Washington state trooper is under review for calling immigration authorities about a previously-deported illegal alien with a felony charge in his background

jay inslee

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee – making a political statement?

Keep it up demorats.

From News Tribune: A Tacoma lawmaker wants to know why the Washington State Patrol is reviewing the actions of a trooper who called federal immigration authorities about a man living in the country illegally.

State Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-Tacoma, sent a letter to Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday “to express serious concerns” that an administrative review is underway after a trooper contacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement about a man involved a Feb. 9 traffic accident on Interstate 5 in Tacoma.

The man, Armando Chavez Corona, was convicted of a felony drug charge and was deported four times from the United States between 1996 and 2000, ICE officials said.

Chavez Corona didn’t cause the crash on I-5. But when a trooper completed a routine check of Chavez Corona’s driver’s license, a warning popped up from ICE, saying Chavez Corona was a previously deported felon and to contact the federal agency for confirmation, said State Patrol spokesman Kyle Moore.

After the trooper contacted federal officials to confirm details of the warning, federal immigration officials came to the crash scene and took Chavez Corona into custody. As of Wednesday, he was awaiting deportation, ICE officials said.

The State Patrol is reviewing whether the trooper followed an internal policy that limits how much troopers can do to help federal immigration officials.

In his letter Friday, O’Ban called the review into the trooper’s actions “puzzling, if not deeply concerning.”

“I fear launching an administrative review of this routine and common-sense procedure sends a chilling message to WSP troopers and to other law enforcement personnel that undermines public safety by discouraging officers from gaining potentially vital information from federal authorities,” O’Ban wrote.

Moore said administrative reviews are commonplace at the State Patrol. The trooper involved hasn’t been placed on leave or disciplined in any way, he said. “This is just a routine review of whether this trooper followed our policies,” Moore said Friday.

According to the agency, “The Washington State Patrol has a policy to not stop, detain or interrogate or place an immigration hold on any person solely for the purpose of ascertaining immigration status or in any other way attempt to enforce federal immigration laws.”

Moore said troopers never arrested Chavez Corona or detained him for longer than it took to clear the scene of the accident. The information the trooper received about Chavez Corona did not constitute a warrant calling for his arrest, Moore added.

The governor’s office confirmed it had received O’Ban’s letter but declined to comment on it. The letter concludes by asking Inslee whether he ordered the review and what specific circumstances warranted that scrutiny. It also asks the governor if it is appropriate for law enforcement officers to ignore a warrant from federal authorities, and “how does that contribute to the public safety or safety of officers?”

In a phone interview Friday, O’Ban said he worries the governor’s office is seizing upon immigration-related incidents in the state to make a political statement. In recent weeks, Inslee has been a vocal critic of the immigration policies promoted by Republican President Donald Trump. “I’m concerned that this investigation is motivated at least in part by the governor nationalizing this issue, when it shouldn’t be,” O’Ban said.

Meanwhile, Grace Chavez, the U.S.-born wife of Chavez Corona, said she is considering legal action against the State Patrol.

Reached by phone Friday, she said she was heading to the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma to visit her husband. The couple has three children, all of whom are U.S. citizens, she said. “They violated our rights,” Grace Chavez said. “He was the victim of the accident.”

She said she is waiting to hear more details about when her husband is scheduled for deportation. “I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst,” she said.


22 responses to “Washington state trooper is under review for calling immigration authorities about a previously-deported illegal alien with a felony charge in his background

  1. Has Washington State seceded from the United States and not told anybody else??? ICE put out the HOLD request on this felon and officials in Washington want to investigate a Police officer for following the law???????????????????? If Washington has seceded then all Federal Funding needs to be cut off!

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    • David . . . that is the most common sense thing I have ever read . . . “cut the funds to the State of Washington” if they cannot contact ICE when someone who has previously been deported four times. REALLY! As far as this joker’s wife . . . let her move to Mexico to be with him, and take the four children with her. I am dying to know if this mother and her children receive Welfare. If he is a convicted felon, how can he pass employment screening to hold down a job? Is he working on a “borrowed” Social Security number?

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  2. Let’s screw the cop.


  3. There is a remedy for this rogue activity on the part on Washington state. Of course, they are part of the collection of individuals, groups, and states, that are the useful idiots, being used by Obama, the intelligence community, and American Oligarchs against Trump.
    The solution lies in the Supremacy Clause and the power of the purse. The Supremacy Clause states that federal law is the Supreme law of the land, and, that means it trump’s state law. Washington funds states’ budgets. Supreme Court case law has stated the figures, federal money is about one-third of state and local budgets. Trump can and should freeze all funds to sanctuary cities, and cut their budgets to the bone. The combination of municipal debt, and unfunded pension liabilities , put many state’s and localities, on the verge of bankruptcy. The answer is simple, make the rogue state actors pay by putting them at the bottom of the list for receiving federal funds from Washington.

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  4. traildustfotm

    DCG, you continue to prove I am wrong about my long time presumption that the craziest Liberals are in the Northeast, in Cambridge. You have a particularly virulent strain of wackadoodles in the Northwest!

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    • traildust . . . You are right on the money . . . Oregon and Washington, which comprises the majority of what is considered the Northwest, does indeed have “a particularly virulent strain of wackadoodles!” So many have moved up from California to get away from their craziness, but then they bring their politics with them . . . so they are able to outvote us conservatives. It really sucks big time!


