Matt Damon’s ‘The Great Wall’ to Lose $75 Million


Too bad, so sad…

From Hollywood Reporter: The collapse of The Great Wall at the domestic box office (it has made $34.8 million in North America) has iced any notion of a significant future for U.S.-China co-productions. The movie likely will end up with losses of more than $75 million, sources say, and Universal Pictures will be on the hook for at least $10 million.

The studio funded about 25 percent of the film’s $150 million production budget, the rest coming in equal parts from Legendary Entertainment, China Film Group and Le Vision Pictures. But Universal also covered Wall’s global marketing expenses, conservatively estimated at $80 million-plus. The film earned $171 million in China (a disappointment) and is expected to top out at about $320 million globally. That’s way less than investors had anticipated for the biggest-ever U.S.-China co-production. “The fusion of the No. 1 and No. 2 movie markets in the world will eventually happen, but it is a misfire, domestically speaking,” says box-office analyst Jeff Bock. Adds one Hollywood executive who has dealt extensively with China, “There’s no question but that it’s a failure.”

The good news for Universal is that its share of this failure will be relatively modest. The studio gets to collect a roughly 10 percent distribution fee from all theatrical revenue (between 40 percent and 50 percent of the total box office), and box-office rentals likely will recoup much, if not all, of its marketing outlay before other investors dip into whatever money is left to cut into production costs. The four partners will split any further theatrical income equally.

If the movie generates hoped-for ancillary revenue (including $20 million from domestic home entertainment and as much as $40 million from international home entertainment, with $25 million to $30 million from TV — admittedly, a best-case scenario), that will further stanch the red ink.

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19 responses to “Matt Damon’s ‘The Great Wall’ to Lose $75 Million

  1. David Cameron

    The film industry is so corrupt the investors will be last in line for any profits but everyone above them will make a ton of money.

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  2. Maybe the Chinese are now having second thoughts about their buying up Hellywood. They are, of course, welcome to it.

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  3. It was a damnable day when Nixon “opened” China.

    Of course, he was only doing as he was told by the henchman for the globalist bankers, such as Kissinger, Weinberger, Schultz, Richardson, etc.

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  4. traildustfotm

    Matt Damon over reached his effective popularity. We see him in a Chinese action movie, and experience a complete disconnect. He’s as Chinese me cousin, Paddy O’Tool.

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  5. While making this movie in 2016, Matty alienated me as a fan when he made all sorts of inflammatory comments about guns and how there should be a mass confiscation of guns in the U.S.due to violence, etc. And here he has made millions of $’s from movies that promote and glorify gun violence! The hypocrisy of the Hollywood elites! I agree with Dr. E.: China can have them.

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  6. Just wanted to throw this in: who else is suspicious of the “ugly Christmas sweater” meme that’s come along in recent years? Methinks it’s yet more veiled blasphemy.


  7. I’ve no idea what this movie is about, other than it’s set in modern day[?] China and most likely meant as a typical Matt Damon action movie, such as the magisterial Bourne series. I must be hugely out-of-touch w/production et al. costs, as it seems to me US$ 150MM is a lot of money; one assumes it was not spent frivolously. But in Hollyweird, what isn’t?

    I’ll have to go online to see what this is about; I thought Matt Damon had better business sense by now [he’s 46], as he’s one of the top-earning stars. Perhaps he’d benefit from a better manager, for all I know.

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  8. I’ll cry when I stop laughing.

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  9. RI’ll cry when I stop laughing.

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  10. ManCavePatriot

    Hollyweird is like Vegas……the House always wins. And they’re run by the same type of people.

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  11. This movie is a perfect example of why so much of Hollywood hates President Trump and embraced Obama and Clinton. With Clinton and Obama they were guaranteed a default payment for losses. Under the President, the cash cow would end taxpayer monies to be paid.
    The same for the arts, NPR and PBS and others, funds could be decreased. They are partisan groups with agendas. The only agendas Hollywood wants to see are their own.
    We stopped watched Damon when he gave his scathing speech on how evil Republicans were and then his famous gun hate speech while making millions.
    Most are hypocrites.

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