Fake Anti-Semitism: Black-racist Bernie-voter made bomb threats to Jewish groups to make ex-girlfriend look bad

Of late, there has been a rash of seemingly anti-Semitic incidents. Threats were made to Jewish community centers and schools. A Jewish cemetery in St. Louis was vandalized; another Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia had about 100 headstones toppled.

Notwithstanding President Trump’s condemnation of the threats and vandalism and despite the lack of any evidence of culpability on the part of Trump supporters, he is accused of being at least indirectly responsible for the surge in anti-Jewish sentiment because Trump’s alleged “polarizing rhetoric” allegedly “emboldens” anti-Semitic white-supremacist groups.

Now we have solid evidence that an anti-Trump, anti-white black racist,  Bernie Sanders voter is the individual who made bomb threats against Jewish organizations across America.


Reuters reports that on March 3, 2017, disgraced former journalist Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis for making a wave of bomb threats to Jewish organizations, the first case to emerge from a federal investigation into a surge of threats against Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) and schools that has rattled American Jews. The hoax threats against JCCs have stoked fears of a resurgence in anti-Semitism and forced the evacuation of many centers, including some with day care for young children.

In a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, authorities accused Thompson of making at least eight threats, mostly by email, against Jewish organizations, including a Jewish museum in New York and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Thompson made the threats pretending to be an ex-girlfriend, whom he calls “nasty racist white girl” in his tweets, in retaliation for breaking up with him. In other words, Thompson made those “anti-Semitic” threats to make the ex-girlfriend look bad.

Federal prosecutors described a vicious, months-long harassment campaign in which Thompson allegedly used fake email accounts to accuse his former girlfriend of possessing child pornography, driving drunk and, finally, making bomb threats targeting Jewish groups.

Thompson was a reporter for the news website Intercept, until he was fired last year for allegedly inventing sources and quotes.

Thompson made an initial appearance on Friday in U.S. court in St. Louis on one count of cyber stalking, where a judge ordered that he remain in federal custody. He is likely to be extradited to New York to face prosecution.

Authorities are still investigating the JCC threats as well as the desecration of headstones at Jewish cemeteries in Philadelphia, St. Louis and Rochester, New York. St. Louis police will question Thompson about the graveyard vandalism.

Juan Thompson’s tweets @JuanMThompson show him to be an individual who is profoundly alienated from America. Thompson is an anti-white racist, anti-Trump, anti-police, anti-capitalist, in favor of abuse of food-stamps welfare, anti-Hillary Clinton, and a Bernie Sanders voter. Below are some of his tweets:

  • “The white media is repulsive” – Feb. 27
  • “The #Oscars are fucking and toying with black ppl like America has done for centuries. White folk are trash” – Feb. 26
  • “God, I want to be Talib when I grow up. He gives absolutely no fucks about these nasty ass racist white folk.” – Feb. 22
  • “White folk are trash. Absolute trash. All of you.” – Feb. 18
  • “Trump isn’t attending the White Correspondents Dinner, also, b/c he’s a coward who can’t take ppl making fun of him.” – Feb. 25
  • On Chicago’s unending violence and homicides: “Make no mistake. Trump is a developer. This is his and the white establishment’s effort to remove black ppl from the southside of Chicago.” – Feb. 23 
  • “Donald Trump is the perfect example of how dumb, incompetent wealthy white ppl can fail upward.” – Feb. 14 
  • Retweeted “Fuck all police.” – Feb. 22
  • Retweeted “you can’t have capitalism without racism” – malcolm x” – Feb. 21 
  • “My family was on food stamps and we actually ate steaks and escargot. Surf and turf all the way.” – Feb. 22
  • “Fuck you HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]. You attacked universal healthcare in 16. You’re such a phony ass white woman liberal.” – Feb. 18
  • juan-thompson-tweet (source)

Thompson’s tweets also prove that President Trump was right and really quite prescient about at least some of the threats made against Jewish groups.

