Anger as transgender wrestler (FTM), born female and taking testosterone, breezes through women’s tournament – triggering complaints


Mack Beggs

How intolerant of these complainers! /sarc

From Daily Mail: A transgender wrestler who stormed through a competition has been told he shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle women because it’s ‘cheating’.

Several people complained that 17-year-old Mack Beggs, of Texas, USA, should not be allowed to wrestle women as his testosterone treatment, which he is taking as he undergoes his transition from female to male, has made him too strong to wrestle women fairly.

But under the state’s governing policy for athletics, students must wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates.

On Friday, Mack Beggs was hailed the winner of the quarter-finals of the Texas state championships after beating Taylor Latham in the 110-pound class. The score was 18-7.

Ms. Latham’s mother said her daughter was wrestling someone whose body was chemically toned for strength.  She said: ‘I wanted her to forfeit as a protective mum. She’s a fighter. She’s not a quitter. She’s a senior. She’s fought for the last three years to get here. She was going to see it through even though I wasn’t sharing the same opinion.’

When the match finished, Mack Beggs shook hands with Ms. Latham and then celebrated.

While many cheered the champion, others said the match was unfair.  Patti Overstreet, a parent of another competitor was heard shouting from her seat: ‘That’s cheating’ and ‘Big cheater!’ She said: ‘Look at how beefed up she is. It’s because she’s taking an enhancement. 

‘Whether she’s a boy, girl, wants to be purple or blue it doesn’t matter. When you’re using a drug and you’re 10 times stronger than the person you’re wrestling because of that drug that (shouldn’t be) allowed.’

Mack Beggs also beat Mya Engert 12-4 to push his record to 54-0 and leave him two victories away from a state title.   He will resume competition in the semi-finals today.

On Facebook, Mack Beggs addressed the criticism. He said: ‘The thing is, we want to wrestle each other. I feel so sick and disgusted by the discrimination not by the kids, the PARENTS AND COACHES.  These kids don’t care who you put in front of them to wrestle. We just want to WRESTLE. THEY are taking that away from me and from the people I’m competing with. SHARE (his post) SO WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE FOR THIS SPORT AND DISCRIMINATION!’

The controversy over Mack Beggs’ participation in the women’s sport comes at a crucial moment as the Trump administration announced an end to federal protections for transgender students. This means that states and school districts have been left to determine their own policies about whether or not transgender students should use facilities based on their identity.

In Texas, politicians are considering a bill which is similar to the controversial HB2, a law in North Carolina that prompted the NBA to move this year’s All-Star game out of that state.

If passed, the Texas version, called SB6, would require transgender people to use the bathroom of their ‘biological sex’. The University Interscholastic League (UIL), which oversees athletics in Texas public schools, enacted the birth certificate policy on Aug. 1.

Lawyer Jim Baudhuin tried and failed to get injunctions before both the district and regional competitions to prevent Mack Beggs from competing while he transitions.

Earlier this week, he said he doesn’t blame Mack Beggs for the situation, but faults the UIL. Mr. Baudhuin said: ‘The more I learn about this, the more I realize that she’s just trying to live her life and her family is, too. She’s being forced into that position. Who knows, through discovery we may find out that’s not the case. But every indication is, the way the winds are going now, the blame rests with the UIL and the superintendents.’

Despite criticism of the policy, deputy director of the UIL, Jamey Harrison said: ‘Ninety-five percent of the school superintendents in Texas voted for the rule as it was proposed, which was to use birth certificates. ‘So any rule can be reconsidered, but given the overwhelming support for that rule, I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.’


27 responses to “Anger as transgender wrestler (FTM), born female and taking testosterone, breezes through women’s tournament – triggering complaints

  1. This person might have been used as a tool to further throw the system into chaos.
    As was stated, if she wishes to change her ‘gender’, she should not be permitted to compete in activities while taking drugs which will alter her performance.
    I think the victory should be nullified and the officials responsible for this should be fired.

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    • MeThePeople . . . . . I can only say AMEN to that. It is preposterous that anyone is allowed to participate in a “sport” which they are taking any agent that enhances their natural ability. This was absolutely not a legitimate win. As far as his Facebook plea to end discrimination . . . he is just full of it! Three is nothing discriminatory about not allowing people to participate in one on one sports if they are taking any agent that enhances their performance. Obviously, the hormones he is taking has addled his brain.

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  2. You can’t have it both ways…except in the libatard/progressive universe where facts are determined on a case by case basis and then only to make a point and achieve the currently desired outcome. If a male student wanted to take testosterone, They would consider that a performance enhancing drug. Not so if you are merely trying to alter the rules of nature. Call it what it is…mental illness.

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    • I haven’t seen it in any of the stories: Is it not against the rules to use hormones or any substance to enhance performance? Surely there are rules against girls using testosterone to bulk up, so why was this girl allowed to do it? It seems only fair, and fair play, to refrain from participating while in transition. I agree that it’s a delusion, but if it’s going to be allowed, then the rules should be fair for all. Are all the other girls going to have to take male hormones in order to compete with “Mack”?

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    • As long as they’re trampling the competitive spirit of the sport,why isn’t it fair for the weaker competitors to hire “proxy competitors” to compete in their places? I see little difference,from a FAIRNESS point of view.

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  3. The inevitable result of the Left making gender identity dependent on one’s “feelings” and fantasy, instead of biology.

