People can now pay for sex with dolls in Barcelona


No words…

From Daily Mail: A newly-opened club in Barcelona claims to be the first in Europe to offer clients the chance to have sex with a doll.

Lumi Dolls says men (or women) can get into the mood by having low lighting in their room, candles and huge plasma TV screens to watch some racy movies. As a special offer, an hour with one of the life-sized dolls is £70 which will go up to £100 after the opening promotion.

There are four dolls to choose from, all with female body features and the club promises each one is washed and disinfected with anti-bacterial soap before it is re-used! Each of the dolls, which cost £4,300 and weighs 40 kilograms, are made from silicone.

Clients can choose from Lili, who is 161 cm tall and has Asian features; the blonde and ‘big-boobed’ Katy, who at 170 cm has pouty lips and piercing turquoise eyes; an ‘African’ doll named Leiza who stands at 168cm tall or Aki, who with blue hair appears to be modelled on Japanese anime.

Describing itself as ‘the first sex dolls agency’, Lumi Dolls has a rather delicate question and answer section on its website says of the quartet: ‘They are totally realistic dolls, both in the movement of their joints and in the touch, that will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limit. These Sex Dolls will make the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic.’

Clients, who are advised to ‘still use a condom’, have to pay at the front desk on leaving. They can even ask in advance for the dolls to wear a special outfit and to be placed in a specific position.

The new club is proving such a success that sessions are already booked up days in advance.

Similar dolls are already a great hit in Japan and Malaysia. According to the website, appointments can also be made for entire nights or for couples.


25 responses to “People can now pay for sex with dolls in Barcelona

  1. There simply are no limits to human depravity. No wonder our Lord Jesus Christ sweated blood in the Garden of Gethsemane when He saw all the sins of humanity — past, present & future.

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  2. Barbie and Ken must be getting rather jealous right about now ….You have to laugh at them , if not you’ll drive yourself crazy , and for what ?

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  3. How many Barbies for a Monica?

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  4. dehumanizing what is supposed to be sacred between a man and a woman, flesh and blood…love and procreation (anti-love and anti-procreation).
    this is about going against the Heavenly Father….nothing good comes from it.

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  5. OMG—the doll on the right looks like Rachel Dolezal! Looks like the poet Wallace Stevens had it right: “Not the thing, but the concept of the thing.” We’ve been living in an artificial world where people are not thinking, choosing, behaving and living like real people. This is disgusting, of course, but it’s out in the open and IN YOUR FACE.
    What is the answer to the riddle? At the bottom of all leftism is SATANISM. And in this Satanism we see the inversion of all things—sick is healthy, dysfunctional is functional. But God has said it in the Bible: “Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.”

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  6. These dolls have been available for sell for years. Why the big hubbub about them being for rent! Notice the dolls are adult aged dolls.


    • Go to the Daily Mail link to look at all the pictures of the dolls. There was one that at first glance, I thought looked quite young, almost like a teenage girl.

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      • I would not be surprised if “kid dolls” were on the way…if they are not here already.

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        • With apologies to you and DCG, MomOfIV (Apologies for this is grim information) There are already kid dolls, and have been for several years now, almost a decade in fact… things like “real doll” etc. make them, and in recent years theres even been ones made with rudimentary robotics (some limited movement) and voices (programmable audio) one of the ones with a voice is pre-programmed to be “raped”, as in she’ll protest to advances made, (“frigid farah” which is a program “behavior” for a sex doll) and worse things too, I would guess. So as bad as these might be, there are worse ones that are every bit as “real” as these ones are… not to mention the most dubious modular ones that have a slot for something called an “onna-hole”, a part that is made to resemble, inside and out, the certain defining female bit, this also comes in “all ages” forms… and those are the “legal” ones.

          Sadly some have even advocated for using these dolls to treat pedophilia and other problems as such, apparently these “advocates” don’t understand the nature of the problem very well, as no amount of “dolls” will keep a predator from going after the “real thing”, and they should know this. What is even more troubling however, is the transhumanist bent these have as well, with the aim of making sex androids and gynoids… one need not imagine far to imagine some slithering vile monster buying such an android/gynoid that looks like a child, and then utilizing it to lure and/or abduct the “real thing”. Let us hope and pray that such technology will not make it into such an industry, and that if it does, someone has the sense to build such dolls either with an incarceration program to secure the offender, and report any attempt to utilize the doll for such, or if it finds real victims, or put in a self-destruction device that will, if given such an order, will entrap the offender and render the unit inoperable. (Anyone remember the anti-rape condom that never got funding because it’d be too effective? Perhaps installing one of those that could be deployed in the unit on command might also be useful for securing the filth, while law enforcement etc arrives.)

          Bear in mind that what I’ve written of here is only what I know of, and is very likely not the worst of it.


      • I think that’s the point….ugh.

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  7. traildustfotm

    Sounds almost islamic to me!

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  8. OMG. Really maybe they should provide these to all the migrants with
    “sexual emergencies” so they will stop raping European women.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Of course the sanitary issue was my first concern, which they seem to have addressed, but, I just lost all interest when they gave all the vital statistics in metrics. That a real turn off for a true red blooded American.

    Really, I wonder if they did not get the idea from incidences of muslims making sexual advance on mannequins. I believe I may have seen such a story here on FOTM.

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  10. Maybe I’m stating the obvious,but isn’t this VERY much like having sex with a DEAD woman? I think THAT rates pretty danged HIGH on the “SICK-O-METER”….

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    • Truckjunkie . . . . I thought the very same thing. Since when do human men want to have sex with something that responds to the same degree as a dead fish? Anyone who “rents” one of these dollies to “play with” has severe mental issues.

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  11. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    That’s worse than sloppy seconds.

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  12. I am not sure which is sicker. The person that pays for time with a doll or the people that developed such a perverted scheme.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I should imagine that in both cases, we have people who are suffering severely from mental illness. I cannot get my mind to wrap around the idea of why anyone would want to pay to participate unilaterally in this kind of “play.”

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  13. If someone is okay with paying to have sex with a doll,they’re too stupid to be allowed control of money-there’s another way to achieve more fulfillment than that,and IT’S FREE.


    • I think this is simply another tactic to get weak minded people to think, “The new club is proving such a success that sessions are already booked up days in advance.” in order that they’ll feel left out if they don’t engage in the latest perversion.

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  14. I simply can’t find words..of course the dolls will become more animated/robotic, with improvements in AI. In the not too distant future, I can envision dolls that contain donated female eggs, allowing men to literally impregnate “surrogate” dolls, and father children in incubator wards, without direct female (or male) human contact. ‘Tis a slippery slope indeed, right into the depths of hell.

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  15. I think that the Cabbage Patch Doll community needs to be warned to stay out of Franco’s Spain. Er, I mean Barcelona.
    HA HA HA! Either people are getting dumber in Spain, or just more perverted. How STUPID is it to ‘pay” to have sex with a plastic doll?
    Pretty soon they’ll want to ‘marry’ them.

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  16. It’s amazing,sex doll is more and more popular with man.


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