‘Real men provide’ billboard in North Carolina is turning heads


And causing Feminazi heads to explode.

From WHNT: (WINSTON-SALEM, NC) – A new billboard in North Carolina is stirring up controversy, protest and debate. It reads: “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.”

It’s located on I-40 Business West between Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Clearly, the billboard is turning a lot of heads. Some folks were even spotted getting out of their cars to take pictures. Love it or hate it — everyone has a strong opinion on the message.

“I think it’s fairly accurate. Being a married man myself, I think my wife really appreciates the fact that I can provide for a family and take some of the stress off her,” said Ron Houser.

“I think appreciation is good however we find it. But there is a message in that board that’s not good,” said Lucy Milner. “It really undermines women’s work in the world,” said Joe Milner.

“I would assume if you had a husband that loves you and appreciates you and showed it enough to carry your family and kids, that you would appreciate it. I don’t know why that would be offensive. I think that’s a good thing,” said Nathan Walin.

The billboard belongs to Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising. At the time of this report, it’s still unclear who’s sponsoring the message and why.

But female rights activists like Molly Grace say the billboard delivers a misogynistic, outdated message. “It’s absolutely, absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small careers or big careers,” said Grace.

Grace is planning a peaceful demonstration against the billboard this Sunday at 11 a.m.



25 responses to “‘Real men provide’ billboard in North Carolina is turning heads

  1. “Critical Theory” is like a giant game of “I know you are, but what am I.” The outcome always being divided and conquered.

    The only way to win their game, is to not play their game.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  2. People who could be offended by this billboard are very unhappy, cat ladies who will never know the love of a man.


  3. I feel compassion for Molly Grace and those of like mind that they have taken on the man vs woman consciousness, the consciousness that women must be just like men, and that women don’t need men. I totally reject this consciousness and appreciate healthy in spirit and soul, loving men who aren’t afraid of taking care of their wife/children, and appreciate the woman who likes to take care of the home and children and her husband. Feminism is a false utopia that has only created misery to the female-male relationship and mother-children relationship. These women are so competitive, anti-male (but at the same do become more of the male vibration than the female because they reject woman’s true nature), and have not made women’s world a better place. I see too many women that are so utterly miserable and don’t have a male presence in their lives. Women and men are meant to be a harmonious and loving union. Feminism destroys this concept and creates the opposite. I pray for women to let go of the false feminism and to embrace their real nature and true feminism.

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    • They can’t STAND the notion that the poster of the sign wants men to assert their God-given position as head of their household and having the PRIMARY responsibility to provide for the necessities of life. It’s NOT that a woman can’t be gainfully employed, and if she is, that her work is anything LESS than a man’s, especially her husbands. There is NOTHING ‘outmoded’ about a man,having assumed manly responsibilities as a husband and father, to take personally the matter of providing for his mate and children to the best of his abilities, and to ever seek to increase them!

      If this SJW twit that wants to ‘protest’ this billboard, which is a peaceful and lawful expression of the sponsor’s values, she’s welcome to do so, IF anyone will actually join her. Sure, she’ll assert that she doesn’t ‘need’ a man. Well..(assuming the voice of ‘The Duke”)..”Lemme tell ya, sweetheart, a man doesn’t NEED the likes of you either!”

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  4. truth hurts…that’s why liberals scream.
    “It’s absolutely, absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small careers or big careers,”
    so, does this womyn think men shouldn’t provide? does she think men should just procreate and let women handle the rest? what about the children? no father should be in the household? should children live in poverty because daddy isn’t supportive?
    what’s wrong with showing gratitude? gratitude is a feminine trait, and these feminists are anything but “feminine”.
    there are plenty (too many) single mothers who receive NOTHING from their “sperm donors” for their children.
    Instead of protesting the billboard, why don’t these ignorant, thin-skinned, self-righteous, self-hating, misandric, PC communists, bull-dykes get a clue and protest the males who aren’t supporting their kids which leaves single mothers high and dry?….that would show solidarity with women and proper placed anger towards males who do not take care of their responsibilities.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . Thank God you addressed the very thing I thought while reading this article . . . “insulting single women.” These very women have shown society by the fact that they DID NOT care enough about any children they might produce to ensure that there was a Father involved in the process on an ongoing basis. It works well in the animal kingdom (think dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, etc.) but amongst humans the fact that there is no DAD in the household is disastrous both to the children and to their Mother. Of course, why would men want to take on women who indiscriminately procreate with any willing partner? Yes, it is true that there are unfortunately far to many men who are willing to donate their sperm, but they do not want to donate their labor in taking care of either the Mother or any children she may have. This is on the women, why be so careless with the lives of children, or for that matter yourself, that you indiscriminately bang anyone who comes along, with no thought about tomorrow, or next week, next month, next year, or a decade from now. These are the very homes that produce an unending supply of inmates for our prisons, and produce the next generation of welfare queens. I do not understand the anger against men by women who have so carelessly thrown away their futures, and the futures of their children . . . you had a choice and unfortunately you made a very bad choice, but lady that’s on you!

