Boycott tonight’s Academy Awards show

Tonight is the 89th Academy Awards Show, the penultimate narcissistic display of Hollyweirdos.


Viewership of Hollywood’s annual love fest has been steadily declining. The ratings for last year’s (2016) 88th Academy Award show were the lowest in 8 years — a decrease of 6% from the year before (2015), which had decreased 16% from the year before (2014). (Source: The Daily Lion)

This year, the show promises to be even more unwatchable because participants such as snake-tongue Meryl Streep already said they will misuse the occasion to speak out against Donald Trump, the duly-elected President of the no longer United States of America.

So make sure you boycott the show.

Tune your TV to another channel. Surf the net. Read a book. Go out for a walk. Gaze at your navel. Do anything but watch this display of pompous, grossly-overpaid, preening peacocks who pretend for a living, who think they know better and talk down to us — those whom Katie Couric called “the great unwashed”.

If you need a reminder of just how little we have in common with the Hollyweirdos, see these previous FOTM posts:

And if you need a reminder of how intolerant the Left are —

Yesterday, a day before the Academy Awards show, dozens of Trump supporters rallied on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, to defend the president, protect his star on the Walk of Fame, and show their support for the construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border. Demonstrators carried signs such as “Mexicans for Trump,” “California for Trump” and “Women for Trump.”

The rally was also, in the words of organizer Matthew Woods, to boycott “many actors and film directors who have an anti-America agenda.”

But the peaceful rally was disrupted by fisticuffs from anti-Trumpers. One anti-Trumper — a woman with heavy makeup and dyed blonde hair — snatched a placard from a Trump supporter and broke it in two. Thankfully, police immediately arrested her.

FOTM reader Josh is right when he wrote:

“look at what their drones are doing since they lost overt power, the riots, town hall meeting protests, all sorts of idiocy. Now imagine them back in power. If they get back into power after Trump, a police state beyond what Hitler managed is likely as far as I’m concerned.”

It really is war. It is time to choose which side you’re on. Boycott tonight’s Academy Awards!



43 responses to “Boycott tonight’s Academy Awards show

  1. When I was a child the Oscars were a big deal because there were great movies and real stars, Heston, Stewart, Wayne, Hope, Bette Davis, Ida Lupino, Susan Hayward, David Niven, and all the rest.

    Tell me the best movie last year and best actor and actress. No one watches the jokes Hollywerid nominates, and there are no longer the same caliber actors and actresses.

    One of my favorites died today, Bill Paxton, who stole every scene he was in. He followed in the great tradition of supporting actors who made movies memorable.

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    • Fergus . . . yes, back then the men were real men, and the women were feminine, and modestly dressed. Today we have nothing but heathens who really think we care about their political views.

      I am glad that the quote by Josh was added to this article. I think that what he has said rings with the sound of truth. We need to be wary of Leftists regaining power . . . they will unleash their beliefs in enacting draconian measures upon the citizens of our country.

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  2. I think it is great that some are willing to speak out against the unjust laws being passed in on our government, with the help of our new President! I am not a Trump supporter so I think that’s great!


    • Exactly what “unjust laws” have been passed in our government, with the help of our new President?

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      • immigration laws…. hello! Like this whole country wasn’t built on the backs of immigrants and people who were brought to this country unjustly…I’m done. We can go back and forth all day. You are still gonna believe what u believe and so am I. Equality is more important than tearing people down because I disagree and that is why i will never support the Republican party and Donald Trump!


        • You want to go back to the days of slavery? You think the white man sold minorities and brought them here unjustly?

          It’s 2017. Immigrants come here freely and MANY of them illegally.

          Equality isn’t a right for just anyone to come to this country.

          If you believe there is still so much “unjust” in this country then 1) work to change the laws and 2) why do so many immigrants and illegal aliens want to come here? Why aren’t they migrating to Cuba? And why aren’t homosexuals rushing to the Middle East?

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    • So smacking people you disagree with (such as in the video above) is acceptable? How about trying to burn someone’s hair? How about trashing someone’s property? Name calling? Trashing their kids? Burning an American flag?

      Liberals sure have funny and classy ways of dealing with loss…

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      • So these are things only Liberals do? What about the KKK? Inequality for those who identify as LGBT+ African Americans, women? The list goes on… that’s not Liberals….. I think it is about representation, and Trump is the embodiment of hypocrisy.


        • I gave specific examples that proggies have done as a result of their inability to cope with Trump’s election. Do you agree with those actions or not?

