preserved jewel of 2-hours & 40-minutes, by Cecil B. DeMille, a Jewish guy who went to church as a boy with his Protestant mother which is where he learned all the Bible “stories” which inspired his later Biblical epics. This is a clip of the Resurrection scene but the entire movie is also on YouTube, one in HD uploaded this January 2017. I heard that Amazon sells it in a boxed 2-DVD set.

    Cover your eyes! 🙂

    I LOVE the white doves & lillies! Beautiful!

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    • PS:

      Since “God IS Light” (1st John1:5)…

      I believe that’s one of the reasons we must be “CHANGED” in the resurrection (1st Cor. 15:40-58)…

      So that our eyeballs will be able to handle His Light so that “…We will SEE Him JUST AS He is.” (1st John 3:2).

      (As it is now, just the bright white [actually blue] light of computer & gadget screens & fluorescent lights can ruin eyes [“screen blindness” so use filters!]. Even the reflection of pure white fluffy snow [skiing] + a bright sunny day without wearing goggles can fry your eyes for days afterward [“snow blindness” burns like hades!]. So as we are in pitiful corruptible flesh, our human eyes are no match for the glory of God’s Light. The Apostle Paul learned that first hand!)

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    • beautiful…

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    • traildustfotm

      I love the extremely friendly “stunt doves.” When I was little, my mother took me to our little town movie theater, over a hardware store, to see “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil B. DeMille. It became a very important building block in my faith as a little child.


  6. These are amazing accounts of events that simply cannot be explained, aside from being supernatural. I love reading about the Shroud of Turin, and I believe it to be, with all my heart, the burial cloth of Jesus. No other explanation has convinced me otherwise. There was a documentary film that came out several years ago, “The Real Face of Jesus”, that was so amazing I cried. I knew I was looking at the very face of my Saviour and Lord.

    On the subject of the supernatural, has anyone else heard about the author of “The Supernatural Worldview”, Cris Putnam, dying suddenly on March 1st? He was only 51 and appeared to be the picture of health. The only info I have been able to find about cause of death, is that he died in his sleep, and they are waiting for the coroner’s report to see what happened.

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  7. Makes sense. Shroud of Turin, Spear of Destiny and other objects that touched Christ for about the same time during that period consistently radiocarbon date, using standard Carbon-14 decay, to 3- 4th Century AD (assuming they absorbed only the standard amount of C14 at the start, of course). Either very clever fakers got together in 3- 4th C. AD or something caused those objects to absorb more C14 than normal.

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