Illegal alien injures two teenage girls in hit & run – had previous DUI arrests in the US


From KETV (Omaha, NE): An undocumented immigrant illegal alien is behind bars Thursday night after Omaha police said he fled the scene of a hit-and-run crash on Feb. 4.

Investigators said 31-year-old Alejandro D Lara-Lozano was arrested Monday at a home in Omaha. They believe he was planning to head to Mexico.

Madison Reed, 16, and a friend were driving near Oak View Mall when the crash happened. OPD said Lara-Lozano slammed into her car head on and ran away. “I was just horrified, you know, at the condition of my granddaughter’s car … how they survived this accident I’ll never know,” said Joan Reed, Madison Reed’s grandmother.

KETV spoke with Joan Reed over the phone Thursday. She talked about the emotions she felt the day of the crash, learning the driver of the truck took off. “Very angry,” Reed said. “Thinking to myself, how can you just get out of your vehicle and then look at these girls, seeing the extent of the damage?”

According to court documents, a Facebook message from Lara-Lozano’s wife helped police identify him as the driver. The documents say she reached out to Joan Reed, telling her Lara-Lozano was driving that night and hiding in Illinois.

According to police documents, Lara-Lozano is an illegal immigrant. Joan Reed said she recently learned this news. “To us, it makes no difference who he is or where he’s from, whether he’s here legally or illegally,” Reed said. “That’s just not something that makes a difference to us at this point.”

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine is aware of the case, with Lara-Lozano in court Wednesday. He’s now potentially awaiting deportation. “At this time, we made sure we connected with immigration and they have a hold on him for that purpose,” Kleine said Thursday.

As for Madison Reed, she is recovering from a shattered heel and fractured vertebra. A junior at Marion, she’ll now have to put her dancing on hold.  “She’s having some emotional struggles,” Joan Reed said. “She’s got some anger, she’s got some sadness, she’s just trying to kind of come to grips with all of it.”

The passenger in Madi’s car is also a junior at Marion. She’s since been released from the hospital. Lara-Lozano’s bond was set at $3 million. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 10.

According to KMTV, the illegal alien had 3 previous DUI arrests in Illinois and Iowa.



13 responses to “Illegal alien injures two teenage girls in hit & run – had previous DUI arrests in the US

  1. Hit them where it hurts. First offense, $10,000 fine and five years in jail. 2nd same as first offense plus full neutering.

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    • I’d skip the ‘first offense’ you mention, and go straight to your second recommendation. After all, wasn’t their first offense entering illegally?

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      • You are right on the money. In addition to neutering this dude, let’s also tattoo his forehead with the words “illegal alien.” That way when, or if he tries to re-enter our country, he will be very easy to spot.

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  2. more evidence that criminal invaders need to be stopped BEFORE crossing the border. Bring our soldiers home from that S&*t hole in the middle east and line them up at the borders guns pointed out. the message will get out pretty quickly that the border is no longer easy to cross.

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  3. “It doesn’t matter at this point .” That’s exactly the attitude that allows this criminal activity to continue.

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  4. Bond set at $3 million. Whores! It’s all a question of how much gets paid? No bond, period, and a speedy trial. “Everything has a price,” and “Money can buy anything,” ring true here; the US of A has lost its way, the law is in the hands of whores and money changers! Sad and shameful!

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  5. This country has more alphabet soup agencies than you can shake a stick at and they won’t keep these perps out. So that tells me the alpha agencies exist to ensure they get in and stay in.
    Rhetorical question: Why is it the controlled ‘news’ media never give the country of origin on these perps?

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  6. Court documents indicate that a Facebook message posted by Lara-Lozano’s ex-wife tipped off police to the identity of the hit-and-run driver. Reportedly, the wife contacted Joan Reed via Facebook Messanger and admitted that her ex-husband was driving that night and was hiding out in Illinois.

    Sources –

    Illegal Alien Caught After Head-On Crash With Two Teens

    Teen girls recover after hit-and-run by illegal alien

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  7. We keep overlooking the fact that,until they become LAWFUL US Citizens,they have NO Constitutional Rights here. Anything they’re accorded beyond the laws of their home Countries is purely thanks to our generosity-we OWE them NOTHING.

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  8. These are criminals, let them be the first to go.

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  9. My humble suggestion to President Trump; either secure the border, or deputize every American citizen and let us sort this thing out.

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  10. Happens all the time here in CA. My son’s ex-girlfriend was smashed into by an illegal, un-licensed alien on a rural road near our home….and he fled the scene on foot and was never caught. Her car (NEW, high end) was totaled but she was able to walk away with minor injuries. All of this she and HER insurance had to pay for. Then, my son was broad-sided by an illegal while waiting in a turn lane……we found the perp and served papers…but, you can’t get blood from a stone or a government that is unwilling to enforce the law (remember…we live in CA) and so, instead of the illegal “paying” for what he’d done….my son resorted to an “unisured driver” law to get about $2000 for his car/injury…etc…which did NOT pay for half of his problems ……and cost the tax-payers of CA on behalf of the illegal……NONE OF THIS SORT OF CRAP goes reproted in the lame-stream media…….

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