Oregon judge faces scrutiny for allegedly helping illegal immigrant escape ICE


The bad judge

This judge has to be removed from the bench. She cannot be allowed to ignore laws and aid illegal aliens in this manner.  Completely inexcusable.

From Fox News: An Oregon judge is being investigated after she allegedly helped an illegal immigrant elude ICE agents in January by guiding the man through a private entrance at the courthouse.

Multnomah County Judge Monica Heeranz was notified by court staff that ICE agents were waiting outside her courtroom to possibly apprehend Diddier Pacheco Salazar, a 22-year-old Mexican national attending a DUI hearing, U.S. Attorney Billy Willaims said.

Specific details about what happend inside the courtroom next is not clear. But Salazar reportedly somehow managed to leave the room using an employee exit.

“I prepped my client. I said, ‘I don’t know if they’re going to pick you up outside or what, but here’s how to prepare,'” John Schlosser, Salazar’s court appointed lawyer, told a local paper. “After the court appearance, I went out in the hallway and sat. My client never came out. I can’t say that I’m surprised he didn’t come out, but I gave him his options, and assume he had to have been escorted out some other way.”

Salazar was arrested two weeks after the incident.

ICE agents decided not to investigate Herranz, who is also on the board of directors of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association (her name is conveniently removed from their list of the board of directors), but Chief Judge Nan Waller is conducting an internal investigation.

Waller told Fox 12 Oregon she wants to figure out what happened before discussing the situation.

Williams calls Herranz’s alleged actions troubling. “When you’re talking about the judicial system – whether it’s federal or by state – you have an expectation that people are going to abide by the law and not take steps based on their own motivations, their own politics – whatever the motivation was.”

Click for more from Fox 12 Oregon.


10 responses to “Oregon judge faces scrutiny for allegedly helping illegal immigrant escape ICE

  1. I feel so angry right now . . . here we see a “Judge” who has given preferential treatment to someone based on his “race” which is the same as hers, and his illegal citizen status. This bonehead Judge let him slip away although he is a menace to our society because he drinks and drives! How can the rest of our society have belief in our judicial system when Judges like her show preferential treatment, which could well lead us to believe that she is “racially biased” towards those of Hispanic heritage. She needs to be removed from her judgeship, and if this act is such that it is a betrayal of her oath to the court–then she also needs to be disbarred. For those of us who live in Oregon, and specifically the Portland area know only too well how sleazy and slimy so many of our officials really are. I am left wondering if she was elected to her position of judge. If so, there needs to be an immediate recall.

    DCG . . . God Bless you girl, you just do such a fine job of keeping us abreast of so many of the dirty little secrets that we might not otherwise know about!

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  2. A great “culling” is afoot…

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  3. Being investigated? This law-violating so-called judge, Monica Heeranz, should be prosecuted.

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    • There is no doubt that she should be prosecuted, unless they find that it was another individual who lead this felon out an employees only door. If she is found guilty, she needs to be sentenced to a term in prison, and I am not thinking “country club” prison. How can our society have faith in the judicial system if Judges are breaking the law?

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      • If judges cannot be trusted to follow the law, let alone apply the law, then anarchy ensues. And that is what Satan is all about – anarchy, deception and chaos.
        Prepare, folks. The coming conflagration will be great and terrible and NONE will be spared its influence.

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  4. Her motivation, most likely, is money. It always is. People like this lawless judge don’t do anything out of the goodness of their black hearts.

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  5. If judges are allowed to continue like this, by ignoring laws they don’t agree with, then every statue of Lady Justice, in every courthouse she stands in, needs to have her blindfold removed. There is no longer any justice being done.

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  6. It’s going to take some time to get things back on the proper track. We did not get into this condition overnight (it took about 7 years) and there are a great deal of activist judges imbedded in our system. Things are slowly turning around enough that these criminals in black robes will get their comeuppance. 50 years of social justice serving as outlaw justice will be difficult, though not impossible, to reverse. Our system was not set up to accomodate leftism or milquetoast conservatism so the rats will have to be trapped one by one. Perhaps all of them won’t be caught but at least they won’t sleep so easily.

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  7. Aid and abetting is bad enough, but when it is done by a judge, we are talking jail now. And what happens if this guy injures or kills someone? Then she is culpable.


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