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    • I trained in classical genetics under NORMAL modes of reproduction and breeding to create new varieties, first of plants and then animals. Believe me, we do NOT need all this BNWD crapola to make an infinite variety of novel plants & animals, and that goes for humans as well.

      HOWEVER, I feel we should do this in God’s good time, NOT ‘jazzed up’ as my aunt Philomena would have said about our new age weird science. Of course it will take a longer time, BUT the outcomes are in alignment w/God’s plan for us in our ‘bondage relationship’ w/the Creation. We simply are NOT the Masters of the Universe! Maybe of the Looneyverse, but that’s all.

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  4. If things go on like this, we see Olympics and sports competitions with more than 60 sexes or genders.

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  5. ridiculous…Texas should pass a law that restricts usage of hormones for performance on team sports, as well as guidelines for the hormonal ranges of males and females..the tranny would be ‘high and dry’…

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  6. I say they should get what’s coming to them. The femi-nazis have been squalling for forty years that women can do anything that men can, and do it just as well. It’s now coming back to bite them…and their daughters… in their butts. Perhaps the worm has turned.

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  7. Girls wrestle? I didn’t know that.

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  8. This one is a ,’No brainer’,.. in that persons who are on body altering drugs, should be banned from competition.

    Or,’Bio-Males, should be required to compete as males, even though they identify as females, because their male bodies gives them an advantage, over, real, girls, in most athletic events,..

    Bio-females who are on testosterone or other body altering treatments, should , ALSO, be required to compete as males, BECAUSE,.. the testosterone treatments gives them an advantage over,..real,..girls..

    In short, the rule should be, that in order to compete as a girl, one must be a bio-girl & not on any hormone treatments.

    Real girls need to compete on a level playing field, & they should not be required to compete against bio-males, or against bio-girls who are one body altering drugs.

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    • iconordic . . . I certainly agree with the sentiment . . . “that in order to compete as a girl, one must be a bio-girl & not on any hormone treatments.” In a sane world, this really is a no brainer. If I were a parent, I would not allow my daughter to participate in wresting this “boy.” Let him win his matches by “forfeiture” so that all would know that he could not claim any real victory when he steps up to claim the title!

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      • It seems that they’re going to have to create separate competitions. One for biological males. One for biological females. And then two others for trans-males and trans-females. Otherwise, it’s not fair to the normal people. And I’m using the word normal not as an insult but in the sense of the actual definition of the word. Being transgender is not normal.

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  9. I can only ask why she is allowed to compete with girls when she is apparently accepted and referred to as he or him? ?He?..has little to brag about or celebrate, any how.

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    • I know. It makes it really, really hard to follow the news stories. Some call her “he” and others call her “she”. It’s crazy, but progressives apparently think crazy is normal.

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    • Kevin . . . when you say . . . “he has little to brag about or celebrate, any how.” I have little doubt, since some of his “wins” were due to forfeiture, that he is aware that he has not participated under fair circumstances! If all parents were to band together to deny him any matches by virtue of “forfeiture” it surely would get the attention of the powers that be, and might hasten a change in their rules.

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  10. As I’ve persistently written here, my judgement made only after living w/a she>male for nearly a year is that they are all more or less insane, to whatever degree, in their particular case.

    My housemate’s on FOUR anti-psychotic drugs to control her mood swings, depressions, and delusions [that I, for example, was a knife-wielding serial murderer w/body parts stuffed unde the rear entry staircase. I had to call the police that night to take her to our new Psych Ward at Jubilee; she was kept there 2.6 months –paying her rent here as well as getting medical welfare!– until she was deemed stable enough to be on her own again.

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  11. Oh please! Your a girl, get over yourself! Also your a cheat too! If you want to look like a man, why not become a female bodybuilder? I hear they grow an enlarged penis like growth because they take steroids!

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  12. Je . . . the very best part of your reply is . . . “Also your a cheat too!” Anyone who cannot see that this is just plain cheating is also out of their ever lovin’ minds.

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  13. Weren’t we dealing with Russian and East German women in some sports taking male hormones and steroids decades ago while preparing for the Olympics? Granted, some may not have had the goal of wanting to become a “male” but, chemical doping for both men and women is what resulted in the drug testing policy implemented by the International Olympic Committee. It looks like the Olympic standards need to be implemented from grade school on up now. I’m sure the Olympic Committee has already been dealing with the transgender issue but I don’t know what the updated rules are.

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  14. In a,..’perfect’,, all, ‘real girl’. bio-female athletes would ban together & boycott any athletic event where they were required to compete against, or serve on a team that included any bio-male or any bio-female who is on body altering drugs.
    Such a universal boycott is the only thing that will bring this,’transgender’,..nonsense, in athletics to a halt

    And this boycott should apply to high schools & colleges, as well as the Olympics & the boycott should extend to real girls not entering any changing room, or shower where a bio-male is allowed be present.

    Such a rebellion, from the bottom up, is the only thing that will correct this madness, as clearly, “the fix is in”, & the powers that rule this world are dead set on pushing this insanity, from the top down onto society, as far as they can get away with,all in the furtherance of their vile, & Satanic agenda.

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  15. Why on earth are girls wrestling to begin with? I can’t imagine a less dignified exhibition. Disgusting – ladies, you want to wrestle? then you get no respect from me. Stop complaining.


  16. Transgender Wrestler Mack Beggs Talks About His Controversial Victory | Teen Vogue

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  17. Ok I am Trans ftm myself and i think it is rediculoise that if he is transitioning he has no business wrestling women he obviously has a major advantage taking testosterone. You need to deal with yourself.

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