Please pray for Pizzagate journalist David Seaman

David Seaman is a self-described “Progressive” independent journalist who contributes to a number of media outlets, including Huffington Post — until last year, when he was banned by HuffPo for his reporting on Hillary Clinton’s health.

See “Banned by HuffPo, David Seaman calls media collusion with Hillary Clinton ‘Orwellian propaganda’

Since then, Seaman became a Trump supporter and has continued to speak out. He is also among a handful in the Alternative Media who tirelessly report on the evil called Pizzagate. In Seaman’s case, his main platform is YouTube, to which he would upload almost daily video reports on the latest news or discovery concerning Pizzagate.

Seaman recently caused quite a stir when he suddenly went silent and removed all his many videos from YouTube, which you can verify for yourself by going here.

Thankfully, he resurfaced yesterday with a YouTube video explaining his absence and defending himself from scurrilous attacks on his character.

Pizzagate involves some very powerful people in Washington, D.C., who are ruthless and unscrupulous. The attacks on Pizzagate researchers are very real, notably Ryan A. O’Neal who was threatened by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis. Read about it here.

David Seaman needs our prayers.

Please pray for his safety, and for the safety of all citizen journalists who have the courage to expose Pizzagate, which law enforcement as well as the useless and feckless MSM — including even Alt-Media journalists like Wayne Madsen — not only refuse to do, but contemptuously dismiss as “debunked fake news,” never mind that something that hasn’t been officially investigated can neither be “debunked” nor brushed off as “fake news”.

H/t Will Shanley

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22 responses to “Please pray for Pizzagate journalist David Seaman

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  2. God Bless this wonderful, brave young man. I shall be praying that the powers of Heaven will not only send the Comforter to be with him, but angels to attend him and ensure his safety, and well being.

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  3. He reminds me of David in the Old Testament fighting this modern-day Goliath. May God anoint and protect him. Save perhaps for abortion and the Jewish Holocaust, this evil, in my humble opinion, is unsurpassed in modern history by its scope and vileness and needs to be stopped in its tracks.

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  4. I was still up during the early hours on the evening HuffPo had locked David out and deleted all his work. He tweeted out a video because he was in fear for his life, way back then. I re-tweeted his video to as many people I could think of. He was very shaken-up, shocked at the actions he sustained. I’ve prayed for him ever since.

    It was a relief to see his latest post, he is taking time with friends, “in the mountains” to recoup some strength, His work, and that of many others, will not be in vain.

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  5. Hello, john namnik; While I don’t know you as yet, I did vet the url given in yr comment. I attest from my own researches into the links & references its creator’s done amazing work fitting many thousands of bits into the puzzle. She’s as good as prize-winning US citizen investigators Mike Ruppert [a fictive ‘suicide’] & Chris Bollyn, who fled the US w/his family to avoid their ‘accidental deaths’.

    As for the role[s] played by the Mossad, I will for the 1st time publicly here attest to my only association w/one of its ‘players’, and that was from the late Sixties in California. I also suggest readers look at, which site is from where I got its url.

    During 1967-1969 I worked part-time w/a very highly regarded electrical physicist-engineer formerly with IBM. Along the ways in & out I met once-in-a-lifetime characters who later became models for people I put into short stories and a novello. One such creep was Ben[jamin] Kalka, who claimed to be partnered w/an ex-Mossad agent, recently ‘retired’ from that agency, who worked as an ‘independent contractor’ out of Northern California [SF].
    But just as w/the Mafia or CIA, one is never left w/o some attachment to it. The only time one becomes ‘detached’ is if one fails in a way that woud give away important secrets, and then it’s more a case of abandonment, wherein the failed agent is left to dangle w/prejudice.

    In closing, one has only to go to the upper L hand front page of the Oakland Tribune for Dec 1969 to find Ben Kalka’s photo, headlined as convicted in the longest federal prison sentence ever for drug-dealing, 14 years. Left hanging bitter & twisted, he became a prison rat, and here my ‘tail’ ends!

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  6. NRA slams NYT:

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  7. I like David because he will admit when he is wrong or simply doesn’t know the answer.. It makes me trust him. But I have to say, thus far he has been spot on! Its very brave to do what he is doing.. please keep supporting him. “Its easy to stand with the crowd, it takes courage to stand alone”

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  8. Always praying for all the pizzagate investigators.
    David Seaman will be in my prayers by name.