  5. we here in Washington state are tired of the liberals taking our rights and giving them to illegals. illegals don’t have to pay the price for their crimes, the illegal needs to be deported and if his wife doesn’t like it she can move to mexico to be with him.

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    • Thank you for bringing up an important point. The MAJOR complaint of the illegals and democrats against deportation of illegals is that it “breaks up families”. This is EASILY cured-when an illegal is slated for deportation,he or she has to decide whether to go alone and leave the family behind or take the family WITH him or her. Or maybe we should make it LAW that the family goes with the deported person (for Humanitarian reasons,of course).

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    • mark haney . . . . all I can say to that is . . . . Amen and Amen!


  6. This just confirms everything I am coming to realize about todays liberals. They can only be described as communist One World Order advocates. They are not true liberals at all since what they seek is totalitarianism and chaos is the way they get there. There is nothing else that could possibly motivate a person/politician to put their own people in jeopardy and favor criminals. This is the same mindset we saw at Trumps speech the other night where the libtards could not even manage to clap for removing criminal illegals so AMERICANS won’t suffer harm. They should all rot in hell.

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    • Lana . . . I to feel such a profound grief that time and time again we see our elected leaders giving preferential treatment to illegal aliens. Where those of us, along with our families are put at jeopardy from the craziness of the leftists dictates. My family has lived in Portland, Oregon for nearly 100 years, and I can say if I were younger, I would move somewhere where hopefully the people were sane. I just don’t understand why city and state officials do not seem to care that those of us who are United States citizens come second to illegals! This truly boggles the mind, and it leads many of us to fully believe that people who have this kind of thinking frankly cannot be trusted.


  7. Kevin J Lankford

    It is perplexing how one can be in the country illegally but be a legal resident of a U.S. state. What is even as much deceptive is the way his wife is referred to as being U.S. born as if that makes her legal, when it is apparent they are just as aware that birthright citizenship is a fallacy.

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    • Kevin J Lakford . . . thank you for adding to this story. I did not know that the wife was a “birthright citizen.” It is preposterous that she would try to sue the Washington State Patrol over this.


      • Kevin . . . sorry that I misspelled your last name above it should have been “Lankford.” I find myself incensed over this issue, and my fingers were going a mile a minute, and I got all kind of fouled up.


  8. I’m hoping for the best too. I hope that ‘preparing for the worst’ means packing their bags and moving south with him.

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  9. People who assist felons in evading the consequences of their crimes are usually charged as accessories. I’d suggest each individual responsible in the chain of command be charged as an accessory immediately.

    Let them justify their actions. I’m sure you will love their new boyfriends.

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    • Fergus . . . that is the most sane idea ever. I love where in your last sentence, you wrote . . .”I’m sure you will love their new boyfriends.” We have a whole lot of illegal felons that need to make acquaintance with “Bubba and his gang.”


    • Another train of thought. Police officers upon being sworn take a Pledge of Office.. Every one I have seen include them swearing to uphold the laws of their own jurisdiction, their state AND the laws of the UNITED STATES. Is this governor punishing officers that live up to and uphold the Pledge Of Office their States REQUIRE them to swear to?????


  10. Thanks for posting DCG!

    The governor received two letters from O’Ban, one on Friday, Feb. 17, and another on Monday, Feb. 20, seeking clarification as to whether WSP officers are free to contact federal authorities for information on felony conviction records [links below].


    O’Ban asks Inslee to support WSP checks on felony records


    From the link…

    OLYMPIA—This morning, Gov. Jay Inslee failed to answer whether Washington State Patrol officers could advise federal immigration authorities if they come upon an undocumented individual with a felony conviction. The question was raised in reference to a letter from Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-University Place. The letter expressed concern over an administrative investigation launched following a WSP officer’s interaction with federal authorities after a routine driver’s license check revealed the man was convicted of an aggravated felony and had been previously deported.

    The governor received two letters from O’Ban, one on Friday, Feb. 17, and another on Monday, Feb. 20, seeking clarification as to whether WSP officers are free to contact federal authorities for information on felony conviction records.

    “This should not be a controversial issue,” O’Ban said. “President Obama made felony deportation a top priority. This is not even an immigration issue as much as it is a law enforcement issue. Law enforcement needs to be free to do their job and keep the public, including immigrant communities, safe.”

    In the morning press conference, Inslee dismissed O’Ban’s letter, citing the lack of a criminal warrant, but did not mention the second letter sent after initial media reports were clarified.

    “The governor is focused on the wrong issue,” said O’Ban. “The substance of my concern is the same in both letters—is law enforcement getting the support they need to do their job? What message does it send when an officer is investigated for reacting to an aggravated felony conviction record? This has nothing to do with the national debate and everything to do with serving the public in the state of Washington.”

    Letter to Gov Inslee re WSP Admin Review due to felony check.docx


    2nd Letter to Inslee re WSP felony check


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  11. It seems to me that the governor needs to be removed for dereliction of duty. He is doing nothing to protect the legal residents of the state and putting the wants of illegals over the needs of the people.
    As for any children, this country has to stop the anchor baby. If the parents are illegal, so should the children be declared.

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    • Glenn47 . . . you are 100% right in saying . . . “If the parents are illegal, so should the children be declared.” That is the most common sense thing so. Gone are the days of the wild west where we could absorb more and more people, plus back then, the immigrants did not just show up and demand “social services” for the rest of society to pay for.

      DCG . . . you have outdone yourself by bringing up this excellent article! Many thanks.


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