Act of War: Mexico deliberately pollutes Calif. beaches with tsunami of raw sewage 5 times that of Gulf oil spill

Is this Mexico’s revenge against President Trump’s construction of a wall along our southern border?

Tijuana is a Mexican city located on the Gold Coast of Baja California, with a population of 1,696,923 as of 2015. Located on the Mexican-Californian border, Tijuana is part of the international San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area.


California’s state and local officials believe a massive sewage spill in Tijuana that is polluting beaches in San Diego County this month may have been no accident.

Officials said during a period of more than two weeks that ended Thursday, March 1, about 143 million gallons of raw sewage spewed into the Tijuana River and made its way up the coast.

While cross-border sewage spills of a few million gallons are routine for the region, this is one of the largest such events in the last two decades, according to water quality experts in San Diego.

People from Tijuana to as far north as Coronado, a resort city in San Diego County, have been complaining of foul odors for weeks, prompting lawmakers in San Diego County to contact federal regulators as well as agencies in Mexico.

The U.S. regulators said their Mexican counterparts have given little explanation, neither have Mexican officials responded to L.A. Times‘ requests for comment.

"Keep Out" sign in Imperial Beach warns people about sewage-contaminated water

“Keep Out” in Imperial Beach warning people about sewage-contaminated water

Serge Dedina, mayor of Imperial Beach, a residential beach city in San Diego County, said he tried to get answers from officials on both sides of the border for more than a week with no response. Dedina said:

“This was like a tsunami of sewage spills. What’s worse is it looks to me like this was deliberate. It saves [the Mexican agencies] a lot of money in pumping costs, and ultimately, they can get away with it and do it all the time, just on a much smaller scale.”

The toxic discharge is estimated to have happened from Feb. 6 through March 1, while repairs were made to a major sewer pipe near the confluence of Mexico’s Alamar and Tijuana rivers, according to the U.S. side of the International Boundary and Water Commission. Baja California’s State Public Service Commission maintains the sewer-system infrastructure in that area.

“They basically said it was a bypass of raw sewage into the Tijuana River during the rehabilitation of a large sewer pipeline in Tijuana,” said Lori Kuczmanski, spokeswoman for the U.S. side of the commission, which oversees international water treaties with Mexico, among other things.

By Tuesday, Feb. 28, U.S. officials said their Mexican counterparts still offered only scant details of the situation. They also said Mexico didn’t give them advance notice of the sewer-pipe repair project.

Dave Gibson, executive officer of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, said:

Was the spill intentional? Well, yeah. It appears they were working on the pipeline. I don’t believe that it was a question of it failing. At least a notification would be a good neighborly thing to do, to let us know what was coming down the river before it got here so we could alert the public.

Two-hundred years ago this might have been the state of the science but there’s absolutely no question, whatsoever, that the state of the science is you capture the sewage and you keep it in the system.”

Gibson said a similar project in the United States would include efforts to prevent sewage from flowing downstream by using booms and then pumping the diverted sewage back into the wastewater system.

Countless residents in the area have smelled the the spill. In addition to health concerns, people nearby are concerned that they’re just now hearing about it. Many are furious, saying the sewage should’ve been recaptured and put back into the treatment system instead of being allowed to travel all the way into the Pacific Ocean. Plus, they say they were never warned of the spill.

On the evening of March 2, dozens of angry South Bay residents concerned about the massive sewage spill packed an International Boundaries Water Commission meeting. Leslie Bell, a Coronado Cays resident who was at the meeting, said as her daughter stood nearby with a sign that read ‘Mexico must Pay!‘:

“When our kids can’t go and swim at the beach that’s right across form us, a state beach, it’s very upsetting. We just want to make sure that somebody is held accountable for it. If it hadn’t gotten worse and worse, they would have just gotten away with it if they could have. So how often is this happening? I feel like I have to go test the water every time my kids go swimming now.”

According to a document released by the International Boundary and Water Commission Thursday, both U.S. and Mexican commissioners have agreed to investigate the transboundary sewage spill.

