Thighing: Pedophilia makes allies of Islam and the Left

Ever wondered why the radical left of the West consistently defend and ally with Islam, although Islam prohibits and condemns so many of the causes and groups championed by the Left, such as feminism and homosexuals?

One proffered explanation is the old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” — both the Left and Islam are hostile to the traditional values and beliefs of Western civilization which are rooted in Christianity.

Note: I reject the oft-used term “Judeo-Christian civilization” because Christianity has nothing in common with the malignant and deeply anti-Christian Talmud, which is the supreme “sacred” scripture of Jews, in which Jesus is called a bastard and a fool, and His mother is called a whore. The Talmud also sanctions abortion (unborn less than a month than 10 days old are considered as “mere water”; the unborn child is not a human person and does not have a soul -Michael Hoffman, Judaism’s Strange Gods, pp. 312, 316), pedophilia, bestiality and incest. (“Does Talmud Teach Bestiality, Pedophilia, Incest?,”

But “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a tactical, surface reason for the Left-Islam alliance, which is why so many of us find the explanation to be inadequate.

Here’s a deeper, underlying reason why the Left making cause with Islam: Both support pedophilia.

It is no secret that among the radical Left is a movement to “normalize” pedophilia. See:

In the case of Islam, it is entirely permissible for adult men to commit pedophilia, their role model being none other than their “prophet” and founder Muhammad.

We know that one of Muhammad’s wives was a female child named Aisha, whom the adult Muhammad married when she was 6 years old. As explained in the video below, before Muhammad consummated the marriage, i.e., raped Aisha when she was 9 years old, Muhammad would engage in masturbatory “thighing” (mufakhazat alzigaar) by inserting and rubbing his penis between the girl’s thighs. Thighing or the sexual molestation of young children is sanctioned by Fatwa 31409.

This evil practice is confirmed by Bahrain women’s rights activist Ghada Jamshir. In 2005, the Bahraini government brought three criminal charges against Jamshir for allegedly publicly defaming the Islamic family court judiciary. The charges eventually were dropped, but if Jamshir were convicted, she would be imprisoned for up to 15 years. Since 2006, she has been under permanent surveillance — there is a 24-hour presence of plainclothes Public Security officials of the Ministry of the Interior outside her home.

See also:

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


37 responses to “Thighing: Pedophilia makes allies of Islam and the Left

  1. Oooooh, now I understand. Really warped.

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  2. Pure multiculturalism, a crime, but expose it involves to that protest to jail.

    There is that recover, without a doubt, the real democracy in West.

    This leaves us hands.


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  4. such evil….it shouldn’t be about allowing refugees in to the West…it should be about installing democracy in those countries so people can have a voice and learn to defend themselves…Western nations have allowed islam to expand globally. islam is not a religion, it is a cult that is full of demons.
    There may be some islamists who are “nice”, but islam, as a whole, is inherently evil, anti-Christian, and full of males with inferiority complexes…which is why it has been allowed to spread globally.
    Everywhere you find islam, you also find suppression, rape, death, servitude.
    My heart breaks for the poor children (girls and boys) who are forced to live under such terror, misogyny, and prepubescent misandry. The young girls who survive the trauma inflicted upon them grow up completely brainwashed and servile and the young boys grow up committing the same heinous acts on other children that were committed on them…with every successive generation the cycle repeats itself.
    Neither islam or the Left practices protecting children…I believe they share more in commonalities than they have in differences: misogyny, rape, domination, homosexuality, anti-Christian, demonic possession.
    Who protects the women and children?
    Here is more of Ghada Jamshir’s interview where she reveals the sickness and evils of islam against women and children:

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  5. Religion of Peace?
    No. Religion of Perverts and Perversion.

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  6. They get along so beautifully together because both groups share a burning, devouring hatred for JESUS CHRIST.

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  7. The reason that the,..’left’,.. is so confused on the matter of Islam is because, the Jews, with their control of the media, control how leftist think, & having these confused leftist running around, free range & feral only works to further the Jewish agenda of destroying western civilization & destroying the White Race, in the process..