On February 28, 2017, Trump reportedly said the bomb threats and the destruction of gravestones in Jewish cemeteries may not be acts of anti-Semitism, but “the reverse, to make people, or to make others, look bad.” For that — for suggesting that attacks against Jews may be fake anti-Semitism, i.e., “false flag” or contrived incidents — Trump once again was vilified by the MSM.

It turns out that, at least in the case of the bomb threats made by Juan Thompson, President Trump was right. Pretending to be his ex-girlfriend, Thompson made those threats, not because of anti-Semitism, but because he wanted to make his ex-girlfriend “look bad”.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV and ZeroHedge


27 responses to “Fake Anti-Semitism: Black-racist Bernie-voter made bomb threats to Jewish groups to make ex-girlfriend look bad

  1. I have more info on Truhill,
    if anyone is interested.

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  2. Why would this idiot make threats to the Jewish community, INCLUDING Children that would be there, just because he hates the President of the United States? That is just about as stupid as threatening people who live in California because people in the South owned slaves over 150 years ago!

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    • David, were you expecting someone of higher intelligence? I’ve been involved w/double-agents and the Mossad, and what intelligence they ever had was long-ago converted into cunning instead, to go along w/being sociopaths and amoral.

      Being honest & truthful as much as we can is NOT easy, because dishonesty is facile and the way of the world, but those who stand in and by the truth are at least not IN Hell even as they live; the others often are. Just look at their faces w/o makeup and how they get through life: chalk perverts & sado-masochists right in there as well, more & more out since the failures of the MSM to cover it all over, as per Operation Mockingbird….


    • David,

      Please re-read my post, the whole point of which is that Juan Thompson made those threats against Jewish groups while PRETENDING to be his ex-girlfriend, in retaliation against her dumping him, to make her out to be an anti-Semite. That is why I titled my post: “Fake Anti-Semitism….”


  3. In the book “Dreamer of the Day” There is a chapter titled “New York Nutzies”, where Truhills daily activities are well documented. Also, I’m providing links to other books, and some pages of his FBI files.he was to go on a tour of the south and start riots, and find gun connections, as well as hook up with Nazi/racist groups. I read through FBI files and multiple books for months. The same kind of chicanery is going on now,but with a bigger budget & more sophistication. https://www.amazon.com/Dreamer-Day-Francis-Postwar-International/dp/1570270392 http://www.buildingdemocracy.us/archive/dox/lazar/fbi/504-EXTREME%20RIGHT/NRP-NYC-6.pdf http://debs.indstate.edu/u588n4_1954.pdf http://en.rightpedia.info/w/Mana_Truhill http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Talk:Mana_Truhill https://webbrain.com/attach?brain=6FBA86B0-0C57-9FCA-5CF9-D742DA541AAA&attach=8396&type=1
    That should get one started, I do have lots more. thanks to anyone who finds this interesting.

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  4. http://inconvenienthistory.com/archive/2014/volume_6/number_2/h_keith_thompson_jr.php I also strongly recommend the NRP Mana Truhill files on Archives.org. There is a massive amount of info interspersed throughout the volumes. This guy was a real trip.

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  5. traildustfotm

    Hey, if you can’t find a member of the KKK because they hardly exist anymore, no problem. Just pretend to be one. Wow!

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  6. Thompson’s tweets suggest his thoughts are a concatenation of leftist propaganda cliches, such as his gibberish about Chicago. This psychotic nutcase doesn’t realize that blacks were herded into south Chicago as cannon fodder to destroy the white ethnic neighborhoods that had been there for generations and drive down wages–and it was done by the Democrats. Michael Jones’s Slaughter of Cities has a lot on this, and as I recall the book reveals that it was Sargent Shriver who funneled a million dollars to black street gangs to drive out whites and then cram southern blacks into the brutally hellish towers like cattle as reliable voting blocks. There was also something in the book, as I recall, about this being part of the Univ of Chicago’s expansion plans, hoodwinking the locals under the hypocritical guise of urban renewal.

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  7. Who cares what this Tarbaby tweets? He’s about to end up in a cell with a bar door and an open view privy stool! For all of his list of accomplishments he’s revealed he’s a low rent, low brow knuckle dragger too dumb to be allowed to reproduce.

