State of the Disunion

This one pic says it all, from President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress, February 28, 2017.


Democrats stayed seated when Republican stood up to applaud. This was especially so when President Trump said that Americans and America must come first, before we take care of the rest of the world, and when President Trump said that while he respects the rights of all nations, he expects other countries to respect the rights of America, and that:

“My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent America.”

There you have it —

For Democrats, nationalism — love of one’s country — is a dirty word.

For Democrats, America does NOT come first, and a U.S. president’s job is NOT to represent America.

Democrats are globalists who care more about other countries and other peoples than they do about America and Americans.


30 responses to “State of the Disunion

  1. That behavior on the part of Dems is outrageous. Particularly since we suffered through eight years of Obummer.

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  2. Of course, Democrats…

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  3. If they can’t dig deep and show some home training, they need to FAKE IT.
    The Dhimmicrats are embarrassing themselves.

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  4. And lest we forget this little gem from 2009…

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  5. Keep it up demorats…you’ll be having butt hurt for 8 years with that attitude.

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  6. William Brandon Shanley

    Omigosh! The Democrats embarrassed themselves with such lack of decorum it was astonishing. If the MSM weren’t working day and night to resurrect the Democrats and malign Trump, they’d have no future at all. Pelosi, Schumer and Tim Kaine looked shell shocked as if they truly fear what the future will bring. Same with Republicans Graham, McCain and McConnell. None of them looked like they’ve been getting any sleep. No wonder with Pizzagate looming. Hooray the great, healing speech by Trump!

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  7. It was an excellent speech and the behavior of the democrats will not go unnoticed. They truly showed their asses.

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  8. Ah, the left, right, dichotomy and rhetoric:
    Like supporting one band of robbers over another in their maleficence against you, yours, and country.

    And still buying into it after, say 30, is like still believing in Santa Claus, except this Santa Claus robs and enslaves you

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  9. That’s right…I watched the entire speech, and was tickled when Trump pointed to them. They knew to be quiet, they stood only when it behooved them that their supporters saw they supported the military and lower drug prices. They didn’t fool any of us however, did they!

    What hypocritical scum…ugh!

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  10. I REALLY cannot accept this incredibly stupid, self-defeating horseshit & tea leaves! What are you flaming fools going to do for the rest of yr miserable acrimonious lives? Keep on being contra this & contra that until President Trump decides he’s had enough, and voluntarily vacates office? IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!

    The more you fools double down on stupid the more his backbone is up, so, GET OVER IT and stop holding yr breath! No wait: carry on with the latter, never stop!!

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  11. For Democrats, nationalism — love of one’s country — is a dirty word.

    For Democrats, America does NOT come first, and a U.S. president’s job is NOT to represent America.

    Democrats are globalists who care more about other countries and other peoples than they do about America and Americans.

    Boy I at the conclusion of the address I thought those exact same things. At least 2?3 of the speech had things in it Dems should have loved. They couldn’t even applaud those. As for the remainder which centered on Americans needs and safety first, their true commie colors came out. It’s all about their commie agenda, the American people be damned. Thee people truly frighten me.

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  12. The Democrat party are a stain on our Republic. Pandering to illegals and muslims, while enslaving American citizens with welfare, food stamps, failing inner-cities, ramshackle schools and subsidized healthcare.

    Listen up, you pathetic excuses for “Statespersons”. Your behavior tonight exhibits your unworthiness to represent Americans. People will not forget the disgraceful exhibition. Make the most of your time, because half of you will be gone next year.

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  13. The reaction of the filthy, stinking communist puke left to what Trump had to say shows just how much these cretins hate this country.

    To Hell with them all.

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  14. Because of the neo-cons and the cuckservative globalists,we can’t really call this dem vs. rep or even left vs. right. It’s too outdated, and those traditional sides are not even represented on the congress floor. It’s more like what we see in Europe, green-fem-commie vs. alt-right. That was the election in Austria. Not surprisingly, the green-fem-commies do in fact praise the soviet union. Here’s is proof:

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  15. We are stuck with a filthy group of miscreants that got in our face for eight years telling us we may not like the man, but we have to respect the office, then they go off on Multiple tangents of opposing the election, screaming impeachment, having sit ins and now an evening of a great speech where they sat on their hands. They are full blown hypocrites and will pay for their misdeeds.
    It is clear they have other agendas that have nothing to do with making America great and to heck with her people.

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  16. I’m surprised the one guy one the left had the gonads to stand ! I’m sure he was taken to the woodshed by Pelosi and Schumer .

    If you won’t stand up for putting your country and people first , you should not be in office , period !!!

    That was the best and most defining line of the speech . Republicans have their own globalists also : McCain ( who can’t fly a plane ) , Lindsay Grahm-nesty , and the clown from Kentucky ………Don’t forget Ryan , and the V.P. who gave the Baphomet sign at the convention …….

    You don’t get that high on the totem pole , without selling your soul . And what’s with Trump and his right hand constantly giving the ” 3 6’s sign ?. Makes me wonder who side he’s on .

    I just do not trust politicians in general .


    • ManCavePatriot

      Your skepticism is quite healthy, and should prevent you from being too disappointed. I equate Trump’s election victory to Ali’s defeat of Sonny Liston. He truly ‘Shocked The World’. Everyone in DC is walking around like they’re playing musical chairs waiting for the music to stop in order to find out if they still have a chair to sit on. Pedo-gate is hanging over the city like a dense fog. Perhaps President Trump is using this issue, and keeping everyone in suspended animation, to push forward his legislative agenda before AG Sessions begins knocking on doors? Gen. Flynn had to leave because he was aware of Mike Pence’s friendship with Jeff Flake, implicated in Pizza-gate, but failed to divulge this knowledge to the VP.

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  17. Everything in this country has been FOR SALE ever since I’ve been alive, and it’s a disgrace. I watched President Trump’s SOTU speech, and I was especially delighted to see such characters as Nancy “Skeletor” Pelosi and Lindsay “Rent Boy” Graham in pain and in terror!


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  18. As things stand now the liberal/left/progressive/socialist ‘Onion” just had one of its layers peeled off by Mr. Trump’s Address. And the onion is gonna keep getting layers peeled off and getting smaller and smaller. Trump’s so called ‘dark inaugural speech’ was calculated to make the press act just the way they did. More liberal gasoline on the fire. Trump knew it. Then he comes back as ‘Very Presidential’ in this last address. It’s hard for the media to say anything else. They’ll keep on trying ‘the dredging up old stuff and recycling it tactic’. In the mean time he’ll be throwing things at them faster than a circus juggler. Trump played the MSM for fools and he’ll do it again. They’re fuming so bad they won’t see the sucker punch coming.

    And the Democratic side of the gallery during the speech?

    I haven’t seen that many democrats dressed in white since the last time
    the Grand Wizard held a rally.

    No wonder they don’t like guns. They keep shooting themselves in the foot!

    🙂 have a good day!

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  20. And:


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