Is the Trump administration closing in on Pizzagate and John Podesta?

“Pizzagate” is the term given to speculations and assertions that there is a pedophile network connecting Democratic Party élites and two Washington, D.C. pizzerias, Besta Pizza and Comet Ping Pong. The latter is a pizzeria with a Disneyish façade owned by a homosexual named James Alefantis, who is a former boyfriend of David Brock, a powerful Democratic Party operative and Clinton loyalist. Oddly, for a pizzeria owner, Alefantis is considered the 49th most powerful person in D.C. and has made four visits to the Obama White House.


The word “pizza” in Pizzagate isn’t just a reference to Comet Ping Pong pizzeria but stems from the many cryptic references to “pizza” and other food items (“hotdogs”; “pasta”; “tempting” “cheeses”; “yummy” “sauces”) in a collection of curious emails sent by and to John Podesta, a longtime Democratic Party operative who was Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff, Obama’s White House counselor and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. This is the same John Podesta whose emails, published by WikiLeaks, reveal his and his brother Tony’s enthrallment with a cannibalism painting and their involvement with satanic performance-artist Marina Abramovic’s “spirit cooking” bodily-fluids dinners.

Three weeks ago, in a wholly unverified and unverifiable interview with the administrator of a website called Victurus Libertas, the alleged “FBI insider” who first broached the subject of Pizzagate on the chat forum 4chan last July, predicted the imminent (“next week”) “high level” arrests of “3 dozen pedophile politicians, some who are quite well known.” The unnamed “FBI insider” even gave the initials of some of the big-name D.C. politicians who are “being investigated” — BF (Barney Frank?), MB (Michael Bloomberg?), TK (Tim Kaine?), DF (Diane Feinstein?), JM (John McCain?), LG (Lindsey Graham?). Along with the politicians, the “insider” said “journalists, pundits, money men, lobbyists” would also be arrested in the impending FBI dragnet, and that “Many are being tracked down and are about to be exposed, arrested, drained. Some may off themselves when they realize they risk prison, ruination, loss of power, etc.”

The “next week” went by, then another week, and another week, but there was no FBI arrests of D.C. pedophiles.

Two things happened in recent days, however, which give us some hope that arrests actually may be forthcoming in Pizzagate that the MSM so loudly protest is “debunked” fake news. (See “Failure of American Journalism: Pizzagate and the muzzling of Ben Swann”)

By the way, it is interesting that a year before he died of a “heart attack,” in addition to calling John Podesta a “world class underage sex slave op cover-upper,” the late Andrew Breitbart had also tweeted that the liberal MSM protect, aid and abet pedophile sex trafficking.


(1) President Trump announces a crackdown on sex trafficking

Four days ago, on February 21, President Trump had a meeting with human trafficking experts, after which he said in a short, dramatic press conference that the issue of sex trafficking has been on the radar of the federal government “for some time,” but that since he took office, the investigation has become “much more focused”. Trump vowed that he will direct the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies to devote more resources and personnel so as to bring the “full force and weight of our government” to put an end to the “horrific, really horrific crimes taking place.”

Recall that three weeks ago, the new Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security released a very curious PSA on human trafficking which prominently featured a pizzeria.

What you may not know is that Trump has long inveighed against pedophilia. In a tweet on October 8, 2012, Donald Trump said something must be done about the sex trafficking of “missing children” and that pedophiles should be put to death after a “fast trial”.


Below is a transcript of President Trump’s announcement on human trafficking, followed by a video of his press conference (h/t

“I want to make it clear today that my administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking and I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government at the federal level in order to solve this horrific problem that is getting worse.

Human trafficking is a dire problem, both domestically and internationally, and is one that’s made really a challenge. And it’s really made possible to a large extent, more of a modern phenomenon, by what’s taking place on the Internet, as you probably know.

Solving the human trafficking epidemic, which is what it is, is a priority for my administration. We’re going to help out a lot. ‘Solve’ is a wonderful word, a beautiful word, but I can tell you, we’re going to help a lot.”