      I am grateful that I had a Father who worked tirelessly to take care of and support my Mother and her children.

      I think it’s wonderful that someone would put up such a billboard. It certainly sends a message that if heeded would ensure the stability of home life, and the security of women and children.

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      • “It certainly sends a message that if heeded would ensure the stability of home life, and the security of women and children.”
        Auntie, I believe what you just wrote is the antithesis to communism, aka satanism.

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      • Auntie, what you’re in effect saying is that humans are unique in that the typical social unit is the nuclear family, with a father, who is the primary breadwinner, and the mother, who may herself work outside the home, but primarily oversees the affairs of the household and the rearing of the children, until grown. Remove the father and you reduce the humans to the levels of the animals, who are typically raised by their mothers, and that only until they can BARELY survive on their own, and indeed, many don’t. Look at any ‘ghetto’ where the wage earning father has been replaced by the county welfare check and you see the animalistic behavior. Am I somehow wrong in that observation?

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        • selfdo59 . . . . you are right on the money! We have seen ghetto’s grow because of single mothers having children and expecting Uncle Sam to send them a monthly check. Our Congress, with the passage of “The Great Society” under Lyndon Johnson wanting to “aid single mothers.” This has been to the detriment of our entire society. Yes, I know, we all feel very sorry for women who have illegitimate children. But, our society was better off when there was a stigma to this, and the support of these fatherless children was left to the families involved, or churches. We have seen how the Federal government financing these families has created an ever expanding number of these single parent families. Think of the atrocities going on in Chicago (we can thank DCG for keeping us apprised of this tragedy.) How many of the shooters involved in Chicago deaths come from single parent homes . . . I would bet that the number must approach 100%.

          To quote you, “Remove the father and you reduce the humans to the level of animals . . . . .” Truer words have never been written. In the Eternal plan for the children of Our God, it involved both a Father and a Mother, working in unison to raise and teach their children so that they would one day be ready to join society at large.

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      • ” Of course, why would men want to take on women who indiscriminately procreate with any willing partner?”
        I don’t think this is about procreating as much as it’s about having their (the women’s) minds geared towards “enjoying all the sex they can get,until they end up preggers ,THEN expecting EVERYBODY else (especially the newly found “Daddy-Figure”) to pay for their free-form future. Not saying men aren’t equally guilty of that mind-set,but they don’t have to carry the same pressure women do,regarding possible pregnancy;their biggest worry will be either a social disease or a future mom who does the labs and tracks them down intending to make them “legally responsible”. It all boils down to the destruction of Morality in America in recent years. I’m not pointing fingers at those MOST responsible,but their name starts with a “D” and ends with

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        • truckjunkie . . . . I wholeheartedly agree with what you have written. Since the pressure is mostly on women . . . it’s just a good idea to teach daughters to wait until they get married to start having sex. Yes, you are right, it has been the Democrats who have ushered in this horrible break down of “Morality in America.”

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    • I’m sure she has NO problem with the almighty state hunting down her ex-husband (or b/f, or ‘insignificant other’, whatever the case may be), and wringing every last dime of alimony and or child support out of him, to be doled out to her, and no accountability as to whether she uses the funds as intended. Not that I’ve ANY issue with a man, finding himself no longer with the mother of his children, being ordered by a family court, in due process, to financially support them IAW the law and his means…PROVIDED, this woman does her part, as an ‘independent and self-sufficient’ woman, and gets off her duff and works in gainful employment herself! And BTW…a “real” man doesn’t wait until a court and/or the Sheriff hunts him down in order to take care of his offspring.

      I suspect that in her reference to ‘single’ mothers, she views men as nothing more than sperm donors and wallets to be plundered. The most enduring contribution that a man can make in the life of his kids, however, is not the financial support, even though that’s essential (who ELSE would she have provide for them?)…it’s his fatherly guidance! And THAT, be assured, she and her ilk would do everything to interfere with.

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      • selfdo59 . . . . I am so glad that you brought up that Eternally enduring quality that we find in “fathers.” That would certainly be providing “fatherly guidance.” There is great wisdom to be had from our fathers; I remember my Father teaching me to drive. I laugh every time I think of driving back into the driveway; if I didn’t stop the car at least 12 feet from the front side of the house, my father would start saying . . . “STOP! STOP! STOP! I certainly never had any intension of hitting the house. It was also funny when I would catch him “hitting the imaginary break! These are the things that we look back on in our minds and we cherish them.