          What about the KKK? You want me to denounce every hate group in response the the libtards’ actions? Two wrongs are just wrong.

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          • I named specifics based on the history of Conservative Republicans…. regardless of Donald Trump, there is an extremely negative history with that party and he is not doing anything to change that opinion. No, i do not agree with such actions, just like I don’t agree with the riots that took place after the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But hey, when people are hurt, they hurt others. Just like the KKK lynching African Americans because they don’t want equality for all! We are all scared of something, and i am scared of Donald Trump supporters like the KKK other hate groups! He fires people up verbally with hate speech. Do you agree with that? Probably not, but wecan Google all of the dumb shit Donald Trump has said against the LGBT+ community, women, and to those with disabilities. You can’t deny that!


            • We are in 2017. Your specifics are history.

              What are examples of Trump’s hate speech? Building a wall? Keeping out rapists and terrorists? Please be more specific of your interpretation of his hate speech.

              So where’s your Google search results? Grab her by the pussy? A special Olympic bowler?

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            • Pinkspen, I don’t know who you are, but I am going to guess you are a White liberal by the way you have expressed yourself. I’m going to be blunt, I not only don’t want illegal immigration, I want don’t want mass immigration from non European countries. I bet you’ll scream racist. Not really. Just want you to know that everything you take for granted in this country will be gone when and if people like you have their way. Do you think once Blacks and Hispanics, and or Muslims are a majority in the country, and they certainly will be if things continue, they are going to treat you like you treat them ? Do you think they are going to make sure that Whites get affirmative action for job hiring when Whites are a minority? Mexicans have Mexico, Africans have Africa, and Chinese have China. What happens when you let the whole world in here? Where will European people go? They will have no country of their own. You laud yourself and virtue signal that somehow you are superior to Trump and those that voted for him. But in reality you are a living a guilt induced delusion that has been deliberately inflicted on Whites so they will hand over their country, their culture and their future. Here is where multiculturalism leads… The black president of South Africa sings songs about killing the White people. And they do.
              Every day White farmers are murdered and tortured in South Africa. Don’t tell me they deserve it. You know nothing about SA except what you have sucked up from the mendacious media. Here is our future unless you liberals can figure out that you have been duped, and that the rest of the world does not share your values. Read what a former SA liberal has to say.
              Since you are so for third world migrants being able to come in to our countries as they please why don’t you go to Sweden or Germany since they are so much more tolerant? Women can not even go out alone anymore for fear of rape and harassment. That’s what you liberals will create here if you get your way. One third of our prison population are illegals. Why should Americans who are hurting, homeless and jobless be forced to pay for their incarceration?


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              • I am brown skin, black, African American, w.e. you want to call me. You speak to me as if you think i do not see the good and bad of both sides. I am for equality of all men and women. As a black woman, i take major offense to you saying “do you think blacks, and Hispanics, and or Muslims are the majority in the country….they are going to make sure that whites get affirmative action…when whites are a minortiy?” This is what we have been going through for years… this message screams WHITE POWER! YOU ARE SCARED HUH? That is why equality can’t exist in Your world because white people are scared to lose their power! Don’t try to tell me what I take for granted and stop assuming….you don’t know me, which you stated, and you also have no idea what it feels like to be trapped in this white world! To me, you do sound racist and that’s my blunt response. Speaking to someone like you, it’s pointless because all you are worried about is losing your power…. I can’t even believe you brought up affirmative actions! If equality was real there would not be affirmative action….. you know nothing and if you dont know what it feels like to be discriminated against then you can’t speak to what you think my views are. There is right and wrong on both sides….i do not agree with those who threaten or commit violent acts against white people just because of what their ancestors have done, but i do know that African Americans, immigrants, muslims, all people of color, and those who are LGBT+ know just what it feels like to be shunned, tortured, raped, killed for their rights! Make America great again by tackling those concerns.


              • Lana – it appears that Pinkspen is not Caucasian, but a woman of color. That is what her blog shows.

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                • Yes and I was not aware that she had a blog. Actually Pinskin I would love the utopia that you speak of where everyone is treated by the content of their character and not the color of their skin but as we see now, Blacks are can and are just as racist as anyone else. Just look at South Africa. Why the hell should I want to live like that? If you mean by White Power, not giving up my culture and my country to people who don’t share my values, then yes I am for that because only an insane person doesn’t care for their own people. You should care about your own people, however that doesn’t mean the whole rest of the Third World who again, do not share our culture or our values. America may owe Black people that were brought here through no fault of their own the best it can offer just as much as any other citizen, however we do not owe the rest of the Brown world anything. And please don’t through that rape crap at me. FBI stats show that interracial rape stats are almost exclusively black on white.


