Muslim “human rights activist” to Le Pen: “I am going to slit your throat Muslim-style”


It was just words of his “fictional character.” Um, yeah, riiiiiiiight.

From Express UK: For years, Mehdi Meklat, a 24-year-old human rights activist and former Bondy Blog journalist – who, until last week, was hailed as one of France’s rising media stars – published “sickening” tweets under the pseudonym ‘Marcelin Deschamps’, a “provocative” but “fictional” character who, according to the young writer, “does not reflect his personal beliefs, values and morals”.

On Twitter, Mr. Meklat – writing as Marcelin Deschamps – threatened to kill Marine Le Pen. He wrote: “I am going to slit your throat Muslim-style.”

The journalist is also guilty of apologising terrorism and anti-Semitism: hiding behind his ‘fictional’ character, he praised Islamic terrorist Mohammed Merah, said that he “really missed Osama bin Laden” and that we should “bring back Hitler”.

He also said that he wanted to “rape” former Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief, Charb – one of the victims of the January 2015 terrorist attacks – with a “Laguiole knife”.

On Saturday, Mr. Meklat cleaned his Twitter account – he went from 50,000 to 503 tweets – and issued a public apology, branding his hateful tweets as “obsolete” and “irrelevant”.

He tweeted: “I’m sorry if some of you were shocked by my tweets. They are obsolete… The words of my fictional character do not reflect my own personal thoughts and beliefs, quite the opposite. Via Marcelin Deschamps, a provocative character, I was trying to encourage critical thinking.”

His apology, however, has largely fallen on deaf ears.

On Sunday, Marion Marechal Le Pen, Mrs. Le Pen’s niece, tweeted: “Praising Merah, threats, homophobia, hate and anti-Semitism. Why is the press protecting @mehdi_meklat?”

Members of the Printemps républicain, a left-wing organisation explicitly formed to promote and protect secularism in France, bitterly condemned Mr. Meklat’s tweets in a press release and said that, had he been a member of France’s far-right, he would have been excoriated and denounced by the press “a very long time ago”.

They wrote: “For years, Mr. Meklat published racist, sexist and hate-filled tweets. And yet, editors and newspapers continued to hire and support him. If a far-right journalist had tweeted what Mr. Meklat tweeted, he would have been lynched by the press and would probably have ended up in court.”


16 responses to “Muslim “human rights activist” to Le Pen: “I am going to slit your throat Muslim-style”

  1. The French people are backing Marine le Pen in record numbers. They know, as do we, that muslim migrants have no place in Western civilized culture. To each his own kind, cultural integration is a failed experiment.

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    • filia.aurea . . . you are so right, this “cultural integration is a failed experiment,” and we have the New World Order to thank for unleashing this plague on us.

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      • Why was this experiment was ever initiated? Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would know their “religion”,according to their “Book of Peace”,is a play book on conquering the world. By design,the ONLY way their “religion” can work successfully is by wiping out ALL other religions.


      • Yes, the globalist lunatics have been working on this for 50 years. It’s never going to work.


  2. What we have here is another example of the rank hypocrisy and viciousness so rampant among the Left and their allies. Mehdi Meklat, a “human rights activist,” threatens to “slit the throat” of Marine LePen — a woman who killed no one, committed no crime, but simply advocates a position that differs from Meklat’s. If there’s truth in advertising, Meklat should really call himself an “antihuman activist” and be summarily arrested.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . I could not agree more with your statement. This joker needs to be jailed. When people put such horrific ideas in writing . . . we have many times seen that some wacko will actually carry out the deed. He is a despicable human being.

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  3. “muslim migrants have no place in Western civilized culture” says it all.
    how come Mehdi Meklat is not incarcerated?

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  4. If it makes any difference, “Printemps républicain” means “Republican Spring” (compare “Arab Spring”, etc.). The republic they refer to, of course, is la republique du France. Regardless of their stand, I’m impressed with their assessment here.

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  6. Also, that little piece de merde Meklat has depictions of cannabis leaves on his hat.

    1) Anyone who wears merde like that is a piece of merde, or is at least tainted by merde-like thought.
    2) Isn’t drug use punishable by death in Islam? Never mind, I’m sure it’s fine so long as you’re doing it to destroy a country not yet submitted to Allah.

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  7. Charging him with inciting would be a start and a reason to crawl up his but with a microscope.

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  9. Leftists and their appreciation of differing opinion:

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  10. If the Tweets and rants of his fictional character were not the heeling of his real self,,, He would have never published them. There is an old saying, the truth comes out first!

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  11. They removed her immunity and are attempting to arrest and imprison her….
    We are dealing with the diabolical…


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