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney certainly understood President Trump’s words as a crackdown on Pizzagate. She wrote in a tweet on February 23, 2017:

“Forewarning: this brings down Dems and Repubs! He needs to go straight all the way because this goes to the top!”

(2) The Rothchilds throw John Podesta to the wolves

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, 62, is the CEO of E.L. Rothschild, a holding company she owns with her third husband, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, a member of the very powerful Rothschild family. The company manages investments in The Economist Group, owner of The Economist magazine, Congressional Quarterly and the Economist Intelligence Unit; E.L. Rothschild LP, a leading independent wealth management firm in the United States; as well as real estate, agricultural and food interests.


As Claire Bernish reports for the Australian National Review, Lynn de Rothschild has a close association with Hillary Clinton, as shown in emails released by WikiLeaks:

  • In an email exchange in April 2010 with the subject heading “Miss you”, Rothschild tells Hillary she would love to catch up and that I remain your loyal adoring pal.” Hillary responds in kind, let’s make that happen,” and signs off, “Much love, H.”
  • In September 2010, Hillary messaged Rothschild, “I was trying to reach you to tell you and Teddy that I asked Tony Blair to go to Israel as part of our full court press on keeping the Middle East negotiations going.” Hillary then asks obsequiously, “Let me know what penance I owe you.” Rothschild thanks Hillary for “personally reaching out to us,” and saccharinely writes, “You are the best, and we remain your biggest fans. Sweet dreams and Godspeed with everything you are doing.”
  • In their relationship, Hillary Clinton is the subordinate who takes orders from the Rothschilds as shown in a January 7, 2015 email from Lynn de Rothschild to Hillary’s aide, Cheryl Mills. Referring to a blog by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-) which was critical of Hillary’s close association with Wall Street and big banks, Rothschild writes: “I think this blog overstates what Warren was doing, but we need to craft the economic message for Hillary so that Warren’s common inaccurate conclusions are addressed. Xoxo Lynn.”

On the evening of February 21, 2017, the same day of President Trump’s announcement of a crackdown on sex trafficking, in a tweet, Lynn de Rothschild calls John Podesta “pathetic,” “arrogant,” “a loser,” and blames him for Hillary losing the election to Trump.


Are the above recent events signs that the Trump administration will take decisive action on Pizzagate?

We can only hope — and pray — that the powerful D.C. users and abusers of  innocent children be brought to justice.

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H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69 and Will Shanley


53 responses to “Is the Trump administration closing in on Pizzagate and John Podesta?

  1. Seems HILLARY is the LOSER in this scenario…..

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  2. I do hope and pray President Trump’s efforts bear fruit. But there have been so many false promises over the past few months about the authorities closing in, arrests to be made, etc., that many of us are becoming cynical that anything will ever be done. On a side note, apparently John Podesta was recently made a columnist with the Washington Post. What’s that all about?? More MSM covering up for this sadistic pedophile? Then again, based on Lynn de Rothschild’s tweet, maybe he’ll be the ‘fall guy’ for the elites’ ring of pedophiles. Wouldn’t put anything past them.

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    • Helen, I appreciate your comments, but Trump has only been president for a little over a month. I’m not sure what you mean about “false promises over the past few months”. Who or what are you referring to that made false promises? Trump was not able to act on any issue officially before he was inaugurated. IMHO Trump has exceeded my expectations on the issues he has tackled and acted on since inauguration. We must be patient and give Trump time to address the multitude of issues that have been ignored, thwarted and hidden from the citizens over many years. And, we have to be mindful of the constant obstacles thrown at him from government employees who are purposely trying to sabotage his efforts. I am hopeful Podesta and the rest of the evil ones will finally be arrested and jailed forever. If we are successful in bringing them to justice in the US, it may help bring the remaining evil ones to their just ends in the rest of the world.