    And as to the the matter of using the term,..’Judeo-Christian’,
    In any context the term Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron in that there is no such entity, as Judeo-Christian, as the Jews hate Christianity, even more than Muslims do & the Jews tried to extinguish Christianity at it’s very beginning by crucifying Jesus, & failing that, they have been using their power to subvert & destroy, Christianity ever since.,

    Jews, NEVER use the term, Judeo-Christian, but rather only the misguided,..’Goyim’,..ever use that term.

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  8. There is little doubt in my mind that both the Left and the followers of Islam actually follow the Father of Lies . . . Satan. Any man who is such a degenerate that he would practice such (I am really struggling to find the words right here) base behavior, and the Sharia courts condone it, and condemn anyone, including mother’s who try to protect their children from it. I am glad that I am not the one who will stand to judge others at the Judgement Bar, because I cannot see any redemptive qualities in men who do this. Yet, where did it begin . . . think of the old adage of the chicken and the egg. Young boys grow up in communities and homes where this behavior is accepted . . . so who is responsible for their carrying out this behavior themselves? If you are a clean slate when you come to Earth, and are taught something that has been practiced for thousands of years . . . how would you personally know that the practice is inherently pure evil, something that Satan has designed for the destruction of the sons and daughters of God The Eternal Father.

    I love this woman, Ghada Jamshir, her crusade to bring an end to these evil practices, at her own peril, certainly will earn her a special place in the mansions on high. May God Bless her and protect, and sustain her life.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . thank you for bringing us such an excellent article on this most disgusting practice. People in our country need to be made aware. How could we as citizens of this nation possibly in our wildest dreams think that such behavior is being imported to our own country.

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    • Amen Auntie! Amen!

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    • “Yet, where did it begin”

      With so-called “prophet” Muhammad. Years ago, I read a scholarly book written by a Middle East expert who said that when the supposed angel Gabriel first appeared to Muhammad in a cave, Muhammad thought it was a demon. Everything we know about Islam shows that it was indeed a demon, which means Muhammad was demon possessed.

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      • This has always been my take too Dr. Eowyn- that Islam is a demon inspired religion. It does nothing but retard and squelch the flowering of human love an potential. However, I don’t think the answer is to spread democracy as Auntie Lulu mentioned. It would be pointless just as we have seen in Iraq. These people only respond to brutality. They are too primitive. Too many of these people in these countries do not have the capacity in their DNA to live like westerners. I listened to this show the other day about the restoring of Iran to it’s pre Islamic healthy state which is the aim of many Iranian expats.
        The Arab States had no organizing state or culture before Islam- they were nomadic barbarians. In my opinion they still are. Persians or Iranians on the contrary had great civilizations prior to the Muslim barbarian invasions. Islam decimated Iranian culture and replaced it with the evil of Islam. Very interesting to note that the professor also mentioned that all the scientific wonders that we are told were achieved by the Arab Islamic empire were actually exclusively products of Iranians who are or were actual Aryans before being raped and taken over by interbreeding with invading Islamic Arabic tribes. To this day he says you will see people who were spared the rape in outlaying areas who still look like Europeans.

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      • It really is a cautionary tale. Something this warped, even by religious standards in “The Prophet’s” day took off. Mostly it took off at the point of a sword. But I see parallels in leftist memes today.

        Look at the intolerance for non-conformity. Their “reasoning” is so hypocritical and illogical. It is precisely the type of behavior that lead to this Muslim takeover of the Middle East.

        It is a very crude, anti-intellectual system. Remember, at one time most of the shared knowledge of mankind was in the Middle East. After this, it went to Hell in a hand basket.


  9. Then they cut the little girls clitoris off at 6 years old or so and sew her up in many cases. To cause maximum pain to her during intercourse, to make sure she bleeds a lot, and eventually more pain in childbirth. The Muslim man delights in the girls pain and thinks it makes his pleasure more. Sick people.