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  8. It is interesting that although he rails against W-H-I-T-E-S, he had a white girlfriend, up until the time she dumped him. What does that say!!!!!

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  9. Threats to Jews have not changed. The dumb Trump supporters don’t know that Trump’s son in law is Jewish and his daughter is a Jewish convert.
    The Black dude has mental problems…….


    • What is the connection with an anti-Trump, anti-white black racist, Bernie Sanders voter who did this to dumb Trump supporters?

      Ivanka converted in 2008/9. Vogue magazine did an article about her marriage and conversion around that time. New York also had an article about them. Yahoo wrote about Ivanka’s religion in early 2015.

      What evidence do you have that the dumb Trump supporters don’t know about his daughter and son-in-law’s religion?

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      • What evidence do you have that states that they do know.
        Human behavior dictates. Trump was not in the Presidential arena in 2008/9 & 2015 so the political supporters he has now probably would not have paid attention. Not everyone reads Vogue I certainly don’t and knew nothing about the article. Plus who reads everything Yahoo puts out.
        The black dude needs help he is probably anti-black too (yes some blacks are so mixed up they hate themselves)


        • You first made the assertion that dumb Trump voters don’t know about Ivanka’s conversion. “The dumb Trump supporters don’t know that Trump’s son in law is Jewish and his daughter is a Jewish convert.” What is the basis for your original statement?

          True, many do not read Vogue. Yet Wikipedia is available and widely read by many (hopefully by even the dumb Trump supporter’s).

          Trump entered the Presidential arena in 2015. Trump launched his campaign in June 2015. June 16.In NYC. At Trump Tower. Introduced by his Jewish daughter.


          Guess some folks haven’t paid attention…

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          • Many folks haven’t paid attention. Similar to when reporters randomly ask people on the street basic questions about the US gov’t something taught in grade school.Yet they always give the wrong answer.
            If you think that 100% of Trump supporters know details about Trump whether that his daughter and son in law are Jews; or the exact day he launched his campaign; or even read Wikipedia; or perhaps listen to his speeches etc. You can only say some may know something about him. Yes, I’d say those of his supporters who don’t know about him are dumb. I bet the majority of his supporters are ignorant about details of Trump….makes them blind followers like those who follow religious belief


    • This “dumb Trump supporter” has known since the 2016 campaign that Ivanka married Jared Kushner, an orthodox Jew, and that she converted when she married him. And if you read Alt.Right websites, you’ll know they are very aware of this.

      And what is your point anyhow. If you read Juan Thompson’s Twitter feed, you’ll see that he displays no anti-Semitism, unlike his many tweets expressing his hatred for whites of all political persuasions (incl. white liberals like Hillary Clinton), cops, Trump, and Pence. He does not display hatred of blacks, typically taking blacks’ side against whites, no matter the issue. But your point about Thompson being a self-hating black certainly may be right, given that despite his animus toward whites, he chose a white woman and only turned on her, calling her “nasty racist white girl,” after she dumped him.

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    • “Threats to Jews have not changed.”

      You’ve missed the entire point of this post, which is about a case of fake anti-Semitism — seemingly anti-Semitic threats made against Jewish organizations by a black man named Juan Thompson, who made those threats (via email) in the guise of his ex-girlfriend. Thompson’s motive was to punish his ex-girlfriend for dumping him by making her out to be an anti-Semite, which makes the threats “fake anti-Semitism”.

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  10. What you need to know about Juan M. Thompson, the man allegedly behind eight anti-Semitic bomb threats


    From the article…

    After traveling to Senegal in 2016, Thompson announced that he was “reverting” back to Islam.

    Link to tweet below…



  11. So has anyone revealed the identity of the former girlfriend? I would think it unusual for a black man who is angry at his former, white girlfriend to take his frustrations out on the internet. This story has a funny smell to it.

    Also, for me, the fact that Thompson had been a ‘reporter’ for the Intercept makes this story even richer.


  12. Oh and by the way, this is how the Intercept ‘reports’ on Thompson:


    Comments are naturally, closed,


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