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      • greenworxx . . . I am with you 100%. The POTUS, and the FBI, and whatever other governmental agencies are involved in this investigation must get all their duck in a row. The indictments must roll all at the same time, so that these snakes cannot slither away and hide. A venture of this magnitude must be kept extremely quiet, so that all who are, or have been involved in this activity are caught up in the legal snare simultaneously. We’ve waited this long, we just need to be patient, and remain prayerful over the situation.

        God Bless America! God Bless Donald Trump!

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        • Sorry guys, but i’m not getting my hopes up. A quote from Trump in regards to billionaire pedo Jeffrey Epstein:
          “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York Magazine for a 2002 profile of Epstein. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

          “…many of them are on the younger side” — WOW.

          He is also allowing HilLIARy to get off scot-free. Benghazi, pay-for-play, illegal email server, tax fraud, vote-rigging…nothing is being done. She is not even having to answer for her crimes, much less do time for them.

          Sure, he is giving this a cursory amount of lip service, but he is a puppet and in on the game. It is just theater and fodder for his supporters.
          Nothing will come of this, sadly.


      • greenworxx I wasn’t referring to Trump’s promises – I was talking about FBI insiders, among others who have appeared on various you tube videos saying arrests were imminent. The internet is full of pizzagate researchers who have their own sources and many of them have made these assertions. Sorry I wasn’t more specific.

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      • I fully concur. President Trump deserves a honeymoon and time to act on his promises. He is fighting against a wave of dems that refuse to accept defeat. They will sabotage him every step of the way. Our job is to unite, surround him and push back when they start their agenda.
        Soros has put a lot of money behind defeating President Trump and will not back down. He still has an underground group, along with Obama that will do anything to further their OWO.
        Too bad those that call themselves democrat won’t give him the respect he has earned. They always told us, you make not like the man, but you need to respect the office. The hypocrites can’t even follow their own advice.

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    • And, things are getting around more and more about this:

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    • i think we are fast approaching the time that if the goobermint cant or wont act on it there is this thing called citizens arrest and this is the law of the land every state what i am not clear on is the use of force in a citizens arrest….i know we can use deadly force to defend our selves and our families and property…we can use deadly force to defend our selves from rogue police officers ….but i dont know how this deadly force use would work in a citizens arrest….and i am fairly certain it would come to that because of these peoples armed body gaurds…..but some one has to do some thing to put this to an end and it needs to be done fast….it might be the time to pray to father to protect those persons and public servants that will have to deal with these animals and their gaurds i ask you father to strike them down in any way that pleases you amen and amen.

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  3. I’ve always thought Tim Kaine was a little ‘loose in his loafers’. And Barney Frank,,, well. lindsey graham wouldn’t surprise me and feinstien – She should have to have a licker license, just look at her.
    As I keep saying. When one has a mental health issue they generally have multiple issues. Homosexuality, depression, sociopathy, narcissism, etc, etc.
    How the hell do these people get elected…keep getting elected?

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . . to answer your question “How the hell do these people get elected…keep getting elected?” They cheat, look at all the dead people who have voted, or people’s pets who voted, or electronic voting machines that that deliberately changed voted. They are also extremely crafty, they promise much to the poor unwitting masses, who are too stupid, and too lazy to research the true nature of people who are running for office. I can say without any equivocation . . . ferret out each and every one of these evil, vile persons, regardless of whether they are a Democrat or a Republican. There is little doubt to most of use, that our God ensured that this election went the way that it did . . . today is the day we once again do our part, other than every day asking that Our God Will Bless This Nation because of His righteous children who dwell here, we also need to DEMAND of our governmental leaders that each and every person who is brought up for charges, gets and fair and speedy trial. We also must pray that any citizens who may sit on the juries of these trials will be “lead by the Spirit to judge honestly, and convict where ever our laws have been broken, and the lives of the young have been set at naught by these predators.” The day cannot come soon enough that we “drain the swamp” of these evil-doers. I don’t care if they “off themselves” because the pressure is too much. If they think the pressure if horrific in the here and now . . . just wait until they stand at the Judgement Bar and try to explain how they were involved in these types of acts!!! Hell will be the only fitting place for them to spend Eternity . . . days without end.