Sources: Los Angeles Times; NBCSanDiego

This tsunami of sewage spill is an environmental disaster. Where is the Sierra Club? Where are California’s vaunted environmentalists?

To give you a sense of the magnitude of Mexico’s deliberate sewage dump, let’s compare it to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster of 2010:

  • In the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, a total of 210,000,000 gallons of oil seeped into the Gulf of Mexico over the course of 5 months, from April 20 to September 19, 2010, i.e., 152 days — or 1.381 million gallons a day.
  • In the case of Tijuana’s sewage spill, 143,000,000 gallons of raw sewage were dumped into the Tijuana River during a period of 21 days (Feb. 6 through March 1) — or 6.809 million gallons a day.

That means on an average per day gallon basis, the Tijuana sewage spill is 5 times more than the Gulf oil spill.

The Tijuana sewage spill is tantamount to an act of war by the government of Mexico.


40 responses to “Act of War: Mexico deliberately pollutes Calif. beaches with tsunami of raw sewage 5 times that of Gulf oil spill

  1. Our tax dollars were used to build a de-salizination plant in Yuma, AZ in 1992 at a cost to the federal government of $250 million, and the plant was meant to help the U.S. meet its treaty obligations with Mexico involving the Colorado River. The plant produces enough salt free water annually for the use of approx 120,000 Mexicans and their farms south of Yuma. The annual maintenance cost is approx $6 million U.S. tax monies. I say shut it down until Mexico stops their nonsense with the sewage impacting California. We should have told Mexico to shove it and build their own de-salizination plant decades ago (it’s not our fault the river is so salty by the time it reaches the delta area south of our border). Apparently no good deed paid for by U.S. tax dollars seems to go unpunished when dealing with Mexico.

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    • Carrie K-W . . . I would agree, shut down this de-salinization plant. Basically, any American who thinks that the US can possibly give any amount of aid or help to Mexico is deluding themselves . . . it will never be enough to assuage their greed to have America take care of them. Return all illegals . . . let Mexico take all illegals who cross the Southern US boarder. We have been a dumping ground for Mexico for far too long as it is.

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      • We must not forget that former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, said in 2002 that Mexico views the U.S. as a safety valve for all of Mexico’s societal problems (which includes too many people chasing too few resources, i.e over population). As long as Mexico and the rest of the world views us as a resource ripe for picking and exploiting, we’re doomed. And the left wonders why Trump was elected. SMH


        • Carrie K-W .. . . I am so glad that you brought up that fact. There is little doubt that for us to remain “a resource ripe for picking and exploiting, we’re doomed.” It is high time that we “put America first.” We need to pull back on all the largesse that we dump on these countries that hate us, regardless of how much we help them . . . let them do without our help. We have more than enough fires to put out in this country, without worrying about the fires burning in other lands. When we hear of the US spending its treasure in rebuilding ancient mosques in Muslim countries, along with all the other goofy spending abroad, it sickens many of us, to know that when these very funds are borrowed, we end up paying interest on the monies. Today is the day to put America first. One way of doing that very thing, for which I am thrilled . . . our “NATO partners” had let slip any pretense of paying their own fair shares of the expense of guarding these countries militarily. I say, to heck with that idea! They need to pony up what was agreed upon, or get out of the NATO agreement.


    • Isn’t it quite odd that the news would report this spill and say nothing about Fukushima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Very odd and you have to ask yourself: why? IMHO the Fukushima disaster is the worst human-caused environmental catastrophe in the history of the world. It is not a one-time event that happened and the danger has passed (it’s worsening, actually). Every other person I talk to lately seems to be having thyroid problems (I’m in Arizona) and I believe people here in the U.S. are starting to exhibit signs of radiation exposure and yet the MSM is silent. Reports from people who are members of a yacht blog group reflect all sorts of observations concerning anomalies they are witnessing while traversing the Pacific (dead zones, fish and other wildlife with strange sores and deformities, etc.). It’s frightening and you’d think this issue would be #1 with the UN as opposed to their fake global warming agenda (which is really all about re-distribution of wealth and resources).