  3. No need to boycott as I have never watched it in the first place. Yea me!!!

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  4. Boycott what?
    I’ve never watched that crap. A waste of time at best. The only reason to know the content of this baloney is to know what the enemy is up to.

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  5. Watching my cooking shows, as usual. Screw Hollywood.

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  6. The communist, America hating hollywood vermin,are sabotaging this country at every chance . The drug addicted, prostitutes, and godless scum of the earth, inhabit every facet of the movie and tv industry by design.

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    • Don’t forget Zionism.

      Both Communism and Zionism are Khazarian ideologies. As are the underpinnings of Neo-Conservatism (Strauss, Kristol) and political libertarianism (Rand). Even the “political correctness” farce descends from the Khazarian “Critical Theory”/Frankfurt School–divide and conquer.

      Then there is the Scofield Bible…

      An American citizen, not US subject.

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  7. Haven’t watched the Sadacademy Sewerwards in years! Such a waste of time… IMO. Good movies on the Hallmark channel tonight!

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  8. Never watched, never will. I can count on one hand the names of any present-day actors I know by name or face…..and 2 hands for the “oldies” who’ve been around a while….and mainly that’s b/c they make public fools of themselves and not b/c I’ve seen a recent film in which they starred or worked.

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  9. Done. Boycott on. The real un-Americans are all there.

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  10. Traveling patriot

    We never watch it….not even remotely interested in any part of it. What a joke that the networks try to make such a big deal out of nothing! We have been watching DIY network all evening and really enjoying it!

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  11. No problem boycotting. Why would I want to watch people that are against me, my country and our safety.
    Their self worth is highly overrated and I have no need to be chastised and humiliated. I can spend my money and time in other worthwhile places.
    I have yet to see one of them take in any refugees, but denigrate us for wanting some decent vetting.

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  12. The Khazarian fifth-column now has Americans thoroughly divided against each other, and focused on the wrong enemies and priorities. Even have Americans upset over what one another believe or say, and who’s using what bathroom.

    Turn over a grift-machine dollar bill and take note of the symbols on the left, and then the right. As to the eye-pyramid on the left, look up the Israeli supreme court building. See something familiar?! So who’s really our enemy?! Not each other that is for sure.

    Protocols 5:11 “The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  13. Narcissistic HollyWeirdos is enough for me to refrain from being bored by their self-serving celebration.

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  14. Great use of colorful adjectives & adverbs!! You get an A+++!!

    “…pompous, grossly-overpaid, preening peacocks…” 😀

    “…penultimate narcissistic display of Hollyweirdos.” 😀

    Somebody should make a meme with those descriptions to live forever in the Twitterverse!

    I’m glad you continue to point out that those peacocks make their living by “PRETENDING,” which, at its worst core, is Falsehood. Only one other person, during my years online, that I am aware of, who used to often repeat the same point, was Pastor David J. Meyer, deceased 2010, who published the Last Trumpet Newsletter (online & off) for decades. (His son, Samuel, took over the newsletter after their father’s death: ). I can’t remember specific issues/exact quotes, but the father took a hardline re “ACTING,” basically calling it a Lie. — I’m not against a good movie, if there even is such a thing anymore, but FICTION did lose its appeal for me decades ago. Getting saved will shift your main focus from Fiction to Fact. “Whatever things are TRUE… continue considering THESE things.” (Philippians 4:8).

    As for AIDS-Infected Trump-hating Charlie Sheen, I wonder how he & pro-Trumper Alex Jones are getting along now? 🙂

    No worries re watching the non-educational “Academy” (lunatics) aWARDs. I didn’t even know it was on, & wouldn’t have watched it anyway. Maybe I’ve watched 1-2 of those type events in my entire life because they are quite BORING.

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  15. For those who don’t know…the KKK was started by southern Democrats who were bitter about losing the Civil War.

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  16. “Immigration laws.” What does this troll know about immigration laws? Save your propaganda for the sheeple as we are fully awake around here.

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  17. The whole thing is a joke that is not funny at all in anyway!
    These libtard leftwing nutjobs should be boycotted in everyway.
    My list just keeps getting longer when thesew Hollyweirdo’s open their mouth.
    I have and will be boycotting all movies TV shows and music that these anti American, anti Trump fools produce.


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