    Aisha’s hair fell out from the trauma of muhammeds sexual molestation. Says it in their own ‘holy’ texts. And she hyperventilated before having to go let muhammed penetrate her at 9 years old. Sick sick sick!!! No adults could help her, or they’d end up dead. Muhammed was no prophet. Gods prophets don’t have the hots for their best bud’s 6 year-old daughter. End of story.

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    • Anonymous . . . Excellent reply. When you wrote . . .”Muhammed was no prophet.” He most certainly was not a prophet of God the Eternal Father, but on the other hand due to the massive amount of evil he unleashed upon the world . . . we could well conclude that he is a prophet of Satan, the Father of All Lies.

      I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the idea that men could possibly get pleasure from the pain of their women or children.

      I will state once again, it is good than those of us who are of this country and Canada, that we know what to expect from the Muslims who are being let into these countries. I do not think nor do I advocate (as it was mentioned previously that I favor trying to bring democracy to these people) I whole heartedly believe that these Muslim countries CANNOT BE DEMOCRATIZED at this time at least. I do not believe that the majority of Muslims that enter this country will magically embrace democracy; they are far to stepped in the subjugation of their woman, and their feelings that woman are unworthy souls, to the point that many of these men would rather have sex with a goat, than with a “dirty woman.” Men who hold these kinds of beliefs are not going to easily be persuaded to believe the tenants of democracy.

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      • I agree 100% Auntie…I say this, for the males who refuse to change, leave them in an area where they can live their remaining lives sodomizing each other under guard and border fence….leave no woman, child, or 4-legged creatures around them. They can have a piece of land and they will be known as worse than modern day lepers. At some point, they will die off because they will have no offspring and the area can then be used for churches, schools, or housing.
        oddly enough, this is the exact opposite to what is going on in our world.

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        • MomOfIV . . . that is absolutely the best idea I have heard. The only impediment is convincing those of the left that these men present a real peril to the democracy of not only the United States, but Canada.

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  10. Strange that these “beasts” don’t eat pork, when all the while they are nothing but filthy swine. I can imagine them at the bottom of the sea, each with millstone around his neck, for harming the least of God’s little ones.

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    • PMB . . . Every time I hear of the atrocities being committed against young children, I also think of what God has eluded should be their punishment . . . a millstone wrapped around their neck, and being throw into the depth of the seas. I have no doubt that God will straighten out this mess in the hereafter . . . meting out just punishment to perpetrators, and giving unbelievable joy, peace of mind, and comfort to those who were so wickedly prayed upon.

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  11. Guess what we can expect via the Leftist-Jihadist alliance next:

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  12. Re your note on Talmud: Michael Hoffman does a thorough and scholarly critique of the Talmud in his book, “Judaism Discovered”. In his excellent book, “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” (available from Barnes Review), Gerard Menuhin (son of Jewish violinist Yehudi Menuhin) paints a broad and very dark picture of the historical and ongoing conflict between tribal Jewry and the rest of the world, the “other nations”, the goyim. I stress the word “tribal” because not all people who identify as Jews or are of Jewish heritage, such as Menuhin, buy into the racial superiority concept. The kernel of the conflict seems to be that as “God’s chosen people” they have been given eventual dominion over the “other nations” who are destined to serve them. This attitude inevitably has flavored their dealings with gentiles over the ages, naturally creating enmity in the latter. Many non-observant Jews seem to go along with this, apparently as it is in their interest, aside from religion, or out of group loyalty,. Also see Mark Weber’s article “The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions” at the IHR site; also Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel in DC; Israel Shahak’s book “Jewish History, ,Jewish Religion”. I don’t have the links for these.

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  13. President Trump should make a speech, and he should say the following:
    “To anyone who attempts to sexualize our children in any way, shape or form, our message is clear: We shall kill you.”

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  14. These ….people?……are very different than you & I, and I don’t care to have them in my neighborhood.

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