        • it’s not just in arizona…the usa has a silent epidemic of thyroid problems (hypo/hyperthyroid). cheap and ubiquitous GMO soy inhibits proper thyroid function and it is in EVERYTHING (food/seed/chemical monopoly giant monsatan is making a killing, literally and figuratively) their product is used in: livestock feed (beef, chicken, pork), protein powders, bread, eggs, cereal, mayonnaise (majority of mayonnaise is soy oil), candy bars (soy emulsifier); non-food products like: certain vaccines, skin care, shampoo, makeup, perfumes, candles…it’s everywhere…look at the labels. The labels will read “soy”, “soy nuts”, “hydrolyzed plant protein”, “soy lecithin”, “soy protein isolate”, “tofu”, “textured vegetable protein”, “soy peptone”, “soy oil”…the list goes on and on.
          And not just soy, but also halides/halogens: fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide…
          Out of those 4 listed only iodide should be consumed as it is necessary for the thyroid to function properly, but the other halogens will compete for the same receptor sites as iodide when they are ingested. How are they ingested?
          water (fluoridated, chlorinated), toothpaste, pesticides, flours, plastics (leach into food, especially from microwave use), certain medications, fire retardants…the list goes on and on.
          The products from america’s industries (with our bought-and-paid- for govt’s blessings) are literally starving our thyroids en-masse.
          The thyroid functions to: maintain body temperature, maintain weight (metabolism), reproduction, hormone production, heart rate, etc.
          So, many people today with symptoms such as arrhythmias, chronic fatigue syndrome, infertility, miscarriage, brittle hair, alopecia, dry skin, diabetes, cancer, arthritis…the list goes on and on…probably have undiagnosed thyroid problems.
          Check out this link to a website called “hypothyroid mom” where she details 300+ symptoms of thyroid problems:

          it’s very eye opening…


          • Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for the tutorial – very informative and I appreciate you generously sharing this info (eye opening hardly describes it – SMH). So, I guess the bottom line is that whether by Fukushima or engineered GMO and all the chemical “–ides” we’re pretty much screwed (sorry for the vulgarity, but there are times when just no other word is adequate). Thanks, again, for the info – the posters on FOTM are the best! 🙂


          • SOYLENT GREEN


          • MomOfIV . . . the above contribution to this article is nothing short of excellent. I have thyroid problems, and exhibit any number of the symptoms that you mentioned. Thank you for mentioning the adverse problems with using “soy” products. It is rather funny that the prescription companies only want you to use “synthetic thyroid,” rather than Armour, which is from pigs. I myself never got a lick of help when I used Synthroid, but seem to be much better on Naturol which is the generic of Armour. I you use the synthetic thyroid, the insurance company will pay almost the entire amount of the cost, but if you use thyroid which is extracted from pigs–they pay a mere pittance for the prescription. I go ahead and bite the bullet and pay more for the natural thyroid. After all I am a mammal, just as a pig is a mammal . . . I am not a “synthetic” anything.


            • thank you Auntie,
              God bless you. I pray you are doing better with your treatment and your pain.
              Are you drinking 6+ glasses of spring water? Do you take selenium and coconut oil as well? Very helpful for the thyroid.
              It definitely seems that when insurance companies have an alternative they don’t want to pay for, you are probably better off going the route which costs more.
              It costs more for a reason, because they know the average guy can’t afford it or will go broke paying for it and insurance companies don’t want to lose one cent….very evil.

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  3. I think I have a slightly better idea …..143,000,000 gallons of waste flowing North , lets ship the same amount of weight back to them . Send all the illegals that equal that weight back to old Mexico …..143,000,000 gallons x8 lbs per gallon comes ought to be 1,144,000,000 lbs ….Herd them up and point the buses to Mexico border , after all , that would be fair ….he he

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  4. So is this an EPA issue, or Governor Moonbeam’s?
    They can set up a situation where it was a private contractor to indemnify the beaners.
    I hope The U.S.E.P.A. socks it to them.

