President Trump wants your input for his Joint Address to Congress


President Trump will be making his address to a joint session of Congress tomorrow, February 28.

In just his first 5 weeks in office, President Trump already has fulfilled many of his campaign promises. See:

Now the President is soliciting your input on what issues you think he should focus on next. To that end, he’s asking you to take a short survey. Unlike other surveys, this one was initiated  by the President himself and is conducted by the White House. There are only two questions, so it will take you just a couple of minutes to take it:

  1. Which accomplishment(s) do you consider the most significant of the Trump Administration so far?
  2. What issue(s) do you think are most important for this Administration to focus on?

To take the survey, click here or go to


15 responses to “President Trump wants your input for his Joint Address to Congress

  1. Already filled out. I’m enjoying having “skin in the game” for the first time in history.
    Whether he reads these or not, it’s a morale issue that, I think, many people are appreciating, more and more, as time passes. Every survey is like a referendum.

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  2. Dear President Trump. Take care of your people THE AMERICANS, we come first and fullfill their needs. Put our UNITED STATES on top of the world again. Don’t ignore the left and keep the media at bay. MAKE YOUR PROMISES A VERY SOON REALITY! Flush out the swamp -out with the old and in with the new. North or South build THE WALL soon and the higher the better, it is the point of no retun for ILLEGALS. Make your administration stronger than ever, for we the people trust in GOD and you. Know, President Trump you have us. Don’t look let your guard down, evil lurks all around. God keep you for your will keep YOUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA now and ever.

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  4. Thanks for the tip re the survey. Since I just saw this tweet, Trump should kick “sex insanity” out of the military:

    In another tweet, I saw that Trump is wanting $54 Billion to beef up the military. It can never be “beefy” if they are turning soldiers into pansies. 😉

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  5. Anything short of ending the Khazarians’ Federal Reserve grift-machine means he’s just another of their puppets, just like all the puppets before him.
    “Meet the new puppet. Same as the old puppet.”

    Protocols 3:6 “…Nowadays, with the destruction of the aristocracy, the people have fallen into the grips of merciless money-grinding scoundrels who have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the workers.””

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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    • Exactly, as anything else is less than secondary. As I wrote here in a related posting, “”

      “While I do agree, truckjunkie, w/everything you wrote, there is no real federal debt, as that amount is the creation –by FRAUD– of the private Federal Reserve Bank, and under law a debt extracted by fraud is neither legal nor collectible [ill-gotten gains, etc.].

      The so-called Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913 is by far the greatest single financial theft ever; the bankers currently responsible –and they all know who they are– must be executed by hanging or firing squad on national TV. I’ll send a free PDF of Kerry Bolton’s best-selling “The Banking Swindle, Money Creation and the State”, to anyone who writes me:”

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      • Looks as though you are one the very few that get it. I.e: It is not we, the American people, that owe them, the Khazarian banksters and their grift-machine, but they that owe us.

        Fraudulent-reserve banking is nothing but the fencing, with usury attached, of wealth stolen from the people back to the people, and called a “loan.”

        Put another way: If I loan you money, you owe me. If I stole the money that I loaned you from you, then it is I that owes you.

        The Khazarians fifth-column, especially the grifting banksters, backstop their schemes and scams with propaganda and brainwashing. Their chief indoctrination being that debtors to their fiat “loans” owe them. That is not the case, as both morally and legally it is the banksters that owe we, not we that owe them.

        The fact that we, the American people, do not owe them, but they owe us is their Achilles heel. When enough Americans figure this out the plundering of the American country stops.

        An American citizen, not US subject.

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      • I’m glad that’s NOT a legitiimate debt;somehow,though,I don’t FEEL any wealthier…..

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  6. Lorrona Nicholson

    Tried to passed this on, got this through to Twitter, however, tried to send to Facebook 3 times & think it was blocked : (

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    • Dear Lorrona Nicholson, you are entirely correct! Consider it a mark of honour. Early on, long before FB was ‘famous’ I wrote two brief Internet articles esposing the two creepy founders. Although I’d NEVER used my account in any way, the 1st time I went to use it I got a yellow CANCELLED screen across the page.

      It’s impossible for me to describe my perfectl –atom-splitting joy– upon seing that, as it meant my jibes were taken as deadly-serious by these craven ex-CIA weaklings of deceit & duplicity, same as their mentors.


  7. Maybe if you change the title to something a little more “squishy”….


  8. Repeal Obamacare STAT!

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