        It is an extremely sad fact that so many women have separated from the father’s of their children in search of a better life. Most often that “better life” just never materializes.

        I also agree that father’s who pay child support willingly are the “Best Father’s on Earth.” My brother was separated from the mother of his children (at her insistence.) She went on to marry three more times, always seeking something she though would be better. I just hope that his daughters know from his actions that he was a good father. In adulthood, he has certainly been there for his girls . . . he provided a wall-mounted big screen tv the eldest had her tv go out . . . he provided a $5,000 down payment to the middle daughter when her car went on the fritz and she needed to replace it . . . the youngest daughter has also received help with car maintenance, and purchasing new vehicles. He has also seen to it that among his eight grandchildren . . . he provided the twins with monies to help them go with their school band to Europe . . . one grandson was dying for an ipad (or perhaps ipod, not that I really know the difference . . . one granddaughter received a gold coin to save for the future . . . one grandson received a new cell phone and two pre-paid cell because he lives half way across the nation from Oregon . . . Only father’s who really care about their offspring are there, waiting in the wings, to help to promote the well being of their children and grandchildren. Men who are only sperm donors, usually do not interact with their children to this extend. God Bless all the father’s who love and do for their children of their own free will!

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  5. Just because the bill board says real men provide that doesn’t mean that the woman can’t work also. Every man should work and try his best to provide for his family one way or the other. Too many men today sit on their butts doing nothing but leaching off a woman. That is wrong in more ways than one. A woman should never allow a man to beat on her or support him if he won’t work. If you are married and your husband becomes injured so as he can NOT work that is different. But if he just don’t want to work, Kick him to the curb and go it alone if you have to. GOD says a man should provide for and protect his family. Any man that won’t do that is sorry!

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    • Methinks that the primary intent of the message. If this feminist twit wants to twist its meaning in IAW her pathetic agenda, lets her try to do so…nothing like seeing an SJW make a complete fool of herself.

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    • David . . . You have brought to light such an important aspect of the roles of parents. When eve possible, it is wonderful for mother’s to stay in their homes to raise their own children. There is certainly a profound sadness when women allow men to abuse them, or they take over the role of bread earner. Yes, we all know, in some families it is not feasible for the father to be the bread earner. We certainly have seen a breakdown of the traditional roles of parenthood, but when an able bodies man will not “provide for, and protect his family,” he is a sorry piece of meat indeed!

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  6. It’s right there in the bill of rights. The right to not be offended. It’s Not? Well it should be. (sarc.)
    These people offend me EVERY DAY.
    I demand the right to not be offended. (more sarc.)

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . . very well put! I agree, I would like to go at least a day without being offended, but it just doesn’t seem to happen! There certainly should be a law . . . . . . . . . . .

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  7. This has nothing to do with misogyny, chauvinism, women working inside OR outside the home, or any other kind of offense to women. It’s about men stepping up & shouldering their share of the responsibilities of a family. Too many men are walking away from that, & leaving women to shoulder the entire burden alone. Thus, the single mothers. Twit!
    Next, we’ll be seeing men protesting the sign because they think women are lazy.

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  8. I love the billboard! Perfect “middle finger” to all the cultural marxists feverishly trying to destroy the fabric of civilization at its nucleus – the traditional family cell. Everyone within it works together, it’s a symbiotic group; each member has a role to play. I would love to see more billboards just like this one.

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  9. If that billboard were generally true no man or woman would feel inclined to broadcast it one way or the other, they would just be grateful.
    The truth is that sign is not generally true except for a very small minority and their probably just very grateful for their good fortune.
    First, most men are not real (honest as I define real) I’am sure they work their asses off to provide for their wives, but I doubt it is seldom enough as their wives define enough, though their wives accept it long enough until they get tired or bored and decide to cash their real men in for a new sucker and start the whole process all over. If men were real (i.e.-honest) they would know that. Divorce statistics say about 48% divorce occurs roughly after about eight years of marriage and women file for 60 to 70% of those divorces, often for trivial reasons. Marriage and definitely divorce is a
    immensely money and asset making racket for women primarily ( honest men would know this and be doing something about it not doubling down and trying to please the impossible and not inform their sons about these facts) Call me cynical your damn strait anyone who is honest can’t help but be at least highly skeptical. Want the unvarnished truth head over to Paul Elam’s website anearformen.com and particularly his youtube channel and get the facts from a real man, an honest man.

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  10. Women today don’t need a man to provide the necessities of food clothing and shelter, as in the past. The Welfare State is one reason now provides. But we are hardwired to marry. Check this article i found at;


  11. Feminists are angry…which is their natural state. They are angry, spoiled women that act like teenagers. They’d be happier accepting their natural role in this world.

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