    I wanted to ask you and your readers if any of you are aware of the inverstigations on YouTube looking into celebrities being secretly transgender, and what you thought about it. It’s very disturbing but it makes so much sense with the inversion of everything in Satanism. I could just be nuts here but I’m completely convinced that many are posing as the opposite sex and now I can’t even look at the celebs without being able to see the deception. If you go to actual before and after transformations of men to women and vice versa you can see how it would be so easy to be fooled. I won’t name any names here in case I am just crazy, but would any of you be willing to look into it or maybe, you doc, could do an article?

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  9. Why does he accuse people who say he was lying because he is a Jew of simply being mindless antisemites? That’s a cop-out.

    He should have explained that a bit better, since gentiles are often tricked by the Jews and it is somewhat reasonable to suspect Pizzagate to be just another Jewish trick so he shouldn’t just dismiss people who enquire from this angle as being idiotic antisemites. He’s just doing what he’s accusing them of doing (prejudicial labeling), rather than addressing their actual (possibly realistic) concern. “Zionist, whatever that means” is troubling too. Why do so few Jews seem to understand the Jewish Question? Maybe they need to read more David Duke or something. They seem so ignorant of this matter!

    Also, why did he delete all his videos?


  10. And this

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    • That video could have made its points without the mocking tone.
      I don’t know David Seaman’s past, but if what the video says about him soliciting donations for a political run, then dropping out and keeping the cash, is true, then that is cause for concern.

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      • Lots of citizen reporters have been following Seaman at least since last year, in the beginning he was respected for his bravery, one of the few voices seemingly undaunted by the flak researchers have been getting who research this topic, but after this he became embroiled in a dispute with Youtube, who started to restrict his account in various ways, including his advertisement revenues-while it is understandable this was disconcerting, however it was not a surprise for researchers, Reg was shut down over Pizzagate, as all of MSN has been attacking researchers and articles/posts-so after this Seaman was all about his personal drama-excuse me-this is about the horrendous violence happening to children, not Seaman’s personal advertising woes; since this time he has produced very little original research, talks about he has some unknown source, big story about to break, things are about to happen, etc…
        this has all caused a lot of people to step back from Seaman, who was from Huffington Post in the first place, which is a big red flag, he has been riding the alt news like a politician with his Pizzagate following, now in this tape he states he is Jewish, and he is asking for donations to run for POLITICAL OFFICE; the video includes an allegation he took donations for a campaign under questionable circumstances; one comment on the video says it all: “I appreciated how he was shining a light on SRA and pedogate, but damn, the peddling…it’s so obvious he’s riding the other ppl’s coat tails.”
        Now if it is true he is aligned with the ZIONISTS this is the GAME CHANGER: this cannot be overstated, and before I address this I will hafta research this myself more-all in all things being what they are in the DISINFORMATION AGE it is highly prudent to question Seaman, and get the attention back on THE TRUE VICTIMS OF PIZZAGATE and stop all this DISTRACTION

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  12. I haven’t watched any of David Seaman’s videos lately, so I can’t comment on the financial issue. I don’t think trying to fundraise and connecting it to your opinion piece is a great idea, and he needs to explain himself. However, I do know Twitter and You Tube are banning/barring conservatives and amateur investigators of pizzagate. I also read they have a list of conservatives they want to ban from Twitter. Stupid snowflakes! I myself am banned for 12 hours from Twitter today for giving one of these snowflakes using the name #TheResistance a piece of my mind. They can say what they want on Twitter as liberals, including death threats, most of which don’t even get a suspension, but I was told my tweets were “hostile”. Well, in this country now it’s only the liberals who have free speech. I have been called “racist”, “homophobe”, “bigot” since I said I was proud to vote for Trump. Then some ignorant leftist thinks they can slur me for using my right to vote. Well, I have no desire to ever “reunite” with the left as citizens of this country. Let them secede and ruin their own country!

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  13. If Seaman is another con artist, he’s doing a rather convincing job thus far. I did find that video (link above) unsettling. We are taught to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. I hate being at the point in my life where everyone is under suspicion FIRST, but the internet is not a human way of connecting with people to get a better idea (gut instinct) as to their true motivations.


  14. Your
    “Trump’s Twitter shows he’s onto Pizzagate” is unreachable with the url embedded ( Blocked?


    • David:

      I took down that post after an alert reader informed me that the “President Trump @Pres_Trump_” Twitter account is not Trump’s account. I had thought the account to be his second account, set up when he became President. Trump, to my knowledge, has only ONE Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, which he’s had for many years.

      My sincere apologies for being duped, and for the errant post.


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