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    • Texas Gov. Greg Abbot had a GREAT idea. Instead of working for months to round the Illegals up to deport, this is what he suggested. I may(?) have already said this. IF I did, I do apologize. I may have the figures backwards; however, you will catch the drift.
      IF you house an Illegal, it is a $25,000 fine per Illegal.
      IF you HIRE an Illegal, it is a $50,000 fine per Illegal.
      A lilberal Judge shut him down…so a few months ago, the Gov. is going Sanctuary Cities. I pointed out my area of Texas to him.
      I would never say tht the majority of them aren’t nice people. They are nice. What reallly bothers me? Why don’t they enroll in any High School to learn our history; and after that, they are tested to see how much they absorbed. Then they can FILE to become a citizen.

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  5. disgusting…when are we going to stop taking their sh*t, literally and figuratively?

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    • I’m with you Mom. This type of stunt shows they true nature of these people.
      They break our laws crossing the border, come here and rape, rob, and murder, and drug dealing, costing us billions and we are supposed to not just take it, but take it with a smile.

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    • MomOfIV . . . you have just asked the 64,000 dollar question. It hardly makes any difference . . . Mexico is going to hate us no matter what we do, so let’s get to “cease taking their sh*t, literally and figuratively?” No matter what we do Mexico will never be pleased with the US . . . so it is better that they are as mad as wet hens, than that we take no action on this kind of behavior, and allow them to feel that they can forever get away with this kind of behavior.

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  6. We should do whatever clean-up is possible,load it into air tankers fly them over Mexico City and dump them on the Capitol building. Not so cool when it hits YOUR house,is it?

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  8. Actions have consequences and payback is hell. They have decided to go against a world power. Good luck with that Mexico.

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  9. There is rather a smugness to the behavior of Mexican officials . . . they huff n puff like they are a Super Power! I would love to see them lose that attitude of “smugness!”

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  10. Update –

    U.S., Mexican officials to launch investigation into Mexican sewage spill

    From the article…

    The IBWC is responsible for implementing water treaties between the U.S. and Mexico, and settling related disputes.

    An earlier IBWC report said roughly 143 million gallons of raw sewage was dumped in Mexico into the Tijuana River between February 6 – 23. However, Mayor Dedina didn’t hear about it until the 23.

    “Rather than let us know and try to stop it from happening, didn’t let us know and that’s unacceptable,” said Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina. “Which is why I’ve called for the director of the International Boundary and Water Commission, Ed Drusina, to be fired or resign because of a complete dereliction of duty.”

    Related link –

    IB Mayor calls for federal commission director to be fired after massive raw sewage spill

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  11. Couldn’t happen to a nicer state.

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    • Aren’t you all heart, “Guido” with an IP address in Bell, CA.


      • Respectfully, Dr. Eowyn, he does have a good point, albeit at his own state. California has already done their own citizens a misjustice by spending money on benefits to illegals that should have been spent on infrastructure in the state. With the recent Oroville Dam spillway situation, and the fact that California has a massive roadway system which needs to be highly maintained at all times, the state should put their own citizens in the running for funding. With the Cascadia and San Andrews fault lines way overdue for a massive earthquake, they need all the funding to improve infrastructure in case the “Big One” hits. As for this sewage incident, let them investigate and charge Mexico as needed. I am actually surprised that there has not been some sewage problems arising with the fact of having massive flooding after an extreme drought.

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        • Respectfully, I disagree. Guido is calling for all of California to be punished, but most of the people who reside in inland California are not left-wing as most of the people on the coast.

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    Whenever it rained in the 1960s it did the same thing.We passed through Tijuana on the way to camping in baha california. It really stunk after the rains.

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  13. So what’s new? Mexico for decades has been dumping it’s human waste across the southern border.

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  16. If you’ve ever had to cross the border into Mexico then you know there’s really nothing we can do to get back at them for this. The place is already Shiite on toast.

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  17. It looks like were are going to have to extend the wall out into the Pacific about 200 miles !

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  18. Don’t look to the Sierra Club for assistance. Many years ago, the City of San Diego proposed treating the ocean with bacteria-killing chemicals, which would be harmless to humans, after YET ANOTHER sewage spill, and the Sierra Club sued the city, and won, with this reasoning: “Bacteria has as much a right to life as humans”.

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