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      • How many times have we seen THEM commit blatant Election Fraud,then go to LSM and accuse US of it? I say it’s time they lose their “edge”,created by a Judge in the Early 80’s (Covered by
        Dr. Eowyn’s article “Why the GOP won’t challenge voter fraud”.)

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      • Also, the preexisting machine is operated by their friends. They help each other get elected, booted from local crimes to national level criminality. The same powers are behind the two parties, and select what criminal they want to foist upon we the people, we get to vote for the candidates of their choice. We need to pray for the exposure of these perps, the rescue and healing of the victims, and that enmity runs rampant in their social circles.

        On a side note, look at what their drones are doing since they lost overt power, the riots, town hall meeting protests, all sorts of idiocy. Now imagine them back in power. If they get back into power after Trump, a police state beyond what Hitler managed is likely as far as I’m concerned.

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        • Josh . . . Your last paragraph is unfortunately, in my estimation, all too true. If these vile individuals are able to achieve power again . . . there will be no end of the things they are willing to do. We will be no better off than those living under an occupational Army.

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    • Well, Tim Kaine… and almost as bright:

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    • Don’t forget the Mario Coma family and that weird reply by Chris Coma about who should be bothered seeing someone’s privates.

      That’s a pedophilia response if you ask me.

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    • This man(?) has an amazing resemblance to two other despicable RAT-FACED people.

      Anthony Weiner and that Juncker guy who heads the EU in Europe. All have RAT-TYPE faces and look like brothers.

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  4. I think the problem is obvious: all the best investigators are working for OJ trying to find the real killers.

    What we need to do is put the FBI to work for OJ, and then his excellent investigators can go out and work on the real problem these Pizza criminals.


  5. That Clinton/Rothschild photo… Apparently they wifeswap, as well?

    Some men’s perdition goes before them….

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  7. While pedophilia is a heinous crime against children, so is the bombing, maiming, and murdering of them. Interestingly, those that revel in pedophilia seem to also be fond of using our children as cannon fodder for “Greater Israel.”

    “”If you can’t feel ’em up, bomb ’em.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.


  8. I certainly hope that President Trump can pull this off. It would be a GINORMOUS VICTORY: Alex Jones and others have reported, very credibly, that “the world,” or at least a large portion of the West, is run by pedophile rings.
    This has been a long time coming. I wish the Trump Administration Godspeed.

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  9. Oh my very informative! Thanks so much well written and very educational, this one’s new to me, but thought I was the only one that saw through the “agenda’s”, “challenges” and so called “theories”, thanks so very much, wishing everyone gets caught up and on the same page…Bless you!

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    • So exciting to hear, BTW, in Michigan during the Autoshow I kept hearing very scarcely and sporadic of missing children, raids, trafficking and arrest tied to that event, this is a long time coming to those pedophiles! I’m a Survivor of being sexually abused from ages 3-13, this news is Outstanding! ❤ 🙂

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  10. YES! Truth-shock is coming for the brain-washed sheeple. If this doesn’t break their programming, nothing will.
    Death penalty for pedos.
    Praise GOD!
    Long live President Trump-the-Great!
    Next up – chemtrails?

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  11. Will I go to hell for protecting our children? Probably not but, so be it. If the government fails to protect our children we (by definition) are no longer civilized. Take action words are cheap

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  12. President Trump knows that he needs to tread very carefully before he exposes and prosecutes this global satanic cult. These generational perverts have an army of legal and police ‘roadblocks’, as well as media sycophants. I saw a photo of the DC police chief at Comet Ping Pong endorsing James Alefantis as a great community supporter and at the same time he has blocked any investigations.

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  13. I hope they can locate any connections to the Madeline McCann abduction. It seems there are some.

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  16. This was based in the UK,Don’t know if Podesta left any survivors.

    15 Years Old Survivor of Satanic Abuse